CD Cotton Club Stomp - Bratislava Hot Serenaders
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CD Cotton Club Stomp - Bratislava Hot Serenaders

Cotton Club Stomp - Bratislava Hot Serenaders - CD Cover

List of songs:

Too Late
Because My Baby Don’t Mean „Maybe“ Now <%song1%>19957<%song2%>19957<%song3%>
Black Bottom
Gettin’ Ready Blues
Boogie Woogie
Vezmem si Ťa frajerôčka
Jubilee Stomp
I Got Rhythm
The Mooche
Felix, The Cat <%song1%>19958<%song2%>19958<%song3%>
Zatancuj si so mnou, holubička
I’m Proud Of A Baby Like You <%song1%>19963<%song2%>19963<%song3%>
Charleston Is The Best Dance After All
Plaménky v očích Tvých
Cotton Club Stomp <%song1%>19965<%song2%>19965<%song3%>
Our Love Is Here To Stay <%song1%>19964<%song2%>19964<%song3%>
In A Mist CD was recorded in 2003 and contains a video with Cotton Club Stomp music. See the video.

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