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CD Hrochotska Chochulka (Folk Songs from the Chrochot Village)

Hrochotska Chochulka - CD Cover

Folk songs from the Hrochot village - Milan Krizo and Olsiakovci.

CD Contents

Hrochotska dolina
Chodila dievcina
Ked som isiou horou
Hej, tam hore na holi
Ked som isou cez ten haj, Hej, co ten suhaj robi
V tom kalinovom lese
Boli sme my kamarati verni
Podme, chlapci, podme
Co ten vtacik poveda, Hore Detvou idem
Nad hrochotou cierny oblak
Dneska si ja spievam
Isiou janik, isiou
Videl som si frajerôcku v kostole
V nasom dvore studnicka medokys
Hej, kamarati moji
Horou, chlapci, horou, Hrochotska Chochulka, Hore tou Hrochotou
Dievca spoza hory

December 6, 2008   
CD Hrochotska Chochulka (Folk Music from the Hrochot Village)
Price: EUR 7,95
Category: Folk Music
Published by: Akcent Records
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