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Vl. Kompanek

Vl. Kompanek - Cover Page

Monograph about Slovak sculptor and painter Vladimir Kompanek written by Juraj Mojzis is in Slovak language, includes summary in English language. There is more than 200 photoreproductions and photographies in the book.

"We tend to view the work of Vladimir Kompanek as an outpour of emotion which is unthinkable without the ancestral bond with materila culture of his ethnic. But this romantic courtain conceals, without doubt, a universe of the signs of figures, animals and fabulous creatures which do not set, nor do they reinforce pictorial conventions. In this context Kompanek is a sovereign artist of Modern who revealed, in the words of Paul Klee, original point of creation, a distant poit where I imagine formulas for humans, animals, plants, for the earth and the rocks, for water, air ... - In their numerous transformation the sculptor had to established them in the world of lyrical possibilities, later also in ritual relationship and carnival (Mardi Gras) spontaneity." (From Sumary)

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Order: Vl. Kompánek.
February 22, 2010   
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