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Javid knocked out of Tory leadership contest
Boris Johnson leads the race to be next Tory leader with Michael Gove two votes ahead of Jeremy Hunt.

John Worboys pleads guilty to sex drug attacks
The "black cab rapist" pleaded guilty to further offences relating to four more women.

Harvey Proctor: Murder and abuse claims 'horrendous', says former MP
Harvey Proctor breaks down in the trial of a man accused of lying about an alleged paedophile ring.

Harry and Meghan split from William and Kate joint charity
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are leaving the Royal Foundation set up by Harry and William in 2009.

Long working hours 'linked to stroke risk'
Working long hours is linked to an increased risk of stroke, researchers say.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court rules
Campaigners win a legal challenge over the government's decision to export arms to Saudi Arabia.

Strait of Hormuz: US confirms drone shot down by Iran
It happened over the Strait of Hormuz, amid soaring tensions between the US and Iran.

Biden refuses to apologise for working with racist senators
Amid a political firestorm, the top Democrat insists "there's not a racist bone in my body".

Bank of England cuts UK growth outlook as rates held
The Bank of England says it does not expect the economy to grow in the second quarter of the year.

Lucy McHugh, 13, 'murdered after sexual relationship'
Stephen Nicholson stabbed 13-year-old Lucy McHugh, with whom he had been having sex, jurors told.

Jack Shepherd: Speedboat killer loses conviction appeal
Jack Shepherd fled to Georgia before he was convicted of killing Charlotte Brown in a boat crash.

Royal Ascot Ladies' Day 2019 in pictures
Intricate headwear is once again the order of the day as thousands flock to the annual racing meet.

Work-life balance: Is a four-day week the answer?
A year ago, employees at this company were told they'd be working 9am - 5:30pm, Monday-Thursday.

Lizard and scorpion hitch ride in holiday baggage, RSPCA list reveals
A scorpion and lizard were among the creatures inadvertently carried into the UK in holiday luggage.

MMR Vaccine: 'I was asked why I had vaccinated my child'
With measles cases on the rise in UK, we follow a project aiming to tackle lower vaccination rates in the Somali community.

Hydrogen trains: Are these the eco-friendly trains of the future?
With zero emissions and water as a by-product, Tom Burridge was on board one of the test runs.

Faith in ruins: China's vanishing beards and mosques
The BBC has found new evidence of the increasing control and suppression of Islam in China

How can a company be valued at billions, but not make any profit?
You can't have a company worth billions of dollars and not make a profit, right? Wrong, and here's why.

Cumbria coal mine: a well-paid job that's bad for the planet
Reopening of a coal mine in Cumbria will create around 500 well-paid jobs, but with an inevitable environmental impact will people jump at the opportunity?

Gulf crisis: Close up to stricken oil tanker with the US Navy
The BBC's Mark Lowen sees the damage caused to one of the oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman.

Clapping back against racial stereotypes
Elijah Lawal has written a book about "clapping back" against racial stereotypes.

Freddie Mercury: 'Lost' song Time Waits For No One premieres on Radio 2
The track features an unheard vocal performance from the late Queen star.

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The breakfast cafe where customers don't have to pay
Eggs & Bread asks its customers to pay what they like - one of a number of not-for-profit food projects open around the UK.

The fake French minister in a silicone mask who stole millions
How fraudsters impersonated France's Jean-Yves Le Drian and scammed a number of wealthy figures.

Tory leadership: How much has social care been cut?
During a live debate, Jeremy Hunt suggested cuts in social care had gone too far.

Keith Raniere Nxivm trial: Why it's so hard to stop a cult
Running a cult is not a criminal offence in most countries, making life difficult for prosecutors.

Brexit: Where do Conservative leadership candidates stand?
Reality Check looks at the Brexit plans of the candidates to be the next Tory leader.

Toy Story: How Buzz Lightyear keeps making millions
When the new Toy Story film opens on Friday, it is not just cinemas that will be hoping for a boost from sales.

The African 'poverty safari' on wheels
A charity comes in for criticism for its immersive experience depicting the lives of poor African children.

Michael Woods: How personal tragedy inspired Canadian cyclist's greatest success
A personal tragedy inspired Michael Woods' greatest sporting success. He revisits an emotional day in 2018, with the BeSpoke podcast.

Young drinkers lead the trend for alcohol-free beer
Led by craft brewers and young drinkers, a growing number of low and no alcohol beers, are being drunk.

Four uncapped players in England's World Cup training squad
Ruaridh McConnochie and Alex Dombrandt are two of the uncapped players in England's preliminary World Cup training squad.

EFL fixtures 2019-20: Your club-by-club guide to the new season
Find out your team's fixtures in the Championship, League One and League Two during the 2019-20 season.

Cricket World Cup: Australia's David Warner floored by ball to the groin
David Warner goes down in a heap after taking Rubel Hossain's delivery square in the groin during Australia's World Cup match against Bangladesh at Trent Bridge.

Can pro Fifa player Fully score against Adebayo Akinfenwa in real life?
BBC Sport challenged pro Fifa player Fully to score against Adebayo Akinfenwa in real life.

Women's World Cup: Reaction to Scotland's 'harsh' exit
Scotland's World Cup dream shattered by VAR-assisted penalty in match with Argentina.

Women's World Cup: Scotland 3-3 Argentina - Shelley Kerr bemoans officiating
Shelley Kerr says Scotland suffered from "really, really poor" refereeing in the draw with Argentina that cost them the chance of a Women's World Cup last-16 place.

Women's World Cup 2019: Scotland knocked out after 3-3 draw with Argentina
Argentina come from 3-0 down to draw with Scotland in Paris thanks to a retaken VAR penalty, in a result which knocks Scotland out of the competition.

Women's World Cup 2019: England beat Japan 2-0 to top their group
An Ellen White double helps England through to the knockout stages as group winners as they defeat Japan 2-0 in Nice.

Women's World Cup 2019: Scotland heartbreak, England joy & all the goals
Watch all the best bits from day 13 of the Women's World Cup, including dramatic scenes as Argentina stage a late comeback against Scotland.

