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East of Everest

East of Everest

In the early Summer of 1988 the author of the film Daniel Liska sets out to trek through the highest mountain range in the World. At the beginning of his journey, however, he has an unusually vivid and disturbing dream which make him decide to change his route. He abandons his idea of walking along the Tibetan side of the mountains in the footsteps of the poet and mystic Milarepa. Instead, he hastens across the southern Himalayan slopes through Pakistan and India into Nepal, ending up below the Southwest face of Mount Everest, where a foursome of Slovak mountaineers are just starting one of the most ambitious ascents in the history of Himalayan mountaineering.

DVD was published: November 05, 2008

Length: 96 minutes

Slovak version narrated by Marian Geisberg, Dusan Jamrich
English version narrated by Andy Billingham, Christopher Elston, Daniel Liska

Scenario, directed by Daniel Liska

Camera: Jozef Just, Daniel Liska, Jan Novak, Ervin Velic

Music: Johan Sebastian Bach, Janci Ferencz, Mikolaj Gomolka, Milan Madaros, Zbynek Prokop, Jan Sylvan, Miloslav Student and others

Order: DVD East of Everest.
September 17, 2009   
DVD East of Everest
Price: EUR 226,00
Category: Films - Documentaries and Travelogues
Published by: Bonton Film
Published in 2008.
Media: DVD
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