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Tisic a jedna zena sochara Bartfaya

Tisic a jedna zena sochara Tibora Bartfaya - Cover PagePreview from the book Tisic a jedna zena sochara Bartfaya

Memoirs of Slovak sculptor Tibor Bartfay. In Slovak language.

Statue of Marina by Tibor Bartfay

Tibor Bartfay created the statue of Marina in 1963 and it is located in The Sliac Spa in Central Slovakia. More copies of the statue were created. You can find one of them in Bratislava.

Detail of a sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen by Tibor Bartfay

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen stands at the Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava.

Order: Tisic a jedna zena sochara Bartfaya. Price: EUR9,26.
February 22, 2012   
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