Women's World Cup 2019: What to look out for on day 14
England won Group D as Scotland bowed out, but who else will be going through and going home as the group stage ends on Thursday?


Iran shoots down US drone aircraft
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards claimed Thursday to have shot down a "intruding American spy drone" after it entered Iranian airspace, according to state media, amid increased hostility between Washington and Tehran.

What you need to know about the drone shot down by Iran

Activists were killed and women were raped. But some say their revolution isn't over
In front of the military headquarters in Khartoum, workers are rebuilding the pavement. Men in khaki uniforms lounge under trees. Buildings here have been given a fresh lick of white paint, but the protest art and graffiti underneath is still faintly visible.

One of India's biggest cities is almost entirely out of water

China will no longer be the world's most populous nation
India is set to overtake China as the world's most populous country in less than a decade, according to a new United Nations report.

Satellite image shows Chinese fighter jets deployed to contested island
A satellite image obtained by CNN shows China has deployed at least four J-10 fighter jets to the contested Woody Island in the South China Sea, the first known deployment of fighter jets there since 2017.

Former Chinese Interpol chief 'admits his crimes' of accepting $2m bribes
Interpol's former president Meng Hongwei, who dramatically vanished into police custody after returning to China in 2018, has admitted to corruption charges in a court in Tianjin, Chinese state media reported Thursday.

The Khashoggi report is a wake-up call for UN and US
The road to justice in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi got a lot clearer with the release on Wednesday of a 101-page report outlining the findings and recommendations of an independent United Nations expert. Her months-long investigation clarifies that this was an international crime that compels the UN and the United States to take immediate action.

Journey to the Women's World Cup: 'I used to get punished for just playing'
Football in Africa is a game some people believe should only be played by men. To avoid parental disapproval, some women have to sneak out of their homes just to play. Players are trolled for their gender, and let's not even mention the gender pay gap.

Song of rare whale 'crying for mate' recorded for the first time
Marine biologists have for the first time recorded the song of the world's rarest large whale, the eastern North Pacific right whale, of which fewer than 30 individuals remain.

Meghan and Harry split from joint charity with William and Kate
Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are formally splitting from the Royal Foundation, the body that co-ordinates their charitable work with William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it was announced Thursday.

'Sully' Sullenberger struggled to recover 737 Max in flight simulation
The pilot who orchestrated the dramatic plane landing in the Hudson River 10 years ago told a congressional panel Wednesday that he can "see how crews could have run out of time" during the recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes after he struggled to recover the plane in a simulator running recreations of the doomed flights.

Hope Solo: 'We need to talk' about VAR controversy
Hope Solo wants to talk about VAR -- and when one of the game's greatest goalkeepers speaks, it's worth listening.

NASA captures 'first' images of supersonic shockwaves colliding in flight
NASA has captured groundbreaking images of shockwaves from supersonic aircraft, the space agency said, as part of efforts to create a jet that flies faster than the speed of sound without producing sonic boom.

TV show apologizes for 'racist' BTS comment
An Australian television station has issued an apology after one of its shows was criticized as "xenophobic" and "racist" by fans of South Korean boy-band BTS.

London mayor announces car-free day

A new species of 'cat fox' may be prowling a French island
There may be a fascinating new species of a fox-like cat, or a cat-like fox, prowling the island of Corsica and yep, it's already cranky and hates your guts.

Cassius' Philippe Zdar: Music producer dies in fall from building
French electronic music pioneer Philippe "Zdar" Cerboneschi died Wednesday in an accidental fall from a building in Paris.

Ethiopia internet back after one week outage
One week after a web blackout in the country, internet and text messaging services were restored in Ethiopia Tuesday, Ethio Telecom, the country's mobile service provider said.

Xi lands in Pyongyang for rare state visit
Xi Jinping has departed Beijing for Pyongyang, a historic trip that marks the first time a Chinese leader has traveled to North Korea in 14 years.

MH17 crash investigators charge four men with murder
Four people will face prosecution over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, five years after the plane crashed in eastern Ukraine killing 298 people, international investigators said Wednesday.

The beauty influencer telling the world about Sudan
As a beauty influencer, Shadh Khidir typically uses her Instagram page to post immaculately-made up images promoting products to her followers.

Can ancient herbs really treat cancer?
Karen Kwai-Ching Li, known as KC, has lived in fear of her osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone, for almost 28 years.

New supersonic airplane unveiled
It's still at the conceptual stage, but a brand new supersonic airplane design unveiled this week by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics could be the clearest indication yet that we're on the brink of a new golden age of super-fast air travel.

Women's World Cup: Goalkeepers and VAR taking center stage in France
Talking to the BBC at half-time with his side 1-0 up, England coach Phil Neville said that his team was facing the best goalkeeper at the Women's World Cup. The evidence over 90 minutes to back up the Englishman's claim was compelling.

Himalayan glaciers are melting twice as fast as last century
Climate change is eating away Himalayan glaciers at a dramatic rate, a new study has revealed.

Van Gogh's 'suicide gun' sells for $180,000
The rusty handgun that Vincent van Gogh is believed to have killed himself with in 1890 has sold for €162,500 ($183,000).

Pompeo overrules experts, keeps Saudi Arabia off US child soldiers list
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo decided not to include Saudi Arabia on the State Department's list of countries that recruit child soldiers and overruled his own team of experts, who argued that there was sufficient evidence to do so, a source familiar with the issue told CNN.

Slack is ruining my life and I love it
In the time it took me to type this sentence about Slack, I received more than a dozen messages in a private Slack group and more posts than I can count in several team channels. I typed many words in response to those messages — some of them even borderline good words — but came no closer to completing my job for the day: writing this article about Slack.

Watch Bella Thorne's tearful message to Whoopi Goldberg
Actress Bella Thorne posted an emotional video after Whoopi Goldberg criticized her on "The View" for taking nude photos.

The 'Lost City' older than Machu Picchu

NBA draft 2019: Zion Williamson era set to begin
Zion Williamson going No. 1 to the New Orleans Pelicans may be all but certain, but the NBA draft still has the potential to be a roller coaster ride.

