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New Zealand volcano: Rescuer tells of 'Chernobyl'-like scene
A paramedic who saved tourists says conditions were like something from "the Chernobyl mini-series".

UK economic growth slowest in nearly seven years
GDP rises by 0.7% last month year-on-year, the weakest since March 2012, official figures show.

General election 2019: Parties concentrate on key messages as election day nears
The Tories attack Labour's spending plans and warn of a hung Parliament, while Labour focuses on the NHS.

General election 2019: Jonathan Ashworth insists Jeremy Corbyn criticism was 'banter'
The shadow health secretary says he was "joshing" in a secret recording leaked by a Tory friend.

Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi is set to defend her country in the International Court of Justice.

Ted Baker bosses resign as firm issues profit warning
The chief executive and executive chairman at the High Street fashion retailer are to step down.

Man arrested in Bristol over suspected terror offences
The 33-year-old is arrested at a property in Bristol as part of a planned operation, police say.

Czech shooting: Gunman kills six at hospital in Ostrava
The man opened fire at a hospital in Ostrava before going on the run and shooting himself.

Under-30s Question Time: The Highlights
What happened when young voters challenged politicians representing the main seven parties?

Falklands veteran 'forced out over sexuality' will get medal back
Joe Ousalice was discharged in 1993 when there was a ban on LGBT people in the armed forces.

The secrets of 'food porn' viral videos
Is the fashion for filming calorie-saturated food videos encouraging unhealthy eating?

Golden Globes criticised for all-male director nominees
After the release of another all-male nominee list for Best Director at the Golden Globes, we look at why women are not getting accolades in directing

This Morning's Phil and Holly deny claims of a rift
The presenting duo tell Newsbeat people are 'mistaken' if they think there's a problem with their relationship.

The papers: 'Volcano horror' and 'war' over boy on A&E floor
Fears for Britons after the New Zealand eruption and a hospital election row lead the front pages.

Llangollen steam rail line nears opening as 45-year track work ends
Volunteers have been working since the 1970s to rebuild a railway line between two towns.

Stockton's universal basic income scheme
Stockton in California is providing poor residents with a universal basic income, but could it work nationally?

Joe Biden's campaign trail across Iowa
The Democrat candidate and former vice-president has been travelling across Iowa to rally support.

Poland's model gingerbread village lights up for Christmas
More than 30 artists and bakers in Poland create model houses, castles, people and working trains.

Why can't this doctor work in the UK?
An refugee doctor would love to work in the UK, and the NHS would love to have him - but there's a hitch.

Do apostrophes still matter?
The end of the Apostrophe Society has sparked debate over the modern state of grammar.

General election 2019: A really simple guide
The UK's main parties are gearing up for a general election on 12 December.

Sanna Marin: The rising star set to lead Finland's 5.5 million
Sanna Marin, who at 34 will be at the head of a coalition of female leaders in Finland.

The Strokes: A tale of two Fabrizio Morettis
The Strokes drummer and the art dealer join forces for a curious new Sotheby's art installation.

Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed: Inside the mind of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has published a book outlining his philosophy of "medemer".

White Island: The privately owned New Zealand volcano that is always active
Experts explain the history of New Zealand's White Island and why tourists were there when it erupted.

Should children watch toy unboxing videos?
Millions of kids are watching toy unboxing videos in the run-up to Christmas. Should parents be concerned?

Brian Cox: Why I've been exploring our scientific past
The science broadcaster explains why he's been delving into the lives of some extraordinary scientists.

'I slept in a cupboard for three months'
Entrepreneur Mathias Mikkelsen was so desperate to get into a 'hacker house' he slept in a closet.

Ukraine: Paris talks with Russia aim to end eastern conflict
The first face-to-face talks between the leaders of Russia and Ukraine will take place in Paris.

General election 2019: What was England like at the last December poll?
The last UK general election to be held in December was in 1923. What were the issues for voters?

Universal credit claimants one year on
Many people are out of pocket after a five-week wait for their first benefit payment, charities say.

Group B Strep: ‘A common bug could have killed my baby’
A mother whose baby got meningitis because of Group B Strep says all pregnant women should be tested.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea: Judith Kerr story heads to TV
The Tiger Who Came To Tea heads for the small screen, 50 years after Judith Kerr's book was written.

Anthony Joshua: 'A silkier, hungrier performance'
The 'new' Anthony Joshua shows true courage with a lighter, silkier, and hungrier performance.

Seychelles: The island nation with a novel way to tackle climate change
The Seychelles has swapped 5% of its national debt for a cash injection to fight climate change and save its ocean.

West Ham manager Pellegrini 'not worried about relegation'
West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini is "not worried about relegation" from the Premier League even though his side are above the bottom three by only a point.

'If you break the rules unintentionally, it's not cheating' - Reed dismisses accusations
American Patrick Reed says he should not be called a cheat after receiving a two-stroke penalty last week for improving the lie of his ball.

Newcastle offer free half-season tickets to help fill St James' Park
Newcastle are offering season ticket holders a free additional half-season ticket to gift to fellow supporters to help fill St James' Park.

Russia banned for four years to include 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup
Russia is handed a four-year ban from all major sporting events - including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics - by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Arsenal fight back at West Ham for first win under Ljungberg
Arsenal beat West Ham to end a winless run of nine games and gain their first victory under interim boss Freddie Ljungberg.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond headline a bumper week
Watch the NBA's top 10 plays of the week including a trio of spectacula dunks from Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond.

General election 2019: One sick boy and the NHS (Monday's election news)
The PM was criticised after refusing to look at a photo of a boy being treated on the floor of a Leeds hospital - here's what happened.

General election 2019: The campaign's most controversial numbers
The Reality Check team navigates the most questionable figures that have come out of the election campaign.

Conservative Party manifesto 2019: 13 key policies explained
The Conservative Party election manifesto has been launched. What are its most eye-catching promises?

Election blind dates: Owen Jones and Nimco Ali
What happens when two people from across the political divide are brought together for dinner?

General election 2019: Question Time under-30s fact-checked
Representatives of seven parties face an audience of under-30s on national television.

General election 2019: NHS policy check - what to look out for
If you care about what the parties are promising on the NHS, here are some key issues to watch for.

