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Rudolf Mosko

Rudolf Mosko - Cover Page

Monograph about the Slovak painter Rudolf Mosko in Slovak language, includes summary in English language. There is more than 150 photoreproductions of his works in the book.

Speaking of Rudolf Mosko as of an ardent landscapist holds the truth. As a passionate hiker and outsdoorman he has visited his favourite parts of nature, especially Velka fatra, Strazovske vrchy, Biele Karpaty and Nizke tatry countless times in order to have them imprinted in memory, to fixate their images in various times and seasonal changes, always with the one-time-only atmosphere, palette, and light. He has permanently anchored his mountains, his landscape in his memory, experiences and sensations, and although he would be capable of processing his encounters with the country without immediate touches, they lure him with the same, undying intensity.

Order: Rudolf Moško.
February 22, 2010   
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