Electric planes herald new era for aviation at the Paris Air Show
Airlines ordered tens of billions of dollars worth of new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing at the Paris Air Show this week. But there was also huge interest in the planes of tomorrow.

The photographer turning Hong Kong's street signs into poems
For Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, the photography series "City Poetry" began as a personal project. Over the past year and a half, the French artist, who has been living in Hong Kong since 2012, has been taking photos of the city's neon, tiled and etched street signs in an effort to learn about local culture through his camera.

Formula E driver isn't missing 'extremely political' F1
Endurance racing may not be Oliver Rowland's specialty but patience is a quality that has, at last, taken the Englishman to a world-class championship.

Rare wave-shaped clouds roll over Virginia
A rare formation of clouds wowed onlookers at Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake on Tuesday.

What it is like to walk the entire length of China's Great Wall
On a warm spring morning in 1984, Dong Yao-hui and his two young friends, Wu De-yu and Zhang Yuan-hua, pulled on military surplus backpacks and boots and set out on a hike along a stretch of the Great Wall of China.

The race to stop the death of Venice
Strolling down a tiny street in Venice's San Marco district, a couple pauses in front of a hand-crafted leather goods stall, one of hundreds of "authentically Venetian" shops lining the cobblestone streets of the city's tourist thoroughfares. Holding hands, they stop to embrace in front of the famed Grand Canal.

Iran has shot down a US military drone, describing it as a warning message to show how it 'deals with its enemies'

Trump says 'Iran made a very big mistake'
President Donald Trump and his aides were confronting dramatically increased tensions with Iran on Thursday after the downing of a US spy drone near the Persian Gulf.

Analysis: Drone shooting raises risk of war
Iran's downing of a US drone takes the bitter foes one step higher in a cycle of escalation that could soon overwhelm each side's reassurances that they have no desire to tumble into war.

Here's why tensions are rising
CNN International correspondent Fred Pleitgen explains how tensions between the US and Iran have been on the rise since the United States pulled out of the nuclear agreement.

Iran's ballistic missiles can take out aircraft carrier, says official
One of Iran's top military commanders reiterated longstanding claims that the country has ballistic missiles capable of taking out an aircraft carrier, as President Hassan Rouhani said the country did not seek to wage war against any nation.

This city is running out of water during a fatal heatwave
• Rain starts to fall but crisis to continue

US senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings
A group of US senators, including the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence committee, received a classified briefing Wednesday about a series of reported encounters by the US Navy with unidentified aircraft, according to a congressional aide.

This country accepts the most refugees
Canada overtook the United States as the world's leading host of formally resettled refugees in 2018, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations.

Bank of America CEO: Recession is unlikely
The soft patch in the US economy is unlikely to morph into a full-blown recession, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan told CNN Business.

Chinese foreign minister claims 'black hand' of Western involvement in Hong Kong
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has accused the "black hand" of Western forces of attempting to use recent mass demonstrations in Hong Kong to "stir up trouble" in the city.

Man arrested over soccer star Sala's death

Al Jazeera

All about the mysterious 'brain fever' killing children in India
Experts dumbfounded by encephalitis outbreak, commonly known as brain fever, in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district.

Modi to Khan: Trust key to boosting India-Pakistan relations
Normalised ties require 'environment of free of terror, violence and hostility', Indian PM tells Pakistani counterpart.

The Catalonia Trial: Justice or Vengeance?
Behind the scenes as Catalonia's pro-independence politicians are tried in Spain on charges of sedition.

India art exhibition showcase painting by vulnerable children
Art provides an escape for the children who have escaped abuse, lived on the streets, been trafficked or forced to work.

'Historic' UK decision outlaws arms sales for Saudi war on Yemen
British weapons, particularly aircraft and missiles, are crucial to Saudi Arabia's war effort in Yemen.

Hong Kongers protest extradition bill through art
Art as a form of protest has been important to this campaign as it was to the so-called Occupy movement five years ago.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019: The best moments so far
Al Jazeera takes a look at some of the best moments that have taken place in the tournament under way in France.

Who will be Britain's next prime minister?
Competition to be the next British prime minister was rife even before Theresa May's resignation.

Main officers in Turkey's failed coup handed life sentences
Top former military officials accused of leading coup attempt in 2016 are each given 141 'aggravated' life sentences.

UK: Javid's bid for Downing Street comes to end of the road
The home secretary failed to get enough votes in the fourth secret ballot of Conservative MPs.

Venezuela crisis: Guaido's envoys accused of embezzling aid funds
There are allegations of corruption against Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido's envoys operating on the Colombian border.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard shoots down US drone
Elite force says US drone brought down in its airspace, but US officials say it was flying in international territory.

From Kinshasa to Liverpool: A mother's painful journey to asylum
Four years ago, Marie went to the market in Kinshasa. She returned to an empty house and was sexually abused by police.

Qatar distributes funds to Gaza families
The small grants are part of an agreement with Israel, intended to restore calm in the blockaded Palestinian enclave.

Trump supporters build private US-Mexico border wall
Grassroots conservative group in US raises millions of dollars on private land to build border wall to deter migrants.

US Senate prepares new rebuke of Trump over Saudi arms sales
Anger rises over US president's bid to bypass congressional review amid doubts about handling of Iran and Yemen war.

US picks new ambassador to the United Nations
Kelly Craft named as Trump's pick as ambassador to United Nations

Dozens killed in heavy fighting in northwest Syria
Eighty-nine fighters and 41 government troops killed in Hama since Tuesday in major battle, UK-based monitor says.

Yemen's Houthi rebels hit Saudi facility with 'cruise missile'
Attack by rebel group on facility in southern province of Jizan the latest in string of attacks on Saudi targets.

Arms sales to Saudi Arabia 'unlawful', rules UK's top court
A court rules the British government acted unlawfully in the way it sold weapons to Saudi Arabia that may have been used in Yemen conflict.

India is running out of water, fast
Delayed monsoon rains highlight fragility of the water supply in the deeply agrarian South Asian country.

Sudan protests: Military council wants talks to resume
Sudan's military council has called for unconditional talks with protest leaders.