Muslim vote: Political chat ahead of the election
Four young Muslims discuss the issues that matter to them ahead of the election.

Poll tracker: How do the parties compare?
Our poll tracker measures how people say they are going to vote at the next general election.

What unites us: 10 reasons why we're not a divided nation
The issues, people and foods that win the backing of most British people.

General election 2019: The 60 second manifesto challenge
Does Adam Fleming really know what's in the main parties' manifestos? Jeremy Vine puts him to the test.

Who should I vote for? Compare party manifestos
Compare where the parties stand on key issues - from Brexit and the NHS to education and the environment.

General election 2019: Brexit - where do the parties stand?
The government's Brexit legislation is on hold as the UK prepares for a general election.

How to watch the BBC Question Time under-30s special
Your guide to the BBC Question Time special debate with a young audience.

'If HS2 doesn't come to Crewe, what then?'
The demise of Crewe's railway industry has hit people hard. What are their hopes for the future?

Election 2019: Will there be checks between Great Britain and NI?
Boris Johnson has claimed only goods passing through on their way to the Irish Republic would be checked.

General Election 2019: Has your local Facebook group been hijacked by politics?
Up and down the UK, moderators are grappling with an upsurge in political debate.


Trump hits point of no return as Democrats ready impeachment articles

Cooper debunks years of Trump's claims
The Justice Department's inspector general report essentially rebuts numerous conspiracy theories peddled by President Donald Trump and others about the FBI's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Putin's plan for America is working better than he could have hoped
• Analysis: Trump's grand Russia probe conspiracy just fell apart • Four takeaways from the inspector general's report

Six people shot dead at Czech hospital, gunman on the run
A gunman is on the run after six people were shot dead at a hospital in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava on Tuesday.

Plane with 38 people aboard missing on flight to Antarctica
Chilean authorities are conducting a search and rescue operation after a Chilean Air Force plane went missing Monday night on its way to Antarctica.

Honeymooners burned and 13 others feared dead in New Zealand volcano eruption

Should tourists have been on New Zealand's volcanic White Island?

Trump's grand Russia conspiracy just fell apart

Fatal volcanic eruption caught on camera
At least five people are dead and others missing after a volcanic eruption on New Zealand's White Island. Video captured by a bystander shows the eruption as it happened.

Canadians caught in spat between the US and China have been in prison for a year
In October 2018, Michael Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat, warned that US-China ties "have deteriorated to their worst point" since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

Hong Kong police say they found two bombs meant to 'kill and to maim people'
Police in Hong Kong say they seized and defused two completed bombs stashed at a middle school that could have "killed and injured large numbers of people."

Aung San Suu Kyi to defend Myanmar from genocide accusations
Myanmar's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi will personally defend her country from accusations of genocide against the Rohingya community at the United Nation's top court. CNN's Rosemary Church reports.

North Korea calls Trump a 'heedless and erratic old man'
A senior North Korean official has called US President Donald Trump a "heedless and erratic old man," the latest insult in an escalating war of words between the two countries.

Disney warns new 'Star Wars' movie could trigger seizures
"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," the highly anticipated conclusion to the Skywalker saga, could trigger seizures in photosensitive people, Walt Disney Studios said.

Man who ate $120K banana isn't sorry and says he did it to create art
When a banana that was duct taped to a wall sold for $120,000, not everyone understood the artistic inspiration behind the piece.

Russia banned from major international sporting events for 4 years
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has unanimously agreed to ban Russia from major international sporting competitions -- notably the Olympics and the World Cup -- for four years over doping non-compliance.

In Paris, Putin and Zelensky take hesitant steps toward peace
Ukraine and Russia have managed to inch forward on a long-dormant peace process, taking cautious new steps toward ending the conflict in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region.

The Nobel Peace Prize choice for 2019 is flawed
When the Norwegian Nobel Committee gives the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize medal to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday, celebrations will be undercut by many expressions of disappointment and outrage. Local and international voices criticizing his domestic record attracted considerable media attention, while some took to opinion pages to develop their arguments further.

Boris Johnson grabs reporter's phone and dodges question on shocking ER photo

34-year-old become world's youngest Prime Minister
A Finnish politician is set to become the world's youngest sitting prime minister.

China reportedly bans foreign tech in government and public offices
China is reportedly planning to ban all government offices and public institutions from using foreign software and computers in a move that could dent sales by US tech companies and increase tensions at a crucial moment in the trade war.

Trump's support for Saudi Arabia under scrutiny after Naval base attack
President Donald Trump's response to a deadly shooting by a Saudi national at a Florida naval base, is taking a different tone than the response given by Republicans.

Athletes have healthier brains that can actually hear better, study says
Listen closely: Can you hear that noisy static in your brain?

Prosecutors say accused murderer tortured and killed couple and left behind haunting message
The double murder trial of 33-year-old Bampumim Teixeira is drawing to a close after two weeks of testimony detailing a gruesome crime scene, the victims' last pleas for help and the chilling messages the suspect left behind.

Google under investigation for recent firing of four employees
Google is under investigation by the US government over its labor practices and the firing of several employees.

These are the 22 key seats to watch on UK election night
Strange things happen on election night in the United Kingdom.

Grandmother killer whales boost calves' survival, study finds
The survival chances of young orca whales are boosted by the presence of their grandmothers, especially in times of food scarcity, according to new research that offers a clue as to the evolutionary purpose of menopause.

'Missing link' penguin fossil shows how they evolved after dinosaurs went extinct
Penguins weren't always the petite, tuxedo-sporting birds we know and love today. Once, giant penguins the size of humans reigned supreme.

Report: Top US officials repeatedly misled public about Afghanistan war
Confidential documents obtained by The Washington Post reveal that top US officials misled the American public about the war in Afghanistan in order to conceal doubts about the likelihood that the US could be successful in the nearly 20-year effort since its earliest days, the paper reported in a major investigation on Monday.

Lawyer's bag steals show at impeachment hearing
A shopping bag steals the show at the impeachment hearings. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports the reusable bag is the new briefcase.

SpaceX wants to beam internet from space. This could be its biggest hurdle
SpaceX wants to be your next Wi-Fi provider. It's hoping to build a constellation of satellites to deliver cheap, lightning-quick broadband from space — and the toughest obstacle could be on the ground.

