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US House condemns Trump's attacks on four congresswomen
A symbolic vote denounces Mr Trump's comments about four congresswomen, widely seen as racist.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe 'in psychiatric ward'
Her move to a hospital in Tehran follows a hunger strike last month in protest at her detention in Iran.

Labour anti-Semitism row: Advert criticises Jeremy Corbyn
Labour lords accuse party leader Jeremy Corbyn of presiding over a "toxic culture" of anti-Semitism.

Domestic abuse report exposes hidden side of rural life
Victims of domestic abuse in rural areas suffer longer and are less likely to get support, says report.

London Bridge attacks: Unseen footage from the scene
The BBC has obtained footage of the night which shows unarmed police and members of the public as they tried to confront the armed men.

Apollo 11: Partial lunar eclipse on 50th anniversary
The Moon appears red on the day of the 50th anniversary of the historic space flight.

Brexit: Bosses seek cut to immigrant salary threshold
Business lobby groups say ministers must act to avoid "acute" skills shortages after Brexit.

Menstrual cups 'as reliable as tampons'
Scientific review shows they are as leakproof as other sanitary products, say researchers.

Labour pledges to end in-work poverty in first full term
The party says it will eliminate the "modern-day scourge" if it wins the next election.

Climate change: 'No brainer' fuel change to cut transport carbon
MPs say the simple step of adding more ethanol to the UK's fuel mix would be same as taking 700,000 cars off the roads.

Norway's spy Town: 'They took him and they have broken him'
The wife of a Norwegian pensioner convicted of espionage in Russia has spoken to the BBC about her anger at the intelligence service.

How chimpanzees bond over a movie together
Feeling closer after watching a video together can be experienced by chimps as well as humans, say scientists.

And the most-played song on UK radio is... Chasing Cars
It's a song from 2006, by a band from Northern Ireland... But what is it?

The Papers: General election murmurs and TV licence pleas
Boris Johnson's reported plans for an early election and a possible no-deal Brexit lead the papers.

Inside Iran: Are Tehran's poorest paying the price?
US imposed sanctions are crippling the economy, making food and medicines unaffordable.

Trieste’s mental health revolution: 'It’s the best place to get sick'
Ideas from a mental health 'revolution' in Trieste in the 1970s are helping patients recover today.

Plastic pollution: Could a year's waste circle the Earth four times?
Could a year's global plastic waste circle the Earth four times over?

Moon Landing: 'Wow, it worked!'
Apollo 11's journey seen from Mission Control

Disability emojis: Guide dog and wheelchair user made available
The Emojis have been released by Apple to represent disabled people better.

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Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.

The CubeSat revolution changing the way we see the world
Small, cheap satellites can help us track pollution, crop yields and congestion like never before.

El Chapo: How Mexico's drug kingpin fell victim to his own legend
The world’s most powerful drug kingpin was enamoured by his own legend and it cost him his freedom.

Syrian conflict: Helping children through the horror of bomb blasts
A new medical guide aims to improve the chances of saving children's lives, and limbs, in war zones.

Merkel: The steady woman whose shaking has touched a nation
After three bouts of trembling in public, Germany's Angela Merkel health has come under scrutiny.

How Stranger Things inspired an entire album of Stranger Songs
Ingrid Michaelson is such a fan of the Netflix sci-fi show she's written a whole album about it.

Females to the fore? What golf is doing to attract more women
Golf has realised it needs to make the sport more attractive to women, on and off the playing course.

What Americans make of Trump 'go back' tweets
Some in the US state of Virginia are appalled by the president’s tweets about lawmakers - but others stand by him.

Tottenham's Trippier set to join Atletico Madrid
Tottenham and England right-back Kieran Trippier is close to completing a £20m move Spanish side Atletico Madrid.

Vunipola regrets impact on team-mates of defending Folau
Billy Vunipola is determined not to disrupt England's World Cup plans and regrets the impact of defending Israel Folau's anti-gay comments on his team-mates.

Man Utd have to aim for higher than fourth - Solskjaer
Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaks to BBC Sport about his ambitions for next season.

Manny Pacquiao's publicist denies Amir Khan claims over Saudi Arabia bout
Manny Pacquiao's camp deny a deal has been agreed to fight Britain's Amir Khan in Saudi Arabia in November.

Jolyon Palmer column: Lewis Hamilton makes winning in F1 look easy
Lewis Hamilton is proving too good this season, leaving Valtteri Bottas behind, says Jolyon Palmer.

Netball World Cup 2019 Plays of Day: Epic throws and the post as a player
Watch the best plays from day five of the Netball World Cup, including Shaunagh Craig's "spectacular" long-range throw for Northern Ireland.

Watch the moment England won the Cricket World Cup
Watch the moment that Jos Buttler runs out New Zealand's Martin Guptill to win England the World Cup.