Tokyo Olympics tickets running out for Japanese amid high demand
Millions of applicants in ticket lottery for Japan residents disappointed to learn they have missed out on tickets.

Turkey coup: Court hands 17 top generals 141 life terms
The accused were charged with crimes against the state, attempting to kill the president, and the deaths of 249 people.

Stress of return stalks Myanmar refugees in Thai border camps
Report says mental health crisis surges in refugee camps after cuts to aid and end of resettlement programmes.

MercoPress - South American Agency

Uruguay holding presidential primaries on 30 June: three main candidates outstand

Ex Montevideo mayor Daniel Martinez; National Party leader, Luis Lacalle Pou and ex president Julio María Sanguinetti The last Sunday of June Uruguay will be holding presidential primaries when political parties will be choosing their candidates for the coming election scheduled for next October. There are over a dozen hopefuls, but only three, maybe four or five can be considered sufficiently strong as to be taken into account. After all from one of these parties will come the next president of Uruguay, since there is no consecutive reelection in Uruguay.

Bachelet in Venezuela to check human rights situation; Maduro releases 21 political prisoners and applauds the visit

Bachelet is expected to meet with Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó — two men locked in a power struggle for control of the crisis-wracked nation. The United Nations' top human rights official arrived in Venezuela on Wednesday for a visit that comes amid heightened international pressure on President Nicolás Maduro for allegedly silencing opponents with jail, torture and excessive violence.

Bolsonaro insists with private savings accounts for the pensions' reform

 “We would like everything we proposed to be included. But we know Congress has the legitimacy to make changes,” Bolsonaro told reporters in Brasilia. <br />
Brazil’s congressional committee on pension reform began debating a revised bill, as president Jair Bolsonaro urged lawmakers to rethink their move to drop his plan to introduce a retirement system based on private savings accounts.

Brazilian Justice minister Moro blames organized crime for the hacking of his messages

In Senate committee testimony, Moro questioned the authenticity of the messages attributed to him, adding they seek to overturn convictions in “Car Wash” Brazilian Justice Minister Sergio Moro said on Wednesday that a criminal organization was responsible for leaks of his private messages as a federal judge, which raised questions about his ethics while overseeing a major corruption probe.

Unemployment in Argentina jumps to 10.1% in the first quarter of 2019

This means 1.920.000 urban Argentines are without a job, 220.000 more than a year ago, and if rural workers are included the final figure could be two million Argentina's unemployment rate rose to 10.1% in the first quarter from 9.1% in the first three months of last year, the official INDEC statistics agency said. This is the highest level since current president Mauricio Macri took office, and the worst in thirteen years.

Falklands' visitors, “highly satisfied” according to TripAdvisor

The highest levels of satisfaction are for tours Highly satisfied is how visitors to the Falkland Islands feel according to the Falkland Islands Tourist Board’s (FITB) annual assessment of TripAdvisor ratings. Executive Director of FITB Stephanie Middleton told Penguin News that there were over 4,300 ratings of accommodation, attractions, pubs, restaurants and tours in the Falklands on TripAdvisor, with 800 of those posted over the last 12 months.

Argentina's economy contracted 5,8% during the first quarter of 2019

The stalled economy, which started to contract in the second quarter of last year, has badly hurt Argentine consumers and business owners Argentina’s economy contracted 5.8% in the first quarter of 2019, the country’s statistics agency said on Wednesday, a reflection of the biting recession that has hammered domestic consumption and production.

IAATO welcomes ten new members to its responsible Antarctica tourism fold

The newest affiliates bring IAATO’s membership to 116; comprising 48 operators, five provisional operators, and 63 associate members The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has welcomed ten new members into the responsible tourism fold. Members welcomed Provisional Operators Cookson Adventures and Princess Cruises into the Association, while granting provisional operator Albatros Expeditions full Operator status and welcoming Across Latin America – China, Caissa Tourism Group – China, Damen Shipyards, Lamei Tours China, Mystic Cruises, Pelorus and Pro Fuels as Associate Members, at its annual meeting, held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Torrential rains in Uruguay forces 7.400 to abandon their homes

Troops will continue monitoring the situation because “there are many people who do not want to leave their homes due to fear of being looted” Bayardi said. Torrential rains in central and southern Uruguay in the past several days have caused massive floods and forced some 7,400 people to leave their homes, according to the latest update by the country's National Emergency System.

Vale resumes full operations at Brucutu mine easing pressure on iron ore markets

Vale shares were up 1.1% in early trading in Sao Paulo, touching a two-month high and outperforming the broader benchmark Bovespa index Brazilian miner Vale SA said on Wednesday that it will fully resume operations at its Brucutu mine within 72 hours after an appeals court overturned an earlier ruling that halted processing because of concern about the safety of a nearby dam.

EU Newsroom

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council reached a partial general approach on the 2021-2027 EMFF, had a discussion on a progress report on the post 2020 CAP reform and on the Commission communication on the 2020 fishing opportunities.

Main results of the General Affairs Council

Energy Union: Commission calls on Member States to step up ambition in plans to implement Paris agreement
The Commission has published its assessment of Member States' draft plans to implement the EU's Energy Union objectives, and in particular the agreed EU 2030 energy and climate targets.

May 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.2% in the euro area - Down to 1.6% in the EU

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
Foreign and defence ministers discussed the EU Global Strategy, three years after its launch. Foreign ministers also discussed current affairs on the international agenda, including the latest developments in Venezuela and in the Republic of Moldova.

Barriers to trade: as protectionism rises, EU continues opening up export markets for European firms
The European Commission's report confirms the continuous rise in barriers encountered by European companies in foreign markets. Thanks to the EU's firm response, 123 such barriers have been eliminated since the beginning of the current Commission mandate, allowing for more than €6 billion extra exports in 2018.

2019 Innovation Scoreboards: The innovation performance of the EU and its regions is increasing

European Commission increases support for the EU's beekeeping sector

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Council discussed the "Clean Planet for all" communication by the European Commission, the 2019 country specific recommendations. Ministers closed the excessive deficit procedure for Spain. They also took stock of the state of play on the financial transaction tax and the banking union.

