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Easy Bratislava 2 / Bratislava Facile 2

Easy Bratislava (2nd edition) - Cover PageBratislava Facile 2 - Cover Page

The second updated, expanded edition. English and French language versions.

"Everything moves so fast in Slovakia!

In preparation for its accession to the EU in 2004 and since, Slovakia has experienced many transformations, the effects of which are still being felt today. Expatriates who have been living here for a few years are sometimes astounded by the pace of change.

Naturally, Bratislava, as the capital city, has not escaped this movement, and is, in fact, at its forefront.

To take part in these changing times is a thrilling experience for a foreigners settling in Bratislava. But there is also a necessity to find one's bearings. This is why we had the desire and felt the need to prepare a new edition of Easy Bratislava," write authors.

The second edition provides more detailed and new updated information about services, health, childcare, etc. There is a map of the city center and Bratislava street index at the additional pages.


Slovakia at a Glance (21)Habits and Customs (27)
Public Holidays and Events (31) )
Emergency and Useful Numbers (37) )
Formalities (39)
Housing (47) )
Leaving Slovakia (57)Nuts and Bolts (61)
Services (135)
Health (183)
Shopping (209)
Children (275)
Going Out, Leisure (327)
Useful References (399)
Notes (425)

Preview from the book

Where to Live

The Slovak real estate market is very heterogeneous: you can find houses in the same neighbourhood in markedly different price ranges. You will rarely get a clear answer to the questions: What kind of neighbourhood is this? What kinds of people live here? Although there are more and more new housing development projects, especially on the outskirts of the city, it is still quite common to find, in older neighbourhoods, a luxurious mansion standing next to a house in ruins.

It is worth remembering that, wherever you live in Bratislava, you are never more than a 30-minute drive from the city centre. If you do not have a car, you will find that the city's public transit system is quite reliable (see the section "Getting Around / By Public Transportation").

Bratislava I

This is the most popular district with expatriates. It covers neighbourhoods such as Stare Mesto (Old Town), Palisade and Horsky park Property is highly valued here, but with some luck, you may find a reasonably-priced accommodation. Apartments are typically found in the city centre. Parking can be a problem in the Old Town, where most streets are reserved for pedestrians, if your building does not have parking in the courtyard, one option is to rent a space in a nearby garage (see the section "Getting Around / By Car").

Bratislava II

Bratislava II covers areas such as Nove Mesto, Ruzinov and Vrakuna. It is a fast-growing district with many new apartment buildings being built. Polus, Palace, and Avion, three of the city's biggest shopping centres, are located in Bratislava II, as well as many sports facilities, such as the National Tennis Centre, the Ice Hockey Stadium and the Football Stadium Tehelne pole.

Bratislava III

This district covers areas north and north-east of the city, such as Kramare, Koliba and Raca. While Raca has mainly apartments to offer, Kramare Koliba are neighbourhoods with family houses. The value of property here is just below that of property in Bratislava I. You will find the largest hospital complex in Slovakia in Kramare. The French school is also located here. Koliba is part of the Small Carpathians. This is where Bratislava citizens go hiking in the summer, and sledding in the winter.


This district includes Karlova Ves, Dubravka and Lamac. It offers apartments and houses in all price ranges. Both the American and British international schools are located in this district. There is one Tesco open non-stop in Lamac. The Bratislava ZOO, the Slovak television studios, and the student dormitories of Mlynska dolina are all found in Bratislava IV.


Located on the right bank of the Danube, Petrzalka is one of the newest districts of Bratislava. You will find here very few houses, mostly concrete blocks of apartment buildings. Older apartments in this part of the city are amongst the cheapest in town, but you will also find some new development projects with highly-priced flats. Sad Janka Krala, Bratislava's largest city park, is located on this side of the river, as well as the lncheba exhibition centre, Aupark and Danubia shopping centres and Tesco.

Other Areas

New houses have been built in many other areas in Bratislava's surroundings in the last few years, and expatriates have found more than suitable accommodation there, either renting or buying. Rusovce and Jarovce are small villages south of Bratislava. Zahorska Bystrica, Devin and Devinska Nova Ves are located west of the city. The villages of Cierna Voda and Limbach are increasingly popular locations at the foot of the Carpathians.

Order: Easy Bratislava (2nd edition, 2006) - The Practical Guide to Settling and Living in Bratislava.
Order: Bratislava Facile 2.
November 15, 2010   
Easy Bratislava (2nd edition, 2006) - The Practical Guide to Settling and Living in Bratislava
Author: Catherine Renan, Marie-Helene Cote, Guillaume Benoit
Price: EUR 25,19
Category: Tourist Guidebooks in English
Published by: IKAR
Edition 2.
Published in 2006.
ISBN: 80-551-1340-8
428 pp.
Dimensions: 15 x 22 cm
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