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Slovakia - Walking through centuries of cities and towns

Slovakia - Walking through centuries of cities and towns

On the pages of this book a reader will be guided through the most interested cities and towns in Slovakia and will be told about the most attractive stages of their history. Among the cities and towns are seventeen Urban Conservation Areas declared by the Slovak Government, and eight towns which also represent unique historic urban structures.

Owing to the varieties of urban structures in the simple regions, the text of this book is arranged into three parts. The first part is devoted to western Slovakia, the second one to central Slovakia, and the third - to eastern Slovakia. A general introduction to each of these parts brings description of places of historical interest and places of nature beauties. The general introduction is followed by characteristics of individual towns and cities. A reader will get acquainted with the events, which shaped their urban and art-historical development and had the strongest impact on their appearance. The most valuable cultural monuments are supplied with a selection of basic data.

A city's coat of arms are an integral part of its identity, and are presented in this book as important historical documents and artifacts linked to the ancient laws and bygone importance of these cities. For this reason, some of the coats of arms portrayed in the book differ from those currently in use.

The authors were determined to compromise between an illustrated short history and a tourist's guide. Each entry, therefore, incorporates brief general information - elevation above sea level, geographical latitude and longitude, topography, population, accommodation and means of access. Each entry is concluded with a suggested sightseeing tour, complemented with the town plan and a collection of the main points of interest in the surroundings. The splendid works of architecture and unique works of art are documented with period pictures and color photos.

The book was published in Slovak, English and German languages.

Slovakia - Walking through centuries of cities and towns

Contents - a list of cities and towns

Western Slovakia

Svaty Jur

Central Slovakia

Banska Bystrica
Banska Stiavnica
Oravsky Podzamok
Partizanska Lupca

Eastern Slovakia

Spisska Sobota (suburb of Poprad)
Spisske Podhradie (with Spisska Kapitula and Spis Castle)

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