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Cycling Maps of Slovakia

Najkrajsie cyklisticke okruhy, juhozapad

Vydavatelstvo Dajama vydalo v roku 2012 publikaciu Najkrajsie cyklisticke okruhy, juhozapad.

Autori, Daniel Kollar, Frantisek Turansky, v tomto druhom titule z novej edicie Po Slovensku Cyklotrasy – juhozapad popisuju na 208 stranach 33 cykloturistickych tras po juhozapadnom Slovensku, tipy a zaujimavosti na trasach a prinasaju viac ako 200 farebnych fotografii, profily tras, casove rozvrhy s prevyseniami a mapove vyrezy so zakreslenymi trasami. Sucastou knihy bude aj samostatna mapa znackovanych cyklistickych tras.

Order: Najkrajšie cyklistické okruhy - juhozápad - sold out. Price: EUR14,95.
Cycling maps of Slovakia
Comprehensive cyclotourist maps of Slovak regions
Podrobná cykloturistická mapa Bratislava Podunajsko - Cyclist`s map

The edition contains old cycling maps which are outdated. Good for general overview only.

Maps of Slovakia in scale 1 : 100,000. Consist of maps and little textbooks (128 x 194 mm), both are in covering case.

There are:

  • Legends in five languages (Slovak, German, English, Hungarian or Polish)
  • Marked or recommended routes, description of routes (length of the route, gradient).
  1. Kysuce, Turiec, Horne Povazie
  2. Orava, Liptov, Horehronie
  3. Tatry, Spis, Zamagurie
  4. Saris, Horny Zemplin
  5. Kosice, Dolny Zemplin
  6. Zahorie, Povazie
  7. Bratislava, Podunajsko
  8. Pohronie
  9. Gemer, Novohrad, Podpolanie
Order: Kysuce, Turiec, Horne Povazie - sold out. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Orava, Liptov, Horehronie. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Tatry, Spis, Zamagurie. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Saris, Horny Zemplin. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Kosice, Dolny Zemplin. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Zahorie, Povazie - Sold out. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Bratislava, Podunajsko. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Pohronie (covers lower Pohronie area) - Sold out. Price: EUR4,95.
Order: Gemer, Novohrad, Podpolanie. Price: EUR4,95.
Cycling Atlas of Slovakia 1:100000
Cykloturistický atlas Slovenska - Cover Page
A map from Cycling atlas of Slovakia

The Cycling atlas of the Slovak republic includes map of Slovakia in a scale 1:100000, map sheet, legend and register. There is a list of cycling routes including description. Text is in Slovak language.

Order: Cykloturistický atlas Slovenska 1:100000 - sold out. Price: EUR12,61.
Published: June 7, 2005
Updated: March 5, 2015
Najkrajšie cyklistické okruhy - juhozápad - sold out
Price: EUR 14,95
Category: Cycling Maps and Guides
Published by: Dajama
Edition 1.
Published in 2012.
ISBN: 978-80-8136-009-1
208 pp.
Dimensions: 11,3 x 25 cm
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