Moon landings: What was the 1969 Apollo 11 mission?
It's 50 years since the first ever manned landing on the Moon - what was involved?

Apollo 11: 'They'd never had a woman engineer'
JoAnn Morgan tells the BBC about her role at the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.

Apollo 11: Four things you may not know about the first moon landing
Fifty years on, here are four things that made the Apollo Moon programme one of humankind's greatest technological achievements.

Apollo Moon landing: 'My dad literally loved us to the Moon and back'
All the focus was on the Moon, the mission and the men – but what about the families back on Earth?

Neil Armstrong - the man behind the legend
The public knew little about this enigmatic man, but now we are gaining a glimpse of the real Neil Armstrong.


House votes to condemn Trump's racist tweets

Conway to reporter: What's your ethnicity?
Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to President Trump, asked about a reporter's ethnicity when he asked a question about President Trump's racist tweets directed at four congresswomen.

Ex-Ecuadorian president confirms Assange meddled in US election from London embassy
Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said Tuesday his country was aware that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was interfering in the 2016 US presidential election from the safety of Ecuador's embassy in London, where he lived under political asylum until this year.

How did Kim Jong Un get his Mercedes-Benzes? New report traces their origin
On June 14, 2018, two armored Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard vehicles were shipped from the Dutch Port of Rotterdam, heading out on a journey that would take months and see the cars transported thousands of miles through six countries, according to a new report from the Washington-based Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS).

The backlash is growing against Xi Jinping in China and around the world
The backlash abroad against President Xi Jinping's China, at least in developed nations, has spread rapidly in the last year.

Beijing education reforms aim to help China's over-worked, over-tested students
Millions of school students have started their long summer vacation this month, but for some the two-month break won't be much of a holiday.

North Korea issues a new threat to the US
North Korea has threatened to renege on commitments made to the United States on denuclearization, accusing the Trump administration of breaching the "spirit" of the negotiations by planning joint military exercises with South Korea.

Jeffrey Epstein had improper sexual contact with woman while serving time, lawyer claims
At least one young woman has accused Jeffrey Epstein of "improper sexual contact" while he was serving a 13-month jail sentence for state charges in 2008 and 2009, according to a lawyer who represents dozens of Epstein accusers.

US sanctions four Myanmar military leaders for human rights violations
The State Department on Tuesday sanctioned four top Myanmar military officials for human rights abuses against the Rohingya population in the country's northern Rakhine State.

First female European Commission President elected
Germany's Ursula von der Leyen has been elected as the European Commission's first female president.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in mental ward, supporters say
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian charity worker who was arrested on spying charges in Iran more than three years ago, was transferred Monday from prison to the mental ward of a hospital in Tehran, the Free Nazanin Campaign said in a statement.

Trump blames Obama and reluctantly bans F-35 sales to Turkey
President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Turkey will be banned from purchasing American F-35 fighter jets after acquiring a Russian air defense system, but made no mention of sanctions that the US is legally required to impose after Turkey purchased the Russian equipment.

Rare NASA footage shows search for life
After astronauts from the Apollo 11 mission brought back samples from the moon, scientists at NASA searched for signs of extraterrestrial life.

American scientist killed in Greece was run over by car and raped
Suzanne Eaton, the American scientist killed in Greece, was raped, police in Crete said Tuesday.

Spanish police arrest cocaine bigwig with drugs hidden under toupee
Drug smugglers have come up with some novel ways of moving their goods around the world undetected, but a recent incident at Barcelona airport involved a surprisingly low-tech approach.

Josh Campbell: Julian Assange falsely billed himself as a truth defender

'Game of Thrones' sets Emmy record -- see which other shows made the cut
The nominations for the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards were announced Tuesday.

Disney heir visited Disneyland undercover and is 'livid' about what she saw
Disneyland calls itself "The Happiest Place on Earth," but family heiress Abigail Disney said she found workers struggling when she recently visited the park undercover.

Amazon's incredible, vanishing cardboard box

Apollo 11 lunar samples were searched for signs of life
When the Apollo 11 astronauts returned to Earth after their historic moon landing, they brought back lunar samples for scientists to study. In light of the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, which occurs Saturday, NASA has released rare footage of those scientists checking the samples for signs of life.

Rapper Unknown T has been charged with murder
UK-based rapper Unknown T has been charged with murder and violent disorder, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Ikea is closing its only US factory
Ikea is shutting down its only furniture factory in the United States.

Tiger Woods laughs off rival's snub ahead of The Open
Everything's a bit slower and more methodical with Tiger Woods these days.

Sailors kidnapped by pirates off Nigeria's coast
Ten Turkish sailors were abducted from their ship by armed men off the coast of Nigeria on Monday, the co-partner of the shipping company, Ahmet Paksoy, told CNN on Tuesday.

