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The Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava

The Slovak National Gallery

The Slovak National Gallery is situated in two historical buildings along the Danube river, in the Water Barracks and in the Esterhazy Palace. It is the leading gallery in the Slovak Republic. The Slovak National Gallery maintains, documents and provides access to a crucial part of Slovak cultural heritage, visual arts mostly.

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The Slovak National Gallery - The Water Barracks

Address: Water Barracks, Razusovo Nabrezie Embankment 2
The Esterhazy Palace, Namestie Square L. Stura 4
Opening hours: Open daily except Mondays from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Contact: (++421) (2)5443 2081 - 2, (++421) (2) 5443 1703

Saint Andrew - The Slovak National Gallery

Permanent Expositions

Gothic Art in Slovakia - closed beginning June 4, 2012
Water Barracks, 2nd floor

The new permanent exhibition of Gothic art at the Slovak National Gallery presents the famous sculptures, panel paintings and reconstructed altars from the late thirteenth to the first quarter of the sixteenth centuries as well as acquisitions from the last ten years. Our ambition was to stage a visually attractive exhibition as well as to follow two basic goals: to present the medieval work of art as an aesthetic object and the object of a specific historical situation. To facilitate a deeper understanding of the works on display, we have introduced a new presentation system. The visitors can read informative texts accompanying some of the selected pieces. The arrangement of works on view indicates their geographical context, whereas the texts describe their content, style, liturgical environment and the problems of restoration and conservation.

D.I.Stanetti - The Holy Woman, around 1750 - The Slovak National Gallery

Baroque Art in Slovakia - closed beginning June 4, 2012
Water Barracks, 2nd floor

The exhibition of Baroque art represents a selection of works of art from the Slovak National Gallery collections. It also records the development of fine arts in this country in the period of late Renaissance, early and late Baroque in their Classicist and Rococo images. The paintings on display include the works of J. Kupecky, J. Bogdan, and the followers of P. Troger, from J. L. Kracker and J. I. Mildorfer on. Slovak painting is represented through the works of J. G. Kramer, S. M. Izbighy, A. F. Oeser and E. Schrott. Sculpture is illustrated by the works of V. Stadler, G. L. Weber, the studio of J. R. Donner, plastic art of D. I. Stanetti, F. X. Seegen and casts of character busts by F. X. Messerschmidt.

J. Ginovský - A Young Lady in Blue Dress, 1826 - The Slovak National Gallery

19th Century Art in Slovakia - closed beginning June 4, 2012
Water Barracks, 1st floor

Nineteenth-century paintings and sculptures document the development of Slovak art in connection with Central European art. The works of art present a variety of styles including Classicism, Biedermayer, Romanticism, Realism and plein air painting presented in the works of J. Czauczik, K. Marko, J. B. Klemens, P. Bohun, L. Mednyanszky, D. Skutecky, J. Hanula and other artists. The main genres included portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Towards the end of the century, genre motifs became increasingly popular.

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