'World's largest' Scotch whisky collection could fetch $10.5 million at auction
The world's largest private collection of Scotch whisky will soon go under the hammer -- and could fetch a staggering $10.5 million.

New Miss Universe: My kind of skin and hair were never considered beautiful

Steve Harvey has another awkward Miss Universe moment
Host Steve Harvey blamed the teleprompter after being involved in a mix-up during the 2019 Miss Universe pageant broadcast.

Bathing in Cleopatra's desert oasis pool
It may be 95% desert, but Egypt is blessed with a liquid bounty. From kitesurfing to scuba diving, these are the best things to do on water in this ancient land.

A church nativity scene depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees separated in cages
A California church is displaying a nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees in cages to draw attention to the conditions faced by migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

Elon Musk reveals when Tesla's electric ATV will go on sale
Elon Musk said Tesla plans to offer an electric ATV as an add-on with its new Cybertrucks beginning in 2021.

New England Patriots owner has history of controversy
From accusations of Super Bowl ring theft to Deflategate to sex solicitation charges, here's a look at the most controversial moments of Robert Kraft's career.

How an ex-banker managed to run a marathon in every country
Close to 17,000 runners took part in this year's Athens Marathon, but no one had undertaken a journey to the start line quite like Nick Butter.

From pop to R&B to mariachi, Linda Ronstadt sang it all
Linda Ronstadt's voice filled the world with pop, R&B and country hits, and she even extended her range into opera and mariachi. Hear the songs and stories that made the singer a legend.

Farm grows food deep beneath the South Korean mountains
It might seem an unlikely place to be growing fruit, but deep beneath a South Korean mountain, a high-tech farm has been built inside an abandoned tunnel.

Every burns unit in the country at full capacity | Doctors fear 'not all 31 patients will survive' | New Zealand leader Ardern calls for 'bigger questions' to be asked

Here are the faces of the dead and missing
• Fatal volcanic eruption caught on camera

Should tourists have been on New Zealand's volcanic White Island?
There were families on holiday. A honeymooning couple. All there to see one thing: the uninhabited moonscape of New Zealand's most active volcano, White Island.

Volcano deaths highlight perils of adventure tourism
The deaths of at least five tourists in a volcanic eruption in New Zealand have raised questions over whether tour companies are taking enough precautions to keep visitors safe -- and whether tourists are aware of the risks.

Trump hits point of no return as Democrats ready impeachment articles
• Panelist makes surprise Trump impeachment prediction

Donald Trump's grand Russia conspiracy just fell apart
President Donald Trump spent the better part of the last several years insisting that the so-called "deep state" had engaged in a long-running, coordinated effort to keep him from winning and then undermining him once he was in office -- all under the guise of an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Democrats to reveal articles of impeachment in hours

Ted Baker's nightmare year gets worse
Ted Baker's nightmare year just got much worse.

New Nike swimwear line includes swim hijab
Nike's Victory Swim Collection will include a full-coverage swimsuit and a swim hijab.

Al Jazeera

Gunman kills six in Czech hospital waiting room, shoots self
Suspect shoots self after launching gun rampage in hospital waiting room, which also critically injured two.

At top court, Myanmar urged to 'stop genocide of own people'
Gambia's justice minister launches ICJ case to try and stop Myanmar abusing Rohingya as Aung San Suu Kyi leads defence.

Alex Harsley: New York's last iconoclast
The 81-year-old self-taught photographer who spent decades nudging the art world forward is now having his moment.

Algerian court convicts 2 former prime ministers for corruption
Both served under longtime President Abdelaziz Bouteflika who was pushed out by protesters earlier this year.

Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at ICJ as Myanmar faces genocide case
Myanmar leader defending country against charges of genocide over 2017 crackdown on the Rohingya, filed by Gambia.

Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim to skip Gulf summit in Saudi Arabia
Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani will represent Qatar at GGC summit in Riyadh.

UN resolution condemns Russia's occupation of Crimea
General Assembly urges withdrawal of Russian military forces from occupied Ukrainian peninsula 'without delay'.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to meet January 13 over dam dispute
More technical meetings will take place in coming weeks centred on guidelines for the filling and operation of the dam.

Chile plane en route to Antarctica goes missing with 38 on board
Plane carrying 17 crew members and 21 passengers 'lost radio communication' after taking off from Punta Arenas city.

Climate change tops list of concerns for Generation Z
People aged between 18 and 25 are increasingly concerned about climate change, global survey reveals.

Philippines' Duterte to lift martial law in Mindanao by year-end
Military rule in southern Philippines came into effect in May 2017 following the attack and siege in the city of Marawi.

Egyptian whistle-blower gets 5-year sentence in absentia
Mohamed Ali, whose videos about army's misuse of funds led to rare protests in Egypt, was sentenced for tax evasion.

'Thick, putrid' smog descends over Sydney as Australia bushfires rage
Australia Prime Minster Scott Morrison says there is nothing much that could be done to lessen effect of bushfires.

No Friday prayers in over 4 months in Kashmir's largest mosque
Residents under lockdown say even their religious freedom is being violated as mosques and shrines remain out of bounds.

Syria's president: OPCW 'faked' report on chlorine gas attack
'We were right, they were wrong,' says Bashar al-Assad after chemical weapon watchdog laid blame on alleged gas attack.

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam unbowed; wants 'action' against teachers
City's divisive chief executive also concedes that crisis led to defeat of pro-China candidates in local polls.

The secret prosecution of Nigerian journalist Jones Abiri
The case against Abiri sets a dangerous precedent, threatening freedom of the press in Nigeria.

'Absolute priority': Canada promises to push China on detentions
Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been held in China for a year unable to see family or a lawyer.

Peter Handke and the power of denial
What is behind the decision to award a genocide denier a Nobel Prize?

'Unfathomable grief': 13 feared dead at New Zealand volcano
Police to launch a criminal investigation into the circumstances of the deaths and injuries at Whakaari island eruption.

Rohingya demand justice ahead of Myanmar genocide hearings
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh appeal to international community to hold Myanmar accountable for its crimes.