MS-13 members accused of hacking up victim and cutting out his heart
More than a 20 MS-13 gangsters and associates have been indicted on federal charges of racketeering and murder for allegedly taking part in a violent Southern California crime spree that an indictment unsealed this week says included the slaying of one victim who was dismembered and had his heart cut out.

French beaches closed due to toxic algae linked to two deaths
Six beaches around Saint-Brieuc in the French region of Brittany have been closed to the public due to unmanageable quantities of sea lettuce, which local campaign groups say may be linked to two recent deaths in the area.

Nestle introduces a new kind of chocolate
Nestle has introduced a new chocolate bar without added sugar, as the company tries to stay ahead of changing consumer tastes and trends.

'The Lion King' filmmakers couldn't wait to be king of visual effects
In an era where audiences have increasingly sophisticated knowledge about how movie magic is made, the personality-rich, photorealistic animal characters in Disney's new "The Lion King" will have moviegoers asking, "How the heck did they do that?"

Celebrate World Snake Day by looking at this massive python, which could soon be a world record setter
There's no better way to celebrate World Snake Day than by looking at a massive, slithering reptile.

Sisters conjoined at the head are separated after 50 hours of surgery
A pair of Pakistani conjoined twins are finally living independent lives after a 100-strong team of British medical experts spent 50 hours performing complex surgery to separate them.

Why people with mental illness may face poorer physical health and early death
Around the world, people with mental illness die up to 20 years earlier than the general population, and a comprehensive new report suggests that governments and health care providers must do more to stop the deaths.

After 71 years of marriage, a husband and wife die on the same day
In the age of modern relationships and online dating, it's hard to find a love story that genuinely melts your heart and warms your soul.

Climate change driving growth of California wildfires, study says
Climate change caused the increase in size of wildfires occurring across California in the last 50 years, according to a new study published in this week's journal Earth's Future.

Death toll rises in Mumbai building collapse
A four-storey building has collapsed in the major Indian city of Mumbai, leaving up to 50 people trapped inside.

World's steepest street revealed
The seaside town of Harlech in Wales is now home to the world's steepest street, Guinness World Records has ruled, knocking a New Zealand road off the top spot after more than a decade.

Shark attacks teen on boogie board
Jackie Jozaitis suffered bites to her foot and ankle after a shark attacked the 16-year-old while she was boogie boarding off Amelia Island in Florida.

See the new Pokémon Go features
Game developer Niantic released two new features, including a revamp of the way players battle in Pokémon Go.

Disney heiress: Billionaires don't share the same planet
Disney heiress Abigail Disney explains to CNN's Don Lemon why she's a proponent of a federal wealth tax to help address income inequality.

A postcard mailed from Hong Kong in 1993 arrived in Illinois last week
An Illinois woman is hoping to solve a 26-year-old mystery after a postcard from Hong Kong arrived in her mailbox last week.

'Chance the Snapper': Chicago's gator-on-the-loose caught
The alligator that somehow ended up in Chicago's Humboldt Park has finally been caught.

South Korean bosses can now be jailed for firing bullied employees
South Korean bosses who unfairly fire workers that complain of office bullying now face up to three years in prison or a 30 million won ($25,464) fine, under a new law aimed at cracking down on the country's toxic work culture.

Stay-at-home moms at higher risk of memory loss later in life
Having a paying job might shield women from memory loss decades later, according to a new study.

Half a million people told to work from home
More than half a million people in Tokyo are being asked to work from home as part of a trial scheme aimed at tackling transport congestion ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in the city.

Lotus unveils powerful electric supercar for $2 million
British sports car maker, Lotus, has unveiled a 1,900 horsepower all-electric supercar with a price tag that surpasses $2 million.

Scientists find new way to measure how quickly the universe is expanding
The universe is expanding, but the rate of that expansion is proving to be elusive. A new measurement of the universe's expansion rate falls between two previously established rates, leading to more questions than answers.

London's mayor blocks plans for controversial 'Tulip' skyscraper
London's mayor Sadiq Khan has blocked plans for a controversial tower known as the Tulip, saying the structure would be of "limited" public benefit and "detrimental" to the capital's skyline.

Only woman in Apollo 11 firing room: 'She would cut you to pieces'
During the historic launch of Apollo 11 which put the first men on the moon, rows of men in shirts and ties lined the consoles inside Kennedy Space Center.

Driving the world's steepest street: 'My car slid straight down with all four tires locked'
The seaside town of Harlech in Wales is now home to the world's steepest street, Guinness World Records has ruled, knocking a New Zealand road off the top spot after more than a decade.

Hotel serves $200 cup of tea
It's no secret that the British are very serious about their tea.

