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Manor Houses (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia)

Kastiele (kulturne Krasy Slovenska) - Cover PageManor Houses (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia) -  Cover Page

Publication from series Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Many information and pictures of historical manor houses in Slovakia. In Slovak and English language versions.


MANOR HOUSES – Treasures of History 9
Full of Art – The Manor House in Senica 10
The Esterházys – The Manor Houses in Galanta 12
A Witness of Crimes of the Countess – The Manor House in Čachtice 16
Glass Manor House – The Manor House in Lednické Rovne 20
Palatine’s Brides – The Manor House in Bytča 24
A Mammoth in the Manor House – The Manor House in Radoľa 28
Looking for Pushkin – The Manor House in Brodzany 30
The Residence of the Most Powerful – The Manor House in Topoľčianky 34
To the Pioneers of the Slovak Cinematography – The Manor House in Blatnica 41
Something for Hunters – The Manor House in Svätý Anton 44
Where the Tragedy of Man Was Born – The Manor House in Dolná Strehová 50
In the wake of the Andrássys – The Manor House in Betliar 54
Rococo Suits Well to Manor Houses – The Manor House in Markušovce 62
Renaissance below the Tatras – The Manor House in Strážky 65
Ticking of the Clock from the East – The Manor Houses in Budimír 70
From Hanušovce over the Ocean – The Manor Houses in Hanušovce nad Topľou 73
Residence of the Drugeths – The Manor House in Humenné 76
Manor House and Water – The Manor House in Michalovce 81
Tasting of the Tokay – The Manor House in Trebišov 84
MANOR HOUSES with Additional Value 87
Pálffy Romance – The Manor House in Budmerice 88
About Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved – The Manor House in Dolná Krupá 92
The Fame of the Urmín Horses – The Manor House in Mojmírovce97
The Enterprising Baron from Tribeč – The Manor Houses in Klátova Nová Ves 102
Matej Bel Also Liked It – The Manor Houses in Diviaky 106
As a Gallery – The Manor House in Fričovce 108
MANOR HOUSES – Waiting for a Miracle? 111
The Habsburgs’ Retreat – The Manor House in Holíč 112
Over the Town of Roses – The Manor House in Hlohovec 116
The Oldest One in Slovakia – The Manor House in Šimonovany 120
The Guardian of Novohrad – The Manor House in Halič 122
Summer Residence of the Thurzos – The Manor House in Betlanovce 125

Order: Kastiele (Kulturne Krasy Slovenska).
Order: Manor Houses (Cultural Heritage of Slovakia).
November 19, 2008   
Kastiele (Kulturne Krasy Slovenska)
Author: Ján Lacika
Price: EUR 9,92
Category: Monuments, Architecture
Published by: Dajama
Edition 1.
Published in 2008.
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