Australians flee as soaring heat, winds threaten more bush fires
More than 100 fires ablaze in New South Wales and Victoria states as temperatures top 40 degrees Celsius in some areas.

Bougainville independence hopes rise as vote counting begins
Pacific island once ravaged by fierce fighting expected to overwhelmingly back independence from Papua New Guinea.

Putin, Zelenskyy agree to Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap at summit
The leaders of Russia and Ukraine held nine hours of talks in a Paris summit brokered by France and Germany.

Britain's Brexit Party expels councillor over racist comments
Nigel Farage's anti-immigration populists again find themselves in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

MercoPress - South American Agency

Peronism is back in Argentina: Alberto Fernández assumes as President

Fernández will find a weakened economic situation for two consecutive years of GDP falling. Peronism will return to power in Argentina from Tuesday. The political force will do it in the hands of the elected President, Alberto Fernández, who will go to the Casa Rosada, the presidential headquarters, at noon after presenting the oath in the Congress to the outgoing vice president, Gabriela Michetti

Brazil will send no delegate to Argentine president Fernandez inauguration, media reports

The move comes after he decided that Citizenship Minister Osmar Terra will no longer represent Brazil at the event. Brazil’s government scrapped plans to send a delegate to Alberto Fernandez’s inauguration ceremony in Argentina, representing an escalation in tensions between South America’s top economies.

Macri and Fernandez embrace, for a few seconds, at the Lujan Basilica

The two leaders and their partners during the Sunday mass at Lujan Outgoing Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his successor Alberto Fernandez embraced for a few seconds on Sunday at the Lujan Basilica, the country's main sanctuary to the Virgin Mary. The gesture was minimum and a few seconds but it was done on request from the Catholic Church.

“The Rapist is You!”, born in Chile has become a mighty global roar against sexual violence

The women from the group called LasTesis said they never imagined their protest anthem, and its powerful message, would be so quickly and energetically echoed From quiet beginnings just a few weeks ago, The Rapist is You! - the creation of four performance artists from a Chilean feminist group - has turned into a mighty global roar against sexual violence.

Two adventurers cross the Arctic Ocean despite the thinning ice

They reached the sea ice on Sep 12 and have since been travelling on skis, pulling sledges with supplies behind them. Two adventurers have successfully crossed the Arctic Ocean on skis after persevering through brutal conditions, briefly running out of food, and struggling to traverse thin ice caused by global warming, their team said on Sunday.

France braces for a fifth day of public transport chaos as strike against pension reform persists

The stoppages stranded commuters, closed schools, and hit tourism and Christmas retail. Many people opted to take days off or to work from home French commuters and tourists braced for a fifth day of public transport chaos Monday as the government prepared to respond to widespread anger over pension reform that has sparked open-ended walkouts.

Britain's campaign enters frenetic final with Conservatives leading

The prime minister said on Sunday that the impact of Thursday's vote would be “felt for decades”. Britain's general election campaign enters its frenetic final stages this Monday with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn desperately seeking votes ahead of Thursday's crucial poll. Johnson is hoping to regain the Conservative majority lost by his predecessor Theresa May in the last election, just two years ago, while Corbyn is aiming to upset the odds and usher in the first Labour government for nine years.

Finland selects a woman the youngest prime minister, 34-year old Sanna Marin

The 34-year-old Marin, whose party is the largest in a five-member governing coalition, will be the world's youngest serving prime minister Finland's transportation minister Sanna Marin was selected by her Social Democratic party on Sunday to become the country's youngest prime minister ever, taking over after the resignation of Antti Rinne. The 34-year-old Marin, whose party is the largest in a five-member governing coalition, will be the world's youngest serving prime minister when she takes office in the coming days.

Wild storms and 400 mm of rain in 24 hours strand 1.000 tourists in NZ South island

Up to 400mm of rain was dumped on the South Island over 24 hours by a severe weather system that unleashed gale-force winds and 230,000 lightning strikes. Almost 1,000 tourists were stranded in New Zealand's South Island on Monday after wild storms cut highways, washed away bridges and flooded the rugged landscape. Meteorologists said up to 400mm of rain was dumped on the South Island over 24 hours by a severe weather system that unleashed gale-force winds and 230,000 lightning strikes.

New Zealand volcano eruption surprises visitors from cruise ship Ovation of the Seas

A report by the NZ Herald said many of those visiting White Island on Monday were from the cruise ship Ovation of the Seas. Several people were injured at White Island in New Zealand when a volcano began erupting there on Monday, the region's mayor said. The eruption began about 2.30 pm local time on the island, about 50km from the east coast of North Island, authorities said, throwing smoke and debris into the air.

EU Newsroom

Aviation Safety: Commission adopts new EU Air Safety List
The European Commission updated the EU Air Safety List, the list of airlines that do not meet international safety standards and are therefore subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union.

The EU adopted €297 million in concrete actions for refugees and local communities in Jordan and Lebanon
The European Union adopted a new €297 million assistance package to support refugees and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon via the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Economic and Financial Affairs Council took stock of progress on the banking union. It also adopted a work plan on climate action and conclusions on energy taxation, money laundering, capital markets union, non-performing loans and the financial architecture for development.

The Working Methods of the von der Leyen Commission: Striving for more at home and in the world
The von der Leyen Commission revealed its working methods which will be the basis for the new College to deliver on the President's Agenda for Europe during the next five years. They put collegiality, transparency and efficiency first.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy) Council
The Council discussed smart sector integration, the new Commission's energy policy priorities, and follow-up to the draft national energy and climate plans.

Main results of the Justice and Home Affairs Council
The Council agreed its negotiating positions on two amending regulations, one on the taking of evidence and one on the service of documents. It also adopted conclusions on victims' rights. Ministers took note of the final report of the 8th round of mutual evaluations in the field of criminal matters, which focused on environmental crime.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport)
The Council agreed its position on proposals related to rail passenger rights and trans-European transport network. It discussed digitalisation of transport and the Single European Sky.

Plenary highlights: new Commission, EU's 2020 budget, climate change
MEPs voted into office the new European Commission, approved the EU's budget for 2020, called for a climate neutral Europe and awarded the LUX film prize.

Roaming market review: use of mobile phones abroad has surged since end of EU roaming charges
The Commission has published the first full review of the roaming market, showing that travellers across the EU have benefitted a lot from the end of roaming charges in June 2017.