Virtual reality helps Japan's elderly travel the world
Traveling from the canals of Venice to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, a group of elderly people in Japan is seeing the world -- without even leaving their seats.

Al Jazeera

Trump declines to criticise Turkey's Russia missile purchase
The US president takes a softer line against the deal, saying Ankara was forced into the move by his predecessor Obama.

India: 10 dead, dozens trapped as building collapses in Mumbai
Rescue operation under way following the collapse of four-storey residential building in Mumbai's Dongri area.

US House condemns Trump's racist attack on four congresswomen
The symbolic vote is aimed at shaming Trump and his fellow Republicans who stood by him after racist tweets.

US slaps sanctions on Myanmar army chief over Rohingya abuses
The US action against senior army officers comes as the military has continued to 'commit human rights violations'.

Planned Parenthood president forced out after only eight months
Dr Leana Wen cites 'philosophical differences over the direction and future' of the US's leading abortion provider.

Former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo arrested in US
After extradition request, US authorities arrest Toledo, who faces corruption charges in Peru.

Johnny Clegg, South Africa's 'White Zulu', dies at 66
Clegg was one of the few white artists to openly confront South Africa's apartheid government in the 1970s and 1980s.

Palestinians in Lebanon protest crackdown on unlicensed workers
Critics say the Lebanese government's move targets low-wage Palestinian and Syrian workers and is discriminatory.

Trump faces US House vote on resolution condemning racist tweets
US president again doubles down on his racially charged tweets against four Democratic congresswomen of colour.

Qatar: Missile found among arms seized in Italy sold 25 years ago
Doha says the seized air-to-air missile was sold to a 'friendly' third country that wishes not to be named.

Religious restrictions on the rise globally: report
Pew findings reveal largest increase in social hostilities towards religion in more than 10 years occurred in Europe.

Trump: US not seeking 'regime change' in Iran standoff
US president says determined to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, as supreme leader vows more breaches of 2015 deal.

Iran hits back at US demand on ballistic missiles
Javad Zarif says US must stop selling arms to Gulf allies if it wants to discuss Tehran's ballistic missiles programme.

Turkey can't have both American F-35s and Russia's S-400s: US
Calling it a 'tough situation', President Trump says US won't sell fighter jets to Ankara after its Russian purchase.

Ursula von der Leyen: First woman to hold EU's top job
Former German defence minister is the new EU Commission president, after narrowly winning a parliament vote.

'No military solution': World powers urge Libya de-escalation
France, Britain, Egypt, UAE, US and Italy warn ongoing violence in Libya is fuelling a 'growing humanitarian emergency'.

The new rulers of Europe
Who are EU nominees Ursula von der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Charles Michel and Josep Borrell?

How did neo-Nazis in Italy acquire missiles?
A huge stash of weapons is found in Italy with neo-Nazi sympathisers and government says the seizure is unprecedented.

UK to send third warship to Gulf, says not related to Iran crisis
'Long-planned movement', says UK as Iran's supreme leader vows response to Britain's 'piracy' of its oil tanker.

No federal charges for white officer in Garner chokehold death
Reacting to the decision, the family of Eric Garner, a black man, says 'we can’t breathe because they let us down'.

Social media use linked to depression in teens: study
Increased screen time on social media and TV linked to depression, but playing video games make 'one more happy'.

Sea 'pirates' kidnap 10 Turkish sailors off Nigeria
Armed men capture crew members on Turkey-registered cargo ship during an attack in the Gulf of Guinea.

Apollo 11 moon mission anniversary: The steps that made history
Declaring 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind', Neil Armstrong took the first lunar steps 50 years ago.

Guatemala's state corruption and the heirs of colonial privilege
Why the Guatemalan business elites have turned against an institution tasked with upholding the rule of law.

Civilians pay human cost of Yemen's war, rights group says
Mwatana urges UN Human Rights Council to create a commission of inquiry to bring all perpetrators to justice.

MercoPress - South American Agency

US Marshals arrest former Peruvian President Toledo pending extradition

Toledo, who has denied any wrongdoing, has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University Peru's fugitive President Alejandro Celestino Toledo Manrique has been arrested Tuesday in California following an extradition request filed a year ago by his country's authorities, it was reported by both US and Peruvian sources.

Enigma code breaking genius chosen to be on new £50 English banknotes

“Turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand,” Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said. Alan Turing was preferred over Stephen Hawking and Margaret Thatcher to feature on the highest-denomination bills in the country. The Bank of England has selected the face of the computer science genius whose most famous breakthrough proved decisive in the outcome of World War II against Germany to appear in the new £50 note (around 62 US dollars) due to enter circulation by the end of 2021.

