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Fulla - Cover Page

Publication in Slovak language with comprehensive English summary, more than 400 reproductions with English descriptions of works.

Ludovit Fulla is one of the most prominent and original figures of 20th century Slovak visual art. Fulla´s work was full of twists and paradoxes, bearing the signs of the time and society he lived in - and of himself. It features elements of modernist thoughts along with inspiration drawn from older artistic traditions. Not all of his doings as an artist were discoveries and victories, yet, the compromises he made were artistically sincere, and he always remained true to himself, the etos of his truth as artist. Not unlike another great modernist, Marc Chagall, who, untill the end of his life, cherished a nostalgic dream of his native Vitebsk, so did Fulla find the Slovak spiritual world his determinant, a conditio sine qua non. Even today, he is still considered by many the author of the visual metaphor of Slovakia - which is always likely to defy concepts and definitions.

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Order: Fulla.
September 29, 2010   
Author: Katarína Bajcurová
Price: EUR 74,90
Category: Culture, Arts
Published by: Slovart
Edition 1.
Published in 2009.
ISBN: 978-80-8085-876-6
376 pp.
Dimensions: 24,8 x 30,7 cm
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