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Today is: 2/13/2016
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Guide - Bratislava
Events in Bratislava - Bratislava
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13. 2. 2016 - 13. 5. 2016
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The First World War. A Tragedy that Affected All.
The First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) was the first global conflict. Exhibition about its history and consequences to society.
Location: Bratislava Castle
Start: 28. 7. 2014
End Date: 31. 3. 2016
Christian Ludwig Attersee: Boats for the bride
Selected works, years 1990-2015, by one of the most significant figures of contemporary Austrian painting.
Location: Bratislava
Start: 14. 11. 2015
End Date: 28. 2. 2016
- Danubiana
Preserving the World. Museum Ritual in the Digital Age
The exhibition project is dedicated to the roles and possibilities of art museums in the age of digital technology.
Location: Bratislava
Start: 16. 11. 2015
End Date: 28. 2. 2016
Marian Komacek: On the road with Durer
Artworks by contemporary Slovak painter Marian Komacek inspired by German artist Albrecht Dürer.
Location: Bratislava
Start: 27. 11. 2015
End Date: 22. 5. 2016
Legend of the world collage: Jiří Kolář
Exhibition of works by Czech artist often presented as Picasso of collage.
Location: Bratislava
Start: 4. 12. 2015
End Date: 6. 3. 2016
Miloš Boďa: Immortality
Exhibition by Slovak artist. From the preserved bodies of the found animals, he gradually began to create their immortal form and construct the first concepts of stories, gags and morals, which he has been arranging in transparent polyester objects.
Location: Bratislava
Start: 10. 12. 2015
End Date: 28. 2. 2016
Lajos Szalay - Koloman Sokol - Pablo Picasso
There are many links between Koloman Sokol and Lajos Szalay and the artistic giant of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso...
Location: Bratislava
Start: 22. 1. 2016
End Date: 13. 3. 2016
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