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Author:   Zlatica
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Date:   31. 10. 2004 12:18:07
Subject:   Re: Sicak, Woytek, Boca
Message:   Cathy

A map of Austria-Hungary empire:
The old 1910 Hungarian megye map is at : click on Saros to locate Nyirjes as it was called.
In 1993 the former country of Czechoslovakia separated into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. To locate a town in SK use :
The SK's phone site is at :
Surname VOJTEK (Woytek is americanized)shows up in village of Brezov's phone book.
The LDS-Mormons have filmed the church records of Brezov so you can order the films and gather ancestral information.   first name translation website.
Is that your grandfather with his mother and sister coming thru Ellis Island in 1918? To locate people coming thru EI from a precise village use :

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 Sicak, Woytek, Boca
                by Cathy at 10/31/2004 6:29:05 AM
 Re: Sicak, Woytek, Boca
                by Zlatica at 10/31/2004 12:18:07 PM
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