Humanitarian project identifies Argentine soldier #114 at Darwin

Ramón Meza died in action on May 25, 1982. A new body has been identified, raising the number of Argentine combatants fallen during the 1982 Falklands War who now have a name on their graves to 114, thanks to the Humanitarian Project underway.

Mercosur expected to announce dropping of roaming charges in Santa Fe

Consumers in any of the four member countries will be able to use their cell phones in any of the other member countries without having to pay extra. The presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are expected to announce Wednesday the elimination of the roaming service charge when travelling to any of the Mercosur countries, it was reported.

US qualifies Uruguay as a safe country to invest but warns about union power

US embassy in Uruguay argues that ”small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (SMEs) in the United States describe the Uruguayan market as difficult to enter in some sectors of the economy” A report issued by the United States Department of State on the investment climate in Uruguay on Monday analyzed the legal, political and economic aspects of the country. On the one hand, it stands the legal security, the free movement of capital, the preferential regimes and the investment grade. On the other, it warns about aspects such as labor relations, the power of unions, the advantage of public companies and the increase of problems in education and security.

UK, Ecuador agree Assange not to be extradited where he could be executed

Duncan (L) made the announcement at a joint press conference in Quito with Foreign Minister José Valencia. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will not be extradited to any country with capital punishment, Britain's Minister for the Americas and Europe, Alan Duncan announced Monday in Quito after a meeting with Ecuador's Foreign Minister José Valencia.

Colombia declares banana production farm in quarantine due to fear of fungus

The fungus, known as 'Panama disease,' only affects the plant and not the fruit, so it allegedly bears no risk to human health. A Colombian banana production farm near the Venezuelan border has been declared under quarantine after the possible outbreak of a lethal fungus has been detected, local authorities acknowledged Monday.

Chinese-built trains help renew Cuba's obsolete railways

The Cuban railway network is one of the oldest in the world. For the first time since the 1970s, Cuba has new trains rolling on the island after the first train made up entirely of Chinese cars left Havana Friday on a 14-hour, 835-km journey to Santiago de Cuba, the second-largest city on the island.

Tabaré looks forward to bilateral meeting with Bolsonaro at Mercosur summit

Tabaré Vázquez remains the only regional leader who is yet to sit down with the retired army captain. Uruguay's President Tabaré Vázquez is ready to hold a first-ever one-on-one meeting with his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro to discuss bilateral issues, during this coming Wednesday's Mercosur summit at the newly remodelled west wing of the historic Belgrano Railway Station in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

China surges as new major destination for Brazil's coffee exports

“The opening of coffee shops encourages the youth to drink coffee in various ways,” said Nelson Carvalhaes. Brazilian exports of coffee to China rose 23.1 annually during the first five months of 2019, according to a Brazilian Council of Coffee Exporters (Cecafé) report.

EU Newsroom

Ursula von der Leyen presents her vision to MEPs
In a debate with MEPs, Ursula von der Leyen outlined her vision as Commission President. MEPs will vote on her nomination, held by secret paper ballot, at 18.00.

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council exchanged views on the post 2020 CAP reform package and the work of the high-level group on sugar. It was also informed about the work programme of the Finland's presidency, EU-Mercosur, African swine fever and animal welfare during transport.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
Foreign ministers discussed Iran, Iraq, the Central African Republic, and the external aspects of migration. They had an informal exchange of views with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Popescu. The Council adopted conclusions on Turkish drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

EU consumer rules: Airbnb cooperates with European Commission and EU consumer authorities improving the way it presents offers
The European Commission announced that, as a result of negotiations with Airbnb, the platform has improved and fully clarified the way it presents accommodation offers to consumers, which is now in line with the standards set in EU consumer law.

Summer 2019 Economic Forecast: Growth clouded by external factors
The European economy is set for its seventh consecutive year of growth in 2019, with all Member States' economies due to expand. Growth in the euro area was stronger than expected in the first quarter of the year due to a number of temporary factors such as mild winter conditions and a rebound in car sales.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
Ministers discussed the EU's own resources in view of the new MFF package. The Council adopted a decision recommending Christine Lagarde as the candidate for the ECB presidency as well as the 2019 country specific recommendations.

Main results of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council
The Council held policy debates on the ‘economy of wellbeing’ and on the social aspects of the ‘Clean planet for all’ strategy. Ministers also approved the country specific recommendation falling under the responsibility of EPSCO.

Main results of the EU-Ukraine summit
At the 21st EU-Ukraine summit in Kyiv, leaders reaffirmed the strength of the political and economic ties between the EU and Ukraine. They discussed the implementation of the association agreement and the way ahead for EU-Ukraine relations.