Main results of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council
The Council adopted conclusions on antimicrobial resistance and discussed the effective use of EU funds for health-related investments. Regulations on medical devices and health technology assessment were also on the agenda.

A Europe that protects: EU reports on progress in fighting disinformation ahead of European Council
The Commission and the High Representative report on the progress achieved in the fight against disinformation and the main lessons drawn from the European elections, as a contribution to the discussions by EU leaders next week.

Clean Mobility: Commission tables proposal on car emissions testing in real driving conditions

The European Union and the United States reach an agreement on imports of hormone-free beef

EU budget 2021-2027: Commission calls on leaders to set out a roadmap towards an autumn agreement
Ahead of the European Council meeting on 20 and 21 June, the European Commission is calling on leaders to make a push in advancing the negotiations on the EU's next long-term budget 2021-2027 so that an agreement can be reached by autumn.

Deepening Europe's Economic and Monetary Union: Commission takes stock of progress
Ahead of the Euro Summit on 21 June 2019, the European Commission takes stock of the progress made to deepen Europe's Economic and Monetary Union since the Five Presidents' Report and calls on Member States to take further concrete steps.

‘No-deal' Brexit: European Commission takes stock of preparations ahead of the June European Council (Article 50)

Mergers: Commission prohibits proposed merger between Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp

Commission's report shows that targeted investment and robust digital policies boost Member States' performance
The European Commission is releasing the results of the 2019 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which monitors Europe's overall digital performance and tracks the progress of EU countries with respect to their digital competitiveness.

Main results of the Justice and Home Affairs Council
The Council gave mandate to the Commission to negotiate an agreement facilitating access to e-evidence with the US. It also adopted conclusions on the issue of data retention. Ministers debated the issue of the digitalisation of cross-border judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Telecommunications)

Digital Single Market: Europe announces eight sites to host world-class supercomputers
Eight sites for supercomputing centres have been selected across the EU to host the first European supercomputers. They will support Europe's researchers, industry and businesses in developing new applications in a wide range of areas, from designing medicines and new materials to fighting climate change.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport)
The Council agreed on its position on a proposal on the use of electronic freight transport information. It assessed progress on proposals relating to permit-granting measures for the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), the hired vehicles market, EU road charging rules (Eurovignette), and rail passengers' rights.

Over 85% of European bathing sites rated as excellent for water quality
Just over 85% of bathing water sites across Europe monitored last year met the European Union's highest ‘excellent' and most stringent quality standards for water cleanliness, according to the latest annual European bathing water quality report.

June infringements package: key decisions

EU budget 2020: Commission focuses its proposal on jobs, growth and security
As per the Commission proposal, the money under the 2020 budget will go to the following priority areas: competitive economy and young people; and strengthening security and solidarity in the EU, climate change and beyond.

European Semester 2019 Spring Package
The European Commission presents the 2019 country-specific recommendations (CSRs), giving economic policy guidance to all EU Member States for the next 12 to 18 months.

Commission pledges €100 million to help Mozambique recover from cyclones Idai and Kenneth

Reforms in the Western Balkans and Turkey: annual assessments and recommendations
Confirming that a credible enlargement policy is a geostrategic investment in peace, stability, security and economic growth in the whole of Europe, the Commission today adopted its annual assessment of the implementation of reforms in the Western Balkan partners and Turkey, together with recommendations on the next steps for those countries.

The European Commission, European Investment Bank and Breakthrough Energy Ventures establish a new €100 million fund to support clean energy investments

Main results of the Competitiveness Council
The Council discussed ways of strengthening EU's role as a global actor and promoting international cooperation in the field of space and held a public policy debate on the most important elements to take into account when designing the EU's comprehensive, long-term industrial policy strategy and an ambitious approach to a competitive single market.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Trade)
The Council discussed the state of plan of the reform of and negotiations in the WTO. It was also informed about the latest developments in trade relations between the EU and the US, and of the adoption and signature of a free trade agreement and investment protection agreement between the EU and Vietnam, planned for June 2019.

Election 2019: First seat projection for new Parliament based on partial results
First EP seat projection based on official and provisional results in 21 countries and estimates in seven more. Preliminary turnout figures estimate turnout across the EU at 50.5 % (including UK) representing a significant increase in participation in the 2019 European elections and the highest turnout for at least the past twenty years.

Main results of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council
The Council adopted conclusions on young people and the future of work. Ministers also adopted a resolution establishing guidelines on the governance of the EU Youth Dialogue.

Fairness in the food supply chain: Commission proposes to increase price transparency
Having banned unfair trading practices and improved producer cooperation, the Commission is presenting the third element to improve fairness in the food supply chain by introducing greater transparency in the way prices are reported throughout the chain.

General Data Protection Regulation: one year on

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council focused on the next long-term EU budget and preparations for the June European Council.

rescEU: EU establishes initial firefighting fleet for next forest fire season
To prepare for the risk of forest fires during the upcoming summer, the Commission is launching the first fleet of firefighting aircraft under the new rescEU system to tackle natural disasters.

Erasmus+: a turning point in the lives of 5 million European students
New evidence shows that Erasmus+ makes students more successful in their personal and professional lives and helps universities to become more innovative, according to two new independent studies released by the European Commission.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
Ministers prepared for upcoming international discussions on digital taxation. They also discussed a set of new excise duty rules applicable in the EU regime. The Council adopted conclusions on the implementation of the 2018 country-specific recommendations as well as an update of the EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. 

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Development)

The European Union and Central Asia: New opportunities for a stronger partnership
The European Union is outlining its vision for a renewed partnership with Central Asia, updating its strategy on relations with the region first set out in 2007.

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers ‘Save the bees!' initiative'

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Defence)

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The Council had exchanges of views on the post 2020 CAP reform, the Commission long term strategy "A clean planet for all", and trade-related agricultural issues. The Council was also informed about the EMFF, the follow-up to an ECJ ruling on GMOs, and the situation in the fruit market. 

