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DVD Janosik (1935, Martin Fric, Palo Bielik)

Janosik (1935) - DVD Cover

DVD includes a classical movie from 1935 directed by Mac Fric starring with Palo Bielik. With Slovak, Czech and English subtitles. PAL system. Make sure your DVD player supports this format.

Photography from the Movie Janosik (1935)Photography from the Movie Janosik (1935)

"The film tells the romantic story of Janosik, who was a semi-legendary Robin Hood figure, living in the mountains of Slovakia in the early 18th century. It shows how he is forced into outlawry by a dissolute and brutal nobility. Tall, brave and debonair, he robs the rich but helps poor. At last, by a ruse, he is trapped and his sweetheart is killed in trying to save him. Janosik then goes to a barbarous execution.

This film is distinguished by some outstanding photography of natural settings, mountain scenes and cloud effects particularly. In parts, there is symbolic editing in the Russian manner. But on the whole, this is a straightforward romantic drama, a Western so to speak from Eastern Europe." This is a part from a speech of Dr. Belohlavek, film representative in London at the Film Festival devoted to outstanfing films from many countries on November 17th 1946.

DVD includes photo-gallery, contemporary pictures and text documents, documentary film "A Word of Historian" - in Czech language, without subtitles.

Order: DVD Janosik (1935, Martin Fric, Palo Bielik). Price: EUR7,99.
Published: November 9, 2013
DVD Janosik (1935, Martin Fric, Palo Bielik)
Price: EUR 3,90
Category: Slovak Movies and DVDs
Published by: Filmexport Home Video
Media: DVD
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