Main results of the Eurogroup meeting

Plenary highlights: leadership election, formation of committees
The newly-elected MEPs met for their first plenary session on 2-4 July, during which they elected a new president and voted on the size of the parliamentary committees. Parliament chose Italian Social Democrat David Sassoli as its president on Wednesday for a term of two-and-a-half years.

Member States' compliance with EU law in 2018: efforts are paying off, but improvements still needed
Today's Annual report on Monitoring the Application of EU law sets out how the Commission monitored and enforced EU law in 2018. The online Single Market Scoreboard, also published today, evaluates the performance of EU/EEA countries in the EU single market and identifies the shortcomings where the countries and the Commission should step up their efforts.

European citizens' initiative: Commission registers 3 new initiatives and determines 1 as inadmissible
The European Commission decided to register 3 new European citizens' initiatives: 'A price for carbon to fight climate change', 'Grow scientific progress: crops matter!', and 'Let's put an end to the era of plastic in Europe'.

David Sassoli elected President of the European Parliament
MEPs elected David Sassoli as President of the European Parliament having won 345 out of 667 valid votes in the second round. David Sassoli was born in Florence on 30 May 1956. As an Italian MEP since 2009, he was re-elected on a Partito Democratico list in Central Italy in May 2019 for a third term. He will lead Parliament until January 2022.

Commission concludes that an Excessive Deficit Procedure is no longer warranted for Italy at this stage

New EU leaders appointed
The European Council elected Charles Michel as the new President of the European Council and proposed Ursula von der Leyen as candidate for the President of the European Commission. They have also nominated Josep Borrell Fontelles as candidate for the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Christine Lagarde as candidate for the President of the European Central Bank.

Parliament starts new term with seven political groups
As the new European Parliament meets for the first time 2 July, MEPs have formed seven political groups. Ever since the results of the European elections have been in, newly-elected MEPs have been organising themselves into political groups, which bring together representatives from different EU countries based on their political affinities.

Main results of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan
G20 leaders met in Osaka on 28-29 June to address major global economic challenges. They focused on global trade, digital transformation, climate and energy, and inequalities.

Digital Single Market: Survey shows Europeans are well aware of rules against unjustified geo-blocking
A Eurobarometer survey published today shows that just a few months after the new rules on geo-blocking started to apply, 50% of EU citizens are generally aware of EU action to tackle unjustified discrimination by traders. However, more efforts are needed to ensure wider knowledge of the specific digital rights enshrined in EU law, since only 29% of respondents know which rights specifically concern them.

Humanitarian aid: over €110 million in the Horn of Africa

EU adopts new €100 million assistance package to benefit refugees and local communities in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq

Main results of the Environment Council
The Council agreed a general approach on water reuse for agricultural irrigation, adopted conclusions on a sustainable chemicals policy strategy, and took note of the state of play on the EU's long-term climate strategy discussions.

First 17 “European Universities” selected: a major step towards building a European Education Area
The European Commission has announced the higher education institutions from all over Europe that will be part of the first “European Universities” alliances.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy)
The Council adopted conclusions on the future of energy systems in the Energy Union and held an exchange of views on external energy relations.

Main results of the General Affairs Council (Cohesion)

EU-Vietnam: Council adopts decisions to sign trade and investment agreements
On 25 June, the Council adopted decisions on the signature of two agreements between the EU and Vietnam: a free trade agreement (FTA) and an investment protection agreement (IPA).

Dual Food Quality: Commission releases study assessing differences in the composition of EU food products
The Commission publishes the results of a pan-European testing campaign of food products showing that some products are identically or similarly branded while having a different composition.

Main results of the Euro Summit
The Euro Summit in an extended format of EU27 leaders looked at the economic situation together with European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi. Leaders also discussed work done by the Eurogroup regarding deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

Main results of the European Council
The European Council adopted conclusions on the next institutional cycle, the MFF, climate change, disinformation and hybrid threats, external relations, the European Semester and enlargement.

Juncker Plan reaches almost €410 billion in triggered investment across the EU
As of June 2019, the deals approved under the Juncker Plan amount to €75 billion in financing and are located in all 28 Member States. Some 952,000 start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are expected to benefit from improved access to finance.

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council reached a partial general approach on the 2021-2027 EMFF, had a discussion on a progress report on the post 2020 CAP reform and on the Commission communication on the 2020 fishing opportunities.

Main results of the General Affairs Council

Energy Union: Commission calls on Member States to step up ambition in plans to implement Paris agreement
The Commission has published its assessment of Member States' draft plans to implement the EU's Energy Union objectives, and in particular the agreed EU 2030 energy and climate targets.

May 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.2% in the euro area - Down to 1.6% in the EU

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
Foreign and defence ministers discussed the EU Global Strategy, three years after its launch. Foreign ministers also discussed current affairs on the international agenda, including the latest developments in Venezuela and in the Republic of Moldova.

