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Male Karpaty
- Located in: region Bratislava

Alternativka, Biely Kamen Castle ruins, Blázon - skaly pod Plaveckým hradom, Borinka, Brezova pod Bradlom, Bukova, Cerova, Cachtice, Cachticky Hrad Castle ruins, Cerveny Kamen, Devinska Kobyla, Devin Castle, Dobra Voda, Dobra Voda Castle - ruins, Elesko Wine Complex - Zoya Museum, Havranie skaly (Havranica), Kamzík - Koliba, Korlatsky Hrad Castle, Kršlenica, Medené Hámre, Modra, Ostry Kamen, Pajstun, Pezinok, Pezinska Baba, Plavecky Hrad, Sightseeing tower in Bratislava forest, Smolenice, Smolenicky Zamok Castle, Stredne Povazie, Lozorno Shooting Range, Svaty Jur, Veterlin, Vrbove, Zochova chata

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