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Spis Castle

Spissky hrad - Spis Castle - Die Zipser Burg

The Spis Castle is one of the most important, most extensive (4.15 hectares) and most impressive castle ruins, not only in Slovakia, but also in Central Europe generally. The castle's name is in fact identical with the country that spreads out around it and which is also named Spis.

One of the largest ensembles of 13th- and 14th-century military, political and religious buildings in the Central Europe. The oldest parts are from the 11th century. The castle was burned down in 1780. Now it is the national culture preserve. The castle and its associated cultural monuments were inscribed on UNESCO World heritage list in 1993. Ten years after that was published the book Spis Castle - from the past and the present.

The book contains contemporary paintings and pictures, which reflect changes of the castle from the past until the present. The text is in Slovak, English and German languages.

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Spissky hrad - Spis Castle - Die Zipser Burg
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Published in 2003.
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