State of Health in the EU: shift to prevention and primary care is the most important trend across countries
The European Commission published the reports that depict the profile of health systems in 30 countries. Country Health Profiles are being issued with the Companion Report that shows some of the biggest trends in the transformation of the healthcare systems and draws key conclusions from the Profiles.

The European Parliament declares climate emergency
Ahead of the UN COP25 Climate Change Conference in Madrid 2-13 December, the Parliament approved a resolution declaring a climate and environmental emergency in Europe and globally. They also want the Commission to ensure that all relevant legislative and budgetary proposals are fully aligned with the objective of limiting global warming to under 1.5 °C.

Main results of the Competitiveness Council
The Council agreed a general approach on the representative actions for consumers. It debated the public country-by-country reporting directive and had an exchange of views on the external dimension of the competitiveness of the EU economy.

November infringements package: key decisions
In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission pursues legal action against Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law.

Parliament elects the von der Leyen Commission
Following the conclusion of the hearings process, Parliament approved the new Commissioners, presented to plenary by Commission President-elect von der Leyen.

Children's rights: combatting exploitation, forced marriage and sexual abuse
MEPs call for more action to combat child trafficking and forced marriage, whilst stressing the crucial contribution that kids make in the fight against climate change.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Development)
The Council discussed the future financial architecture for sustainable development and neighbourhood, and how the EU and member states can better support the development of countries in transition, such as Ethiopia and Sudan. Development ministers also had an exchange of views with the Minister of Education of Ethiopia about learning challenges in Africa.

Main results of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council
The Council adopted a resolution on culture and sustainable development and conclusions on combatting corruption in sport and held public debates on the competitiveness of creative and audio-visual industries and on good governance in sport.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Trade)
The Council discussed the state of play of negotiations in the World Trade Organization, and progress in its reform process. It also took stock of the latest developments regarding trade relations between the EU and the United States.

Raw materials: Commission launches new online portal to support responsible sourcing in businesses

Autumn Fiscal Package: Commission adopts Opinions on euro area Draft Budgetary Plans
The European Commission has presented its Opinions on euro area Member States' 2020 Draft Budgetary Plans, taken steps under the Stability and Growth Pact and adopted the fourth Enhanced Surveillance Report for Greece.

€200 million to promote European agri-food products in and outside the EU
The European Commission will allocate €200.9 million in 2020 to fund promotion activities for EU agri-food products at home and abroad. The 2020 promotion policy work programme adopted by the Commission outlines the main priorities for support.

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council focused on the next multiannual financial framework, European Council preparations and strengthening the rule of law in the EU. Ministers also discussed the state of play on enlargement and the stabilisation and association process.

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council exchanged views on the post 2020 CAP reform package and CAP transitional rules. It was also informed about: apiculture, imports of maize and rice, and the EU-China agreement on GIs.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Budget)
The Council endorsed an agreement on the 2020 EU budget reached with the European Parliament in the conciliation committee. The budget strongly focuses on growth and competitiveness, climate action and other EU priorities such as security and management of migration.

Vaccine against Ebola: Commission grants first-ever market authorisation
The European Commission adopted the decision granting marketing authorisation to the company Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V. for a vaccine against Ebola. This vaccine, called Ervebo, had been in development since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
The Council focussed on Afghanistan and on the security situation in the Gulf region and Iran. Foreign ministers also had an exchange of views with the Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.

European Border and Coast Guard: Council adopts revised regulation
The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) is being strengthened in terms of staff and technical equipment. It is also being given a broader mandate to support member states' activities, especially on border control, return and cooperation with third countries. The new regulation will incorporate the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR) into the European Border and Coast Guard framework, to improve its functioning.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Council adopted conclusions on climate finance ahead of COP25, the UN climate change conference, which will take place in Madrid from 2 to 13 December 2019. It also reached agreement on two reforms of existing VAT rules.

Taxation: Belize removed from EU list, North Macedonia meets commitments

Statement by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution of 9 November 1989

Final green light to the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
It will soon be easier and more profitable to trade with Singapore. The free trade agreement (FTA) signed by the European Union and the Republic of Singapore on 19 October 2018 is due to enter into force on 21 November 2019, as a consequence of the decision adopted by the Council today on the conclusion of this agreement.

Autumn 2019 Economic Forecast: A challenging road ahead
The European economy is now in its seventh consecutive year of growth and is forecast to continue expanding in 2020 and 2021. Labour markets remain strong and unemployment continues to fall. However, the external environment has become much less supportive and uncertainty is running high.

Landmark agreement will protect 100 European Geographical Indications in China
The EU and China concluded the negotiations on a bilateral agreement to protect 100 European Geographical Indications (GI) in China and 100 Chinese GI in the EU against imitations and usurpation.

Erasmus+: EU will invest over €3 billion in young Europeans to study or train abroad in 2020
The European Commission published its 2020 call for proposals for the Erasmus+ programme. 2020 is the last year of the current European Union programme for mobility and cooperation in education, training, youth and sport.

Industrial policy: recommendations to support Europe's leadership in six strategic business areas
The Commission publishes recommendations by a group of experts, the Strategic Forum on Important Projects of Common European Interest, to boost Europe's competitiveness and global leadership in six strategic and future-oriented industrial sectors.

Security Union: Significant progress and tangible results over past years but efforts must continue
The report presented recaps the initiatives taken by the Commission in some of the key areas of the Security Union including, the fight against terrorism, information exchange, countering radicalisation and cybersecurity, while noting that further efforts are needed, in particular on the implementation of EU security legislation.

Code of Practice on Disinformation one year on: online platforms submit self-assessment reports
Today, the European Commission published the first annual self-assessment reports by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter and 7 European trade associations under the Code of Practice on Disinformation. The self-regulatory Code of Practice was launched in October 2018 and is an important pillar of the Action Plan against Disinformation.

Brexit: European Council adopts decision to extend the period under Article 50
The extension will last until 31 January 2020 to allow more time for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement. The withdrawal can take place earlier on 1 December 2019 or 1 January 2020, if the withdrawal agreement is ratified by both parties.

