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The Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Kosice

The Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Kosice, cover page.

One of the most imposing architectural monuments consecrated to St. Elizabeth in Central Europe is without a doubt the Cathedral in Kosice and the late-Gothic altar erected in the Cathedral's apse in her honour.

The High Altar dates from the years 1474-77 and has the classic structure of a windged altar. In its frames there are four sets of 12 picture compositions. The book offers high quality pictures of the altar's pictures and sculpted figures.

The book was published in the English, German, and Slovak versions.

Double spiral staircase in the Cathedral of St. Elisabeth in KosiceMater Dolorosa from around the year 1600


Mons. Alojz Tkac: The Cathedral - Mother of Churches . . . 7

ThDr. Pavol Drab: The Parish in the Shadow of the Cathedral . . . 9

HELic Peter Zubko: Our Cathedral - Our Heart . . . 11

Maria Spolocnikova: On the Altar of the St. Elizabeth . . . 40

Maria Spolocnikova: Art-historical heritage in the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth . . . 80

Ing. Kristina Markusova: The language of the Stones in Kosice Cathedral . . . 98

Mons. JCDr. Peter Holec: The creation and installation of the new altar table in St. Elisabeth's Cathedral in the spirit of the 2nd Vatican Council . . . 138

MMgr. Zuzana Vaskova: Where earth and heaven touch - and times interlink . . . 140

Doc. PhDr. Imrich Vasko, CSc.: With awe and pride . . . 141

Doc. PhDr. Imrich Vasko, CSc.: How we lived . . . 144

Photography, page and graphic layout: © Ing. Alexander Jirousek

Order: The Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Kosice. Price: EUR13,61.
Order: Dom sv. Alzbety v Kosiciach. Price: EUR13,61.
Order: Der Dom St. Elisabeth in Košice. Price: EUR13,61.
July 12, 2012   
The Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Kosice
Author: Alexander Jiroušek
Price: EUR 13,61
Category: Monuments, Architecture
Published by: SASA
Edition 1.
Published in 2000.
ISBN: 80-967096-4-X
144 pp.
Dimensions: 24 x 32 cm
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