Education in Emergencies: EU announces record humanitarian funding for 2019 and launches #RaiseYourPencil Campaign
The European Commission has announced an unprecedented €164 million for Education in Emergencies projects in 2019. Together with international and Belgian celebrities as well as around 400 students, the Commission has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness and solidarity among young Europeans.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
The High Representative and foreign ministers discussed Iran, following the latest announcements related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear deal. Ministers also touched on the situation in Venezuela and discussed Ukraine, following the results of the Presidential election. 

Digital Single Market: Cheaper calls to other EU countries as of 15 May
As of 15 May, a new maximum price will apply for all international calls and SMS within the EU. As a result, consumers calling from their country to another EU country will pay a maximum amount of 19 cents per minute (+VAT) and 6 cents per SMS message (+VAT).

Antitrust: Commission fines AB InBev €200 million for restricting cross-border sales of beer

EU leaders discuss the future of Europe in Sibiu
The informal summit in Sibiu brought together EU heads of state or government. Leaders focused on strategic plans for the Union in the coming years. They also agreed to meet on 28 May 2019 in Brussels to discuss the outcome of the European Parliament elections and start the nomination process for the heads of the EU institutions. 

Spring 2019 Economic Forecast: Growth continues at a more moderate pace
The European economy is forecast to continue expanding for the seventh year in a row in 2019, with real GDP expected to grow in all EU Member States. As global uncertainties continue to weigh, domestic dynamics are set to support the European economy. Growth is expected to gather pace again next year.

DiscoverEU: 20,000 additional travel passes available for 18-year-olds to experience Europe

Strength in unity: Commission makes recommendations for the EU's next strategic agenda 2019-2024
Ahead of the meeting of EU27 leaders in Sibiu, Romania, on 9 May 2019, the European Commission is setting out a number of policy recommendations for how Europe can shape its future in an increasingly multipolar and uncertain world.

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers 4 new initiatives and concludes that 1 is legally inadmissible

March 2019 - Euro area unemployment at 7.7% - EU28 at 6.4%

EU Justice Scoreboard 2019: results show the continuing need to protect judicial independence
The European Commission publishes the 2019 EU Justice Scoreboard, which gives a comparative overview of the independence, quality and efficiency of justice systems in EU Member States. 

EU-Japan summit
Meeting in Brussels on 25 April, both sides discussed the implementation of the EU-Japan trade deal and agreed to boost cooperation in several areas, such as data protection or climate change. 

Plenary highlights: road safety, whistle-blowers, consumer protection
During the last plenary session before May’s elections, MEPs approved new measures requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles and EU-wide standards to protect whistle-blowers. 

‘InvestEU’ programme: big boost for jobs, growth and investment
MEPs have approved a provisional and partial deal with EU ministers on a new EU programme to support investment and access to finance during 2021-2027.

EU, Latin America and the Caribbean: Partnering for prosperity, democracy, resilience and global governance
The European Union is strengthening its political partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean by focusing it on four priorities - prosperity, democracy, resilience and effective global governance - for common future.

March 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.4% in the euro area - Stable at 1.6% in the EU

European Parliament strengthens EU consumer protection rules
Updates to EU consumer protection rules to improve ranking transparency in online marketplaces and to tackle dual quality of products were approved by MEPs.

Commission launches debate on more efficient decision-making in EU social policy
With this Communication, the Commission is launching a debate on an enhanced use of qualified majority voting in social policy, rendering decision-making more timely, flexible and efficient where an EU competence already exists.

Protecting whistle-blowers: new EU-wide rules approved
Those disclosing information acquired in a work-related context, on illegal or harmful activities, will be better protected, under new EU rules. 

Parliament approves EU rules requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles
Safety features such as intelligent speed assistance and advanced emergency-braking system will have to be installed in new vehicles as from May 2022.

MEPs approve boost to workers’ rights in the gig economy

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council had an exchange of views on the post 2020 CAP reform and discussed the recommendations of the Task Force Rural Africa.

Better Regulation principles: at the heart of the EU's decision-making process
The European Commission is taking stock of the measures introduced under the Juncker Commission to deliver better results for EU citizens and businesses through more open, transparent and evidence-based policy-making. 

Trade with the United States: Council authorises negotiations on elimination of tariffs for industrial goods and on conformity assessment

EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey: third annual report shows continued vital and tangible support for refugees and their host communities
The third annual report on the implementation of the Facility shows solid results on EU support to refugees and host communities in Turkey, including: monthly transfer to 1.5 million refugees for their basic needs, 5 million primary health care consultations, access to school for 470,000 children.

EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 31 October
At the special summit on 10 April EU leaders agreed an extension of Article 50 until the end of October 2019. If the withdrawal agreement is ratified by both sides earlier, the UK will leave on the first day of the following month, leaders said. The decision was taken in agreement with the UK.

EU-funded scientists unveil first ever image of a black hole
The Commission is today revealing the first ever image of a black hole taken by Event Horizon Telescope, a global scientific collaboration involving EU-funded scientists. This major discovery provides visual evidence for the existence of black holes and pushes the boundaries of modern science. 

‘No-deal' Brexit preparedness: European Commission takes stock of preparations and provides practical guidance to ensure coordinated EU approach
Ahead of the European Council (Article 50) today, the European Commission has taken stock of the European Union's intense ‘no-deal' preparations and has issued practical guidance to Member States in 5 areas.

EU-China summit
The EU and China committed to further strengthen the EU-China strategic partnership at the 21st EU-China summit. Both sides agreed on a joint statement setting out the direction for EU-China relations in the years to come. 

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council discussed the next multiannual financial framework and the Article 7 procedures concerning Hungary and Poland. It also adopted conclusions on the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. 

The Energy Union: from vision to reality
The fourth report on the State of the Energy Union shows that the Commission has fully delivered on its vision of an Energy Union strategy guaranteeing accessible, affordable, secure, competitive and sustainable energy for all Europeans. 

Facebook changes its terms and clarify its use of data for consumers following discussions with the European Commission and consumer authorities

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
Foreign ministers discussed current affairs on the international agenda, including the latest developments in Libya. The Council had an exchange of views on Afghanistan and on the Eastern Partnership. Foreign ministers also discussed the situation in Venezuela.

Artificial intelligence: Commission takes forward its work on ethics guidelines
The Commission presents next steps for building trust in artificial intelligence by taking forward the work of the High-Level Expert Group. 