Plenary highlights: EU's 2020 budget, Syria, Sakharov Prize, bees
MEPs called for more funds for climate action, criticised Turkey’s military operation in Syria and voted in favour of plans to protect bees during this week's plenary session in Strasbourg.

MEPs call for sanctions against Turkey over military operation in Syria

Get multinationals to disclose where they pay taxes, MEPs tell member states
MEPs on adopted a resolution urging member states to work on long-overdue rules obliging multinationals to disclose what taxes they pay in each country.

Main results of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council
The Council adopted conclusions on the Economy of Wellbeing and on the future of work. Ministers also held debates on matching skills and labour market needs and on anti-discrimination.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: Third review welcomes progress while identifying steps for improvement
The European Commission publishes its report on the third annual review of the functioning of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. The report confirms that the U.S. continues to ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred under the Privacy Shield from the EU to participating companies in the U.S.

EU investment budget for 2020: A boost for the climate
MEPs adopted their position on the 2020 EU budget on Wednesday, saying it must provide a “solid starting point to launch the new generation of EU programmes”.

Juncker Plan has made major impact on EU jobs and growth

MEPs adopt plan to keep 2020 EU funding for UK in no-deal Brexit scenario
UK researchers, students and farmers should continue to get EU support in the event of a no-deal Brexit, under provisions adopted by the full house.

Christine Lagarde appointed President of the European Central Bank

Main results of the European Council
The European Council adopted conclusions on the MFF, the next institutional cycle, climate change, enlargement, Turkey, illegal drilling activities and MH17.

Brexit: European Commission recommends the European Council (Article 50) to endorse the agreement reached
The European Commission has recommended the European Council (Article 50) to endorse the agreement reached at negotiator level on the Withdrawal Agreement, including a revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland, and approve a revised Political Declaration on the framework of the future EU-UK relationship.

Main results of the Special European Council (Art.50)
The European Council (Art. 50) endorsed the revised withdrawal agreement and approved the revised political declaration. On this basis, the European Council (Art. 50) invited the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council to take the necessary steps to ensure that the agreement can enter into force on 1 November 2019, so as to provide for an orderly withdrawal.

European Labour Authority starts its work
The European Labour Authority starts its activities with an inaugural ceremony and the first meeting of its Management Board.

European Agenda on Migration four years on: Marked progress needs consolidating in face of volatile situation
Ahead of the October European Council, the Commission is reporting on key progress under the European Agenda on Migration since 2015, with focus on steps taken by the EU since the last progress report in March 2019.

Gender Equality Index 2019: Still far from the finish line

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council agreed on 2020 fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea, and to supplement the existing partial general approach on the future EMFF. The Council exchanged views on the post 2020 CAP reform package, forestry and the market situation.

Main results of the General Affairs Council

EU trade agreements: delivering new opportunities in time of global economic uncertainties
Despite the difficult global economic climate, European companies have continued to make good use of the opportunities created by the European Union's trade network - the largest in the world.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
The Council focussed on the situation in Syria, including north-east Syria, and on Turkey's drilling activities. Foreign ministers discussed Ukraine and had an exchange of views with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko.

EU to take action against fake news and foreign electoral interference
Foreign electoral interference seriously threatens European democratic societies to the benefit of anti-EU, right-wing extremist and populist forces, warn MEPs.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Council discussed issues related to anti-money laundering and the Wise Persons' Group's report on the European financial architecture. It adopted a Council recommendation on the appointment of a member of the ECB executive board.

October infringements package: key decisions
In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission pursues legal action against Member States for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law.

EU budget 2021-2027: Time to decide
Ahead of the European Council meeting on 17 and 18 October, the European Commission calls on EU Heads of State or Government to provide political guidance and new impetus to the negotiations in order to reach an agreement on a fair, balanced and modern long-term EU budget for the period 2021-2027.

Main results of the Eurogroup meeting

Commission launches new edition of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor 2019

European Commission welcomes the positive assessment about how it has managed the EU budget
In its latest report about the management of the EU budget, the European Court of Auditors – the independent auditor of EU spending – confirmed that the Juncker Commission had significantly improved the way it administered the EU budget.

Main results of the Justice and Home Affairs Council
Home affairs ministers discussed right-wing violent extremism and terrorism, new technologies and internal security, hybrid threats and internal security, the state of play on migration, and the EU’s action against corruption. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, they also reaffirmed the importance of EU common values.

Main results of the Environment Council
The Environment Council adopted conclusions for the preparations of COP25 as well as on the 8th Environment Action Programme and the circular economy. Ministers held a policy debate on the EU's long-term climate strategy.

New rules make household appliances more sustainable
In a continued effort to reduce Europe's carbon footprint and to make energy bills cheaper for European consumers, the Commission adopted new eco-design measures for products such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and televisions.

August 2019 - Euro area unemployment at 7.4% - EU28 at 6.2%

Security Union: The Commission recommends opening negotiations with Japan on the transfer of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data

Main results of the Competitiveness Council
The Council held an exchange of views on the key policies that should form the basis of a long-term EU strategy on sustainable growth. The strategy is part of the implementation of the new EU Strategic Agenda 2019-2024 adopted by the European Council in June 2019.

Education and training in the EU: supporting teachers is critical to build the European Education Area
Coinciding with the second European Education Summit, the European Commission published the 2019 Education and Training Monitor analysing how education and training is evolving in the EU and its Member States.

Main results of the UN General Assembly, New York
Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, addressed world leaders on behalf of the EU at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on 26 September. President Tusk stressed that the patriotism of the 21st century must have a global dimension so as not to become a common national egoism.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy)
The Council focused on the draft national energy and climate plans and on the energy sector beyond 2030.

Plenary highlights: Brexit, ECB President, Amazon fires
MEPs reaffirmed support for the EU position on Brexit and backed Christine Lagarde as the next president of the European Central Bank during this week's plenary session.

Circular Plastics Alliance: 100+ signatories commit to use 10 million tons of recycled plastic in new products by 2025
Today, more than 100 public and private partners covering the whole plastics value chain will sign the declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance, which promotes voluntary actions for a well-functioning EU market in recycled plastics.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport)
The Council discussed how to decarbonise transport in order to combat climate change and meet the Paris Agreement objectives.

