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Graphic Artist, Inspiration, Muse and Life - Albin Brunovsky and his School

Graphic Artist, Inspiration, Muse and Life - Albin Brunovsky and his School - Cover Page

The name of the publication devoted to Albin Brunovsky and his students is taken from the author's exlibris of the same name GRAPHIC ARTIST, INSPIRATION, MUSE AND LIFE from 1974.

The graphic work of art, which can be seen on the cover of the book, is the book's motto as well, due to its suitability as an allegory of the fate of graphic craft. An artist pushing a wheelbarrow in front of himself is aesthetically clothed in a barrel, which might be a reference to a Greek philosopher Diogenes. However, great amount of graphic tools which are hung on his extraordinary clothes, are more typical of a renaissance alchemist than an ancient philosopher. The wheelbarrow is full of inspirations consisting of a forest crowded by beings, beyond which there are naked riders on horse. The actions of an artist are being observed from a nearby tree by a winged woman, the muse. And the muse always comes to those who are ready

Obsah / Contents

Uvod / Introduction (11)
Vytvarne umenie a literatura (13)
Brunovsky a surrealizmus (15)
Brunovsky a Trnavska skupina (17)
Zapisky od augusta po december (22)
Realizmus - cierna diera socializmu? (26)
Visual Art and Belles Lettres (28)
Brunovsky and Surrealism (28)
Brunovsky and Trnavska skupina (29)
Cast Notes from August to December (32)
Realism - The Black Hole of Socialism? (33)
Imaginativne alebo fantazijne umenie? (49)
Manierizmus - metamorfozy cloveka a prirody (50)
Fantasticka zoologia (53)
Chvala blaznivosti (54)
Imaginative or Fancy Art? (58)
Mannerism - Metamorphosis of Man and Nature (58)
Fanciful Zoology (60)
Praise of Folly (62)
Komercne aspekty grafickej tvorby (91)
Pociatky grafiky (91)
Elibris a pluralita tvorby (92)
Commercial aspects of Graphic production (95)
Beginnings of Graphics (95)
Plurality of Art Production (96)
Dedicstvo moderny (98)
Znak ako prvotny objekt (99)
Tienova malba (101)
The Heritage of Modernism (104)
Sign as "Prime object" (105)
Shadow Painting (107)
Postmoderna a citacne umenie (127)
Citacie novovekeho europskeho umenia (128)
Citacie starovekych kultur (129)
Postmodernism and Quotation Art (131)
Quotations of New Age European Art (131)
Quotations of Ancient Cultures (132)
Mytus a sucasne umenie (149)
Poznanie mytu (149)
Anticke myty a vizualne umenie (152)
Mytus a sucasne umenie - Nove stare idoly (154)
Myth and Contemporary Art (157)
Noethic of Myth (157)
Antique Myths and Visual Art (159)
Myth and Contemporary Art - New Old Idols (161)
Epilog 182 Epilogue (183)
Poznamky / Notes (184)
Biografie / Biographies (193)
Zoznam reprodukcii / List of Reproductions (202)
Zoznam literatury / List of Literature (208)
Register / Index (213)

Order: Graphic Artist, Inspiration, Muse and Life - Albin Brunovsky and his School.
January 15, 2008   
Graphic Artist, Inspiration, Muse and Life - Albin Brunovsky and his School
Author: Martin Vančo
Price: EUR 13,28
Category: Culture, Arts
Published by: Artoteka
Edition 1.
Published in 2003.
ISBN: 80-969003-4-X
215 pp.
Dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
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