Commission helps Member States to better apply EU environment rules to protect citizens and enhance their quality of life
The Commission published the second Environmental Implementation Review (EIR), part of its initiative launched in 2016 to improve the implementation of European environmental policy and commonly agreed rules in all EU Member States. 

Main results of the Eurogroup meeting

Protecting European consumers: toys and cars on top of the list of dangerous products
The European Commission released its 2018 report on the Safety Gate for dangerous products, the former Rapid Alert System. The report shows that authorities exchanged 2,257 alerts on dangerous products.

Natural gas: Parliament extends EU rules to pipelines from non-EU countries
To provide legal clarity for operators and competitive gas supply for all Europeans, MEPs approved new gas market rules to bring incoming pipelines under EU law.

Road safety: Data show improvements in 2018 but further concrete and swift actions are needed
Fewer people died on European roads last year but more efforts are needed to make a big leap forward, according to new, preliminary figures on road fatalities for 2018 published by the European Commission.

Rule of Law: The Commission opens a debate to strengthen the rule of law in the EU
The European Commission is launching a reflection process on the rule of law in the European Union and setting out possible avenues for future action. The Communication presented takes stock of the available tools to monitor, assess, and protect the rule of law in the Union.

Commission adopts €4 billion investment package for infrastructure projects across 10 Member States
The investment package involves Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal and Romania. The projects cover a wide range of areas: health, transport, research, environment and energy. 

Plenary highlights: copyright, single-use plastic, consumer rights
Updated EU copyright rules and a ban on single-use plastics were approved during this week's plenary session. MEPs also voted in favour of boosting consumer rights. 

Report on EU trade defence – effective protection against unfair trade
The EU shields 320,000 direct jobs across Europe from unfair foreign competition through its trade defence measures, according to a report out today.

Parliament supports plans to improve quality of tap water and cut plastic litter

Parliament backs new CO2 emissions limits for cars and vans
Plans to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from cars and vans by 2030, already informally agreed with EU ministers, were approved by MEPs. 

Parliament seals ban on throwaway plastics by 2021
Parliament approved a new law banning single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds sticks.

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers ‘#NewRightsNow' initiative

European Parliament approves new copyright rules for the internet
Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to new copyright rules which also contain safeguards on freedom of expression.

Parliament makes EU electricity market cleaner and more consumer-friendly

Parliament backs proposal to end switch between summer and winter time in 2021
MEPs voted to end the practice of adjusting clocks by an hour in spring and autumn from 2021. EU countries that decide to keep their summer time should make their final clock change on the last Sunday in March 2021.

European Commission recommends common EU approach to the security of 5G networks
The European Commission has recommended a set of operational steps and measures to ensure a high level of cybersecurity of 5G networks across the EU. 

Brexit preparedness: EU completes preparations for possible “no-deal” scenario on 12 April
As it is increasingly likely that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal on 12 April, the European Commission has today completed its “no-deal” preparations.

Car rentals: EU action leads to clearer and more transparent pricing
Following a call from the European Commission and EU consumer authorities, five industry leaders, Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz and Sixt, have changed the way they present car rental prices, making them fully transparent to consumers.

Main results of the European Council
The European Council adopted conclusions on jobs, growth and competitiveness, climate change, external relations, as well as securing free and fair elections and fighting disinformation. 

EU27 offers Brexit extension until 22 May 2019
The extension until 22 May is conditional. It will be granted if the UK Parliament approves the withdrawal agreement next week. If it does not, EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 12 April, expecting the UK to "indicate a way forward before this date". 

EU budget for 2021-2027: Commission welcomes provisional agreement on Horizon Europe, the future EU research and innovation programme
The EU institutions have reached a partial political agreement, subject to formal approval by the European Parliament and Council, on Horizon Europe. 


Presidential election: ‘Key moment’ to reaffirm Afghanistan’s democratic political structure, UN mission chief tells Security Council 
The presidential election scheduled for 28 September will be a “key moment to reaffirm the legitimacy of Afghanistan’s democratic political structure”, the United Nations mission chief in the country told the Security Council on Wednesday. 

Wednesday’s Daily Brief: ending rape in war, Khashoggi, forced displacement, North Korea and Mali
On Wednesday, these are the main stories: International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict; the UN independent investigator for the killing of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi presents findings which show State responsibility; in 2018, world hit record number of war-displaced people; South Korea sends food aid to North; new attack in northern Mali.

‘Now is the time to act’ for victims of violence in Sudan, ICC Prosecutor urges Security Council
The UN Security Council must “seize this moment” presented by the current turmoil in Sudan, to provide justice at long last for the victims of violence in Darfur, and those who have suffered at the hands of the brutal military crackdown earlier this month.  

Saudi Arabia in spotlight as UN-appointed independent investigator publishes full Khashoggi findings
Responsibility for the killing of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi lies with “high-level officials” of the monarchy, a UN-appointed independent investigator said on Wednesday, in a renewed call for full State accountability for the crime. 

Ripple effect of sexual violence in conflict threatens ‘collective security’, stains ‘our common humanity’, says UN chief 
Sexual violence in conflict is a “threat to our collective security” and a “stain on our common humanity”, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, on Wednesday. 

Record displacement shows ‘we're almost unable to make peace’, warns UN refugee agency chief
A record 70.8 million people fled war, persecution and conflict in 2018, UN refugee agency chief Filippo Grandi said on Wednesday, appealing for greater international solidarity to counter the fact that “we have become almost unable to make peace”. 

Syria: Humanitarian disaster in Idlib ‘unfolding before our eyes’ says top UN relief official
Unabating violence, destruction and a downward sprial in overall conditions for the desperate people trapped in north-western Syria’s Idlib were in the spotlight as the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator told the Security Council on Tuesday that “we are faced with a humanitarian disaster unfolding before our eyes”.

Tuesday’s Daily Brief: Combating hate speech, DR Congo, antimicrobial resistance, peacekeeping, #ActNow for our planet
This Tuesday, top stories include: the UN’s war on hate speech; a surge in ethnic violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; the ‘invisible pandemic’ of antimicrobial resistance; UN peacekeeping Commanders’ meeting at the Security Council; and a new campaign to encourage healthy and sustainable food choices.

