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Water Activities

Aquapark Poprad

Slovakia does not have a sea, but a visitor of Slovakia can spend a lot of time on Slovak waters - swimming or splashing in thermal swimming pools, aqua-parks, in water reservoirs and rivers.

Paddle tours and whitewater rafting provide another possibility to have a fun on Slovak water. You can have greate trips on the Danube, Hron, Dunajec rivers etc.

Slovakia is known as a country of health curative spas.

We offer tips for "watering" in Slovakia.


Paddle Tours and Rafting

Swimming in Bratislava and Surroundings - Lakes, Pools, Thermal Pools

The Zahorie Region and Western Part of the Small Carpathian Mountains

Podunajska Nizina Lowlands and the Zitny Ostrov Island (around Senec – Sladkovicovo – Galanta – Sala Route)

On the Route Gabcikovo – Dunajska Streda – Velky Meder - Komarno

Thermal Pools in Slovakia

Published: March 23, 2005
Updated: June 11, 2014
Outdoor activities in Bratislava
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