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Bratislava - Practical Guide

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Bratislava - Practical Guide is a small booklet with 138 pages of text and pictures for tourists - visitors of the Slovak capital. The first main part of the guidebook covers history from early till contemporary Bratislava. Next are sights, town tour (Coronation route), famous people, rarities, the green city (woods, parks and gardens), museums and galleries, trips in the city and to the country.

The second main part of the book (50 pages) is a practical assistant, which covers accommodation, restaurants, coffee-houses, wine taverns, beer parlors and bars, night life, entertainment and shopping. For foreign visitors is useful a small dictionary, some useful advice and index of sights and streets. There are 3 maps in the book - a plan of inner city, a map of larger city center and a small map of whole Slovakia.

There is more practical information in this guidebook than in both others comparable guidebooks - Bratislava and Surroundings and Bratislava - Illustrated Guide. But pictures are smaller than in both of them.

This guidebook was published in 5 versions: In English, French, German, Italian, and in Slovak languages.

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Category: Tourist Guidebooks in English
Published by: Albera - Alebros
Edition 5.
Published in 2004.
ISBN: 80-968879-1-2
138 pp.
Dimensions: 11.20 x 20.90 cm
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Published: 2004-10-31
Updated: 2004-10-31