UN health agency steps up fight against ‘invisible pandemic’ of antimicrobial resistance
As resistance to antibiotics grows, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the latest stage of its campaign to fight this deadly health risk – likened by the agency to an “invisible pandemic”– with the launch of a new online tool for health professionals on Tuesday.

Hate speech ‘on notice’ as UN chief launches new plan to ‘identify, prevent and confront’ growing scourge
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has declared war on hate speech, telling Member States on Tuesday, that we all need to “do better at looking out for each other”.

300,000 flee flare-up of ethnic violence in north-eastern DR Congo
More than 300,000 people have been forced to flee resurgent inter-ethnic violence in north-east Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) just this month, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Tuesday.

Billions globally lack ‘water, sanitation and hygiene’, new UN report spells out
Some 2.2 billion people around the world do not have safely-managed drinking water, while 4.2 billion go without safe sanitation services and three billion lack basic handwashing facilities, according to a new report from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Monday’s Daily Brief: World population, Desertification Day, ocean protection, Nigeria, Yemen and Gaza
To start this week, we cover: food aid diversions in Yemen; 9.7 billion of people on earth by 2050; Law of the Sea Convention; World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought; triple suicide bombing in Nigeria; and a solar power plant for health care in Gaza.

UN chief accepts independent report on Myanmar, highlighting ‘systemic’ failure surrounding Rohingya crisis
An independent review into how the UN System operated in Myanmar in the years leading up to the mass exodus of the Rohingya following serious human rights abuses, has concluded there were “systemic and structural failures” that prevented a unified strategy from being implemented.

Yemeni children ‘dying right now’ due to food aid diversions Beasley warns Security Council
Food continues to be taken “from the mouths of hungry little boys and little girls” in many areas of Yemen controlled by Houthi rebels, warned the head of the UN World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday, who said the agency would be forced to suspend some food assistance within days, unless agreements are finally honoured.

UN oceans treaty ‘essential’ to combat ‘unprecedented pressure’ on the world’s seas – UN chief
The oceans are not only under “unprecedented pressure” due to climate change, but “half of all living coral has been lost in the past 150 years”, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday, addressing the latest gathering of nations which are party to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

9.7 billion on Earth by 2050, but growth rate slowing, says new UN population report
By the year 2050, there will be some 9.7 billion people living on Earth, says a UN population report released on Monday. However, the overall growth rate will continue to fall, and more countries will have to adapt to the consequences of an ageing population.

24 billion tons of fertile land lost every year, warns UN chief on World Day to Combat Desertification
In a video message released in advance of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, marked on Monday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned that the world loses 24 billion tons of fertile land every year, and that the degradation in land quality is responsible for a reduction in the national domestic product of up to eight per cent every year.

UN chief condemns terrorist attacks in Kenya and Somalia
The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, on Sunday condemned an attack that took place on Saturday in Wajir County, Kenya, in which at least eight police officers were killed when their car struck an improvised explosive device (IED), as well as a car bomb attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, in which at least eight people were killed. 

Record number of Venezuelans arrive in Peru: UN steps up response
The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has sent extra teams this week to the border between Peru and Ecuador to support the authorities, as an unprecedent number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants – over 15,000 – have entered Peru this week.

Remittances matter: 8 facts you don’t know about the money migrants send back home
This Sunday marks the second International Day of Family Remittances, observed every year on 16 June, in recognition of the fundamental contribution of migrant workers to their families and communities back home.

Shining a light on sustainable power: how clean energy is helping to improve camps for displaced people
Hauwa, from Borno State in north-eastern Nigeria, fled her home village of Adamari with her husband and four children in March, when violence struck. Now, she is in the relative safety of a UN-run camp but, with little electricity available at night, lighting is scarce, and darkness can mean danger. However, thanks to a solar-energy initiative from the UN migration agency IOM, that is beginning to change.

Ahead of 2020 elections, situation in Burundi shows encouraging signs but remains fragile
A UN Security Council meeting on the security and political situation in Burundi was held on Friday, as the country continues to grapple with a four-year-long crisis and is gearing up for new elections in 2020.

Friday’s Daily Brief : Sudan and South Sudan, Ebola, ECOSOC elections, risks of 5G tech
This Friday, we cover: Ebola in central Africa still not declared an international emergency, by the World Health Organization; looming famine in South Sudan; humanitarian concerns in Sudan; new elections at the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC); and how 5G technology can jeopardize early warnings of natural disasters.

Yemen: maternal and newborn health ‘on the brink of total collapse’, UNICEF alerts
After more than four years of grinding conflict in Yemen, healthcare for mothers and their babies is “on the brink of collapse”, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned on Friday, in a report that highlights the difficulties of childbirth and parenting in a war zone.

UN suspending handover of camps in Darfur, peacekeeping chief tells Security Council
The joint African Union-UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), is suspending the handover of any more camps for displaced civilians to the Sudanese military, against a backdrop of worsening violence and insecurity across the country.

South Sudanese facing famine in all but name, warns UN food agency
Record numbers in South Sudan – some seven million people – face acute food shortages, while more than 20,000 are close to famine, the World Food Programme (WFP) warned on Friday.

Sudan: top UN official demands cessation of violence and rape against civilians by security forces
Following recent reports of attacks and rape by security forces and paramilitaries against the pro-democracy protesters in Sudan who have been holding a sit-in outside army headquarters in the capital, Khartoum, the United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten, expressed “grave concern” on Thursday and called for an “immediate and complete” end to the violence.

UN cooperation with League of Arab States ‘pivotal’, UN chief tells Security Council
Global problems require global solutions that rely on “essential” partnerships, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Thursday, stating that “our cooperation with the League of Arab States is pivotal”. 

Sexual abuse of elderly likely to ‘grow dramatically’, UN expert says
As the world prepares to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day this Saturday, the UN independent human rights expert mandated with defending the rights of older persons, Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, has stressed that they are often victims of sexual abuse and rape, although it remains rarely detected, reported or exposed.