Barriers to trade: as protectionism rises, EU continues opening up export markets for European firms
The European Commission's report confirms the continuous rise in barriers encountered by European companies in foreign markets. Thanks to the EU's firm response, 123 such barriers have been eliminated since the beginning of the current Commission mandate, allowing for more than €6 billion extra exports in 2018.

2019 Innovation Scoreboards: The innovation performance of the EU and its regions is increasing

European Commission increases support for the EU's beekeeping sector

Main results of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council
The Council adopted conclusions on antimicrobial resistance and discussed the effective use of EU funds for health-related investments. Regulations on medical devices and health technology assessment were also on the agenda.

A Europe that protects: EU reports on progress in fighting disinformation ahead of European Council
The Commission and the High Representative report on the progress achieved in the fight against disinformation and the main lessons drawn from the European elections, as a contribution to the discussions by EU leaders next week.

Clean Mobility: Commission tables proposal on car emissions testing in real driving conditions

The European Union and the United States reach an agreement on imports of hormone-free beef

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Council discussed the "Clean Planet for all" communication by the European Commission, the 2019 country specific recommendations. Ministers closed the excessive deficit procedure for Spain. They also took stock of the state of play on the financial transaction tax and the banking union.

EU budget 2021-2027: Commission calls on leaders to set out a roadmap towards an autumn agreement
Ahead of the European Council meeting on 20 and 21 June, the European Commission is calling on leaders to make a push in advancing the negotiations on the EU's next long-term budget 2021-2027 so that an agreement can be reached by autumn.

Deepening Europe's Economic and Monetary Union: Commission takes stock of progress
Ahead of the Euro Summit on 21 June 2019, the European Commission takes stock of the progress made to deepen Europe's Economic and Monetary Union since the Five Presidents' Report and calls on Member States to take further concrete steps.

‘No-deal' Brexit: European Commission takes stock of preparations ahead of the June European Council (Article 50)

Mergers: Commission prohibits proposed merger between Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp

Commission's report shows that targeted investment and robust digital policies boost Member States' performance
The European Commission is releasing the results of the 2019 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which monitors Europe's overall digital performance and tracks the progress of EU countries with respect to their digital competitiveness.

Main results of the Justice and Home Affairs Council
The Council gave mandate to the Commission to negotiate an agreement facilitating access to e-evidence with the US. It also adopted conclusions on the issue of data retention. Ministers debated the issue of the digitalisation of cross-border judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Telecommunications)

Digital Single Market: Europe announces eight sites to host world-class supercomputers
Eight sites for supercomputing centres have been selected across the EU to host the first European supercomputers. They will support Europe's researchers, industry and businesses in developing new applications in a wide range of areas, from designing medicines and new materials to fighting climate change.

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport)
The Council agreed on its position on a proposal on the use of electronic freight transport information. It assessed progress on proposals relating to permit-granting measures for the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), the hired vehicles market, EU road charging rules (Eurovignette), and rail passengers' rights.

Over 85% of European bathing sites rated as excellent for water quality
Just over 85% of bathing water sites across Europe monitored last year met the European Union's highest ‘excellent' and most stringent quality standards for water cleanliness, according to the latest annual European bathing water quality report.

June infringements package: key decisions

EU budget 2020: Commission focuses its proposal on jobs, growth and security
As per the Commission proposal, the money under the 2020 budget will go to the following priority areas: competitive economy and young people; and strengthening security and solidarity in the EU, climate change and beyond.

European Semester 2019 Spring Package
The European Commission presents the 2019 country-specific recommendations (CSRs), giving economic policy guidance to all EU Member States for the next 12 to 18 months.

Commission pledges €100 million to help Mozambique recover from cyclones Idai and Kenneth

Reforms in the Western Balkans and Turkey: annual assessments and recommendations
Confirming that a credible enlargement policy is a geostrategic investment in peace, stability, security and economic growth in the whole of Europe, the Commission today adopted its annual assessment of the implementation of reforms in the Western Balkan partners and Turkey, together with recommendations on the next steps for those countries.

The European Commission, European Investment Bank and Breakthrough Energy Ventures establish a new €100 million fund to support clean energy investments

Main results of the Competitiveness Council
The Council discussed ways of strengthening EU's role as a global actor and promoting international cooperation in the field of space and held a public policy debate on the most important elements to take into account when designing the EU's comprehensive, long-term industrial policy strategy and an ambitious approach to a competitive single market.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Trade)
The Council discussed the state of plan of the reform of and negotiations in the WTO. It was also informed about the latest developments in trade relations between the EU and the US, and of the adoption and signature of a free trade agreement and investment protection agreement between the EU and Vietnam, planned for June 2019.