Customs Union: Fake and potentially dangerous goods worth nearly €740 million stopped at EU customs in 2018
New figures released by the European Commission show that the number of interceptions of fake goods being imported into the EU increased in 2018 due to a large amount of small parcels in express and postal traffic.

Brexit: new European Parliament reaffirms wholehearted support for EU position
The Withdrawal Agreement is fair, balanced and provides legal certainty, MEPs say in a resolution reiterating Parliament’s support for an “orderly Brexit”.

MEPs boost support for EU research and Erasmus
MEPs approved a €100 million top-up for the EU’s research programmes (€80 million for Horizon 2020) and youth mobility (€20 million for Erasmus+).

European Parliament gives green light to Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde obtained Parliament’s approval to be the ECB’s next President, in a plenary vote. In the secret vote, MEPs voted 394 in favour, 206 against and 49 abstentions to recommend Ms Lagarde to head up the European Central Bank.

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council held a policy debate on enhancing respect for the rule of law in the EU. On the basis of a presidency background paper, ministers discussed how the Council could contribute to the overall aim of strengthening the rule of law in the EU, and what specific measures could be used.

Vaccination: European Commission and World Health Organization join forces to promote the benefits of vaccines
The European Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) are co-hosting the world's first Global Vaccination Summit in Brussels. The aim is to accelerate global action to stop the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases, and advocate against the spread of vaccine misinformation worldwide.

Erasmus+: EU boosts participation of African students and staff in 2019

The European Union continues to lead the global fight against climate change
The European Commission adopted a Communication reaffirming the EU's commitment to accelerated climate ambition. The Commission recalls that the European Union has been at the forefront of global climate action, negotiating an inclusive international framework to respond to this challenge, while acting domestically with unity, speed and decisiveness.

The von der Leyen Commission: for a Union that strives for more
President-elect Ursula von der Leyen presented her team and the new structure of the next European Commission. The new Commission will reflect the priorities and ambitions set out in the Political Guidelines.

Better outreach to citizens needed to improve effectiveness of European Commission’s public consultations, say Auditors
The European Commission’s framework for consulting the public during the development and evaluation of EU laws and policies is of a high standard, according to a new report by the European Court of Auditors. However, they recommend that the Commission improve the way it reaches out to citizens to promote greater participation.

VAT Gap: EU countries lost €137 billion in VAT revenues in 2017
EU countries lost €137 billion in Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenues in 2017 according to a study released by the European Commission. The so-called 'VAT Gap' - or the overall difference between the expected VAT revenue and the amount actually collected - has reduced somewhat compared to previous years but remains very high.

Brexit ‘no-deal' preparedness: Final Commission call to all EU citizens and businesses to prepare for the UK's withdrawal on 31 October 2019
With 8 weeks to go until the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union on 31 October 2019, the Commission has – in its 6th Brexit preparedness Communication – reiterated its call on all stakeholders in the EU27 to prepare for a ‘no-deal' scenario.

European citizens' initiatives: Commission registers 3 new initiatives, and finds 1 inadmissible

Milk, fruits and vegetables distributed to schoolchildren thanks to EU programme
With the start of a new school year, the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme will resume in participating EU countries for 2019-2020.

July 2019 - Euro area unemployment at 7.5% - EU28 at 6.3%

Drought in Europe: Member States agree on support measures proposed by the Commission
Member States agreed to a series of support measures proposed by the Commission to ease the financial difficulties faced by farmers due to adverse weather conditions, and increase the availability of feed for animals.

Main results of the G7 summit
President Donald Tusk represented the EU at the G7 summit, where leaders discussed global challenges such as Iran, trade tensions, the fight against inequalities and climate change. They also discussed the global issue of the wildfires in the Amazon.

July 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.0% in the euro area - Down to 1.4% in the EU

Facility for Refugees in Turkey: €127 million to boost EU's largest ever humanitarian programme
To ensure refugees continue to be supported by the EU's largest humanitarian programme in Turkey, the Commission has today announced an additional €127 million to the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) programme via the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey. This new funding brings the total EU contribution to the programme to €1.125 billion.

June 2019 - Euro area unemployment at 7.5% - EU28 at 6.3%

EU and Japan select first Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programmes
The European Commission has announced the results of the call for proposals for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Partnerships with Japan launched in October 2018.

European Commission Joint Research Centre opens world-class laboratories to researchers

Financial services: Commission sets out its equivalence policy with non-EU countries
The European Commission is taking stock of its overall approach to equivalence in the area of financial services. EU equivalence has become a significant tool in recent years, fostering integration of global financial markets and cooperation with third-country authorities.

EU-U.S. trade talks – one year on, Commission presents progress report


Human Rights Day celebrates ‘tremendous activism’ of the world’s young people
The United Nations is highlighting the role of young people in leading the way to a better future for all people for this year’s observance of Human Rights Day, celebrated on Tuesday. 

‘World has failed’ victims of genocide too often: Guterres
Too often, “the world has failed” populations under threat of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing, Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message for the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of Genocide on Monday.

UN Assembly calls on all States to observe Olympic Truce throughout Tokyo Summer Games
The General Assembly on Monday urged United Nations Member States to observe the Olympic Truce – the ancient Greek tradition calling for the cessation of hostilities before, during and after the Games – in the context of next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Monday’s Daily Brief: increasing inequality, human rights and climate, civil war crimes, Ethiopia reforms
New UN development report warns global inequality breeding a “new generation of inequalities”; human rights linked to climate change by senior UN official; intentional starvation in civil wars classified as a war crime, UN rights expert calls for Ethiopia reform support.

COP25: Global investors urge countries to meet climate action goals
More than 630 investors who collectively manage over $37 trillion in assets are calling on governments across the world to step up action to address climate change and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

UN chief urges emergency fund support as one of the ‘most effective investments’ in humanitarian action
The UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), is “one of the most effective investments you can make in humanitarian action”, Secretary-General, António Guterres told a high-level pledging event at UN Headquarters in New York on Monday.

Inequality threatening human development, new global UN report warns
Despite global progress in tackling poverty, hunger and disease, a “new generation of inequalities” indicates that many societies are not working as they should, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) argues in its latest report released on Monday. 

