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Vysoke Tatry - Atlas ortofotomap - 1:15 000 (Ortophotomap Atlas of the High Tatras)

Vysoke Tatry - ortophoto atlas (cover page)
Vysoke Tatry - ortophoto atlas - a view of the Popradske Pleso area

This the most detailed printed map of The High Tatras. Contains the High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) with theirs Polish part and Belianske Tatry in a scale 1:15,000. The atlas can be a part of your backpack, if you can hike with its 315 grams of weight.

Vysoke Tatry - ortophoto atlas - map sheet index 1
Vysoke Tatry - ortophoto atlas - map sheet index 2

The atlas includes: 3D overwiev map of the High Tatras, visualization, ortophotomap 1:15,000, map sheet index, legend in Slovak, English, German, Polish and Hungarian languages, selected recreational areas in a scale 1:6,000, textual index, and GPS-net WGS 84. This is the 2nd edition. Aerial images were taken after the wind catastrophe in November 2004.

Order: Ortophotomap Atlas of The High Tatras) - sold out. Price: EUR9,13.
Published: October 11, 2005
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