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Most Beautiful Towns (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia)

Most Beautiful Towns (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia) - Cover Page

Publication from the series The Cultural Heritage of Slovakia describes the Slovak towns with protected city areas. Some of them are included into the List of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

In Slovak and English languages.

St. Nicolaus Dome in Trnava - from the book Most Beautiful Towns (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia)


History of Slovak towns 4

Bratislava 6
Sväty Jur 18
Trnava 20
Nitra 28
Trencin 36
Zilina 44
Kremnica 52
Banska Stiavnica 58
Stiavnicke Bane 66
Banska Bystrica 68
Spisska Sobota (Poprad) 76
Kezmarok 80
Podolinec 88
Levoca 90
Spisska Kapitula (Spisske Podhradie) 98
Bardejov 102
Presov 110
Kosice 118

Order: Najkrajsie mesta (Kulturne Krasy Slovenska) - sold out.
Order: Most Beautiful Towns (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia) - sold out.
March 16, 2010   
Najkrajsie mesta (Kulturne Krasy Slovenska) - sold out
Author: Viera Dvořáková, Daniel Kollár
Price: EUR 9,92
Category: Monuments, Architecture
Published by: Dajama
Edition 1.
Published in 2007.
ISBN: 978-80-89226-26-9
128 pp.
Dimensions: 16 x 24 cm
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