Corruption thwarts attempts to build a better world and ‘must be fought by all, for all’
As we enter a decade of ambitious action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), stepping up efforts to eradicate corruption and promote good governance is “essential…to deliver on our global pledge to leave no one behind”, the UN anti-crime chief has said.

Denouncing attacks against Baghdad protesters, UN warns ‘violence risks placing Iraq on dangerous trajectory’
The top UN official in Iraq has strongly condemned the shooting of unarmed protesters in Baghdad on Friday night, which left a high number of deaths and injuries among innocent citizens, calling for the perpetrators to be “identified and brought to justice without delay”. 

‘We all must step up’ collective action on disability inclusion – UN deputy chief
The international community has agreed truly ground-breaking frameworks to advance the rights of persons with disabilities, including in the context of development, but there remains a significant gap between these ambitions and the reality experienced daily by millions of persons with disabilities, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told a conference in Doha on Saturday. 

Friday's Daily Brief: Peacekeeping performance, Iranians' rights, Syria, Australia, Haiti updates, Greta Thunberg at COP25
A recap of the top stories: UN evaluates peacekeeping performance; civilians under greater attack in northeast Syria; UN rights chief on Iranian protester clampdown; ending medical evacuation for refugees to Australia; food crisis widens in Haiti; and Greta Thunberg speaks out in Madrid at climate conference.

UN evaluates progress in improving peacekeeping performance
The international community on Friday took stock of action to improve UN peacekeeping in line with a Security Council resolution aimed at enhancing performance at all levels, both at Headquarters in New York and in the field. 

UN agency hails Brazil ‘milestone’ decision over Venezuelan refugees
Brazil’s move to recognize thousands of refugees from crisis-wracked Venezuela through a new accelerated procedure, has been welcomed by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR. 

UN rights chief ‘extremely concerned’ over deadly crackdown on protesters in Iran
In the wake of recent protests in Iran, the top United Nations human rights official expressed alarm on Friday over multiple human rights violations which have reportedly taken place across the country.

Rise in Caribbean children displaced by storms shows climate crisis is a child rights issue: UNICEF
The number of Caribbean children displaced by storms has risen approximately six-fold in the past five years, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reveals in a new report released on Friday. 

Thursday’s Daily Brief: Samoa measles epidemic, Dozens die off Mauritania, Volunteer Day and Zambia’s food troubles
A recap of Thursday’s top stories: Dozens of migrants drowned off Mauritanian coast; measles grip Samoa as social media campaigns spread misinformation worldwide; UN chief on lifting landlocked countries from poverty; Guterres lauds volunteer spirit and millions face food insecurity in Zambia.

UN team aids Samoa response to deadly measles epidemic
UN teams are on the ground in Samoa as the country combats a deadly measles epidemic. So far, there have been more than 4,200 cases and 62 deaths, mainly babies, prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency on 15 November and launch a mass vaccination campaign five days later.

Measles ‘misinformation campaigns’ through social media, fuel rising toll
Measles deaths and infections in 2019 are set to “substantially exceed” last year’s toll when more than 142,000 people died from the preventable disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

Partnerships key to taking landlocked countries out of poverty: UN Chief
The challenges faced by landlocked developing countries (LLDCs), some of the poorest in the world, can be overcome through more effective partnerships, UN Secretary-General António Guterres declared on Thursday, at a conference held at UN Headquarters in New York.

Soil erosion must be stopped ‘to save our future’, says UN agriculture agency
Although soils are essential for human well-being and the sustainability of life on the planet, they are threatened on all continents by natural erosion, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on World Soil Day, calling for their protection.

Greener tourism: Greater collaboration needed to tackle rising emissions
The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is calling for enhanced cooperation between the transport and tourism sectors to combat climate change.

Wednesday’s Daily Brief: 2020 humanitarian plan, malaria latest, greener tourism, people key to SDGs, Fall Armyworm
A recap of Wednesday’s stories: A record number of people will need humanitarian aid in 2020; WHO calls for more funding to protect women and children from malaria; the transport and tourism sectors are urged to tackle carbon emissions; a group of rights experts want to see more people helping make the SDGs a reality; Fall Armyworm pest sparks new global action plan; and how the UN is helping impoverished landlocked nations develop.

From landlocked to land-linked: how the UN is helping some of the world’s poorest countries
How can the international community turn some of the world’s poorest, landlocked countries, into thriving, land-linked nations? On Thursday, at UN Headquarters, Member States will renew commitments they have made, to eradicate poverty in the 32 countries designated as Landlocked Developing Countries, or LLDCs.

Malaria: Focus on pregnant women and children, stresses UN health agency report
While more pregnant women and children are being protected against malaria than before, more fast-tracking and greater funding are needed to reinvigorate the global response, according to a new United Nations report launched on Wednesday. 

A record number of people will need help worldwide during 2020: UN Humanitarian Overview
A record 168 million people worldwide will need help and protection in crises spanning more than 50 countries in 2020, the UN’s emergency relief chief has said, in an appeal for nearly $29 billion in humanitarian aid from donors.

South Sudan: UN calls for end to inter-communal clashes, attacks against aid workers
Peacekeepers have been sent to the northern Lakes region in South Sudan in a bid to deter further violence between communities there, the UN Mission in the country, UNMISS, said on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Daily Brief: climate crisis reports, renewal in Iraq, Zimbabwe’s hunger crisis, Disabilities Day
A recap of Tuesday’s stories: New climate change reports on human health and global warming; Zimbabwe’s ‘worst hunger crisis in a decade’; protests and civil unrest show ‘renewed sense of patriotism’ in Iraq; UN ‘determined to lead by example’ on disability rights.

Protests and civil unrest show ‘renewed sense of patriotism’ in Iraq, UN envoy tells Security Council
After decades of sectarian strife and conflict, “a renewed sense of patriotism has taken hold”, the head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) told the Security Council on Tuesday.

Decade ending 2019 likely to be hottest on record
Exceptional global heat driven by greenhouse gas emissions mean this decade will most likely go down as the warmest on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which released its provisional statement on the State of the Global Climate on Tuesday.

Only one in five countries has a healthcare strategy to deal with climate change
Protecting people’s health from climate change dangers such as heat stress, storms and tsunamis has never been more important, yet most countries are doing too little about it, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.