Election 2019: First seat projection for new Parliament based on partial results
First EP seat projection based on official and provisional results in 21 countries and estimates in seven more. Preliminary turnout figures estimate turnout across the EU at 50.5 % (including UK) representing a significant increase in participation in the 2019 European elections and the highest turnout for at least the past twenty years.

Main results of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council
The Council adopted conclusions on young people and the future of work. Ministers also adopted a resolution establishing guidelines on the governance of the EU Youth Dialogue.

Fairness in the food supply chain: Commission proposes to increase price transparency
Having banned unfair trading practices and improved producer cooperation, the Commission is presenting the third element to improve fairness in the food supply chain by introducing greater transparency in the way prices are reported throughout the chain.

General Data Protection Regulation: one year on

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council focused on the next long-term EU budget and preparations for the June European Council.

rescEU: EU establishes initial firefighting fleet for next forest fire season
To prepare for the risk of forest fires during the upcoming summer, the Commission is launching the first fleet of firefighting aircraft under the new rescEU system to tackle natural disasters.

Erasmus+: a turning point in the lives of 5 million European students
New evidence shows that Erasmus+ makes students more successful in their personal and professional lives and helps universities to become more innovative, according to two new independent studies released by the European Commission.

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
Ministers prepared for upcoming international discussions on digital taxation. They also discussed a set of new excise duty rules applicable in the EU regime. The Council adopted conclusions on the implementation of the 2018 country-specific recommendations as well as an update of the EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. 

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Development)

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers ‘Save the bees!' initiative'

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council (Defence)

The European Union and Central Asia: New opportunities for a stronger partnership
The European Union is outlining its vision for a renewed partnership with Central Asia, updating its strategy on relations with the region first set out in 2007.

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The Council had exchanges of views on the post 2020 CAP reform, the Commission long term strategy "A clean planet for all", and trade-related agricultural issues. The Council was also informed about the EMFF, the follow-up to an ECJ ruling on GMOs, and the situation in the fruit market. 

Education in Emergencies: EU announces record humanitarian funding for 2019 and launches #RaiseYourPencil Campaign
The European Commission has announced an unprecedented €164 million for Education in Emergencies projects in 2019. Together with international and Belgian celebrities as well as around 400 students, the Commission has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness and solidarity among young Europeans.

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
The High Representative and foreign ministers discussed Iran, following the latest announcements related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear deal. Ministers also touched on the situation in Venezuela and discussed Ukraine, following the results of the Presidential election. 

Digital Single Market: Cheaper calls to other EU countries as of 15 May
As of 15 May, a new maximum price will apply for all international calls and SMS within the EU. As a result, consumers calling from their country to another EU country will pay a maximum amount of 19 cents per minute (+VAT) and 6 cents per SMS message (+VAT).

Antitrust: Commission fines AB InBev €200 million for restricting cross-border sales of beer

EU leaders discuss the future of Europe in Sibiu
The informal summit in Sibiu brought together EU heads of state or government. Leaders focused on strategic plans for the Union in the coming years. They also agreed to meet on 28 May 2019 in Brussels to discuss the outcome of the European Parliament elections and start the nomination process for the heads of the EU institutions. 

Spring 2019 Economic Forecast: Growth continues at a more moderate pace
The European economy is forecast to continue expanding for the seventh year in a row in 2019, with real GDP expected to grow in all EU Member States. As global uncertainties continue to weigh, domestic dynamics are set to support the European economy. Growth is expected to gather pace again next year.

DiscoverEU: 20,000 additional travel passes available for 18-year-olds to experience Europe

Strength in unity: Commission makes recommendations for the EU's next strategic agenda 2019-2024
Ahead of the meeting of EU27 leaders in Sibiu, Romania, on 9 May 2019, the European Commission is setting out a number of policy recommendations for how Europe can shape its future in an increasingly multipolar and uncertain world.

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers 4 new initiatives and concludes that 1 is legally inadmissible

March 2019 - Euro area unemployment at 7.7% - EU28 at 6.4%

EU Justice Scoreboard 2019: results show the continuing need to protect judicial independence
The European Commission publishes the 2019 EU Justice Scoreboard, which gives a comparative overview of the independence, quality and efficiency of justice systems in EU Member States. 

EU-Japan summit
Meeting in Brussels on 25 April, both sides discussed the implementation of the EU-Japan trade deal and agreed to boost cooperation in several areas, such as data protection or climate change. 

Plenary highlights: road safety, whistle-blowers, consumer protection
During the last plenary session before May’s elections, MEPs approved new measures requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles and EU-wide standards to protect whistle-blowers. 

‘InvestEU’ programme: big boost for jobs, growth and investment
MEPs have approved a provisional and partial deal with EU ministers on a new EU programme to support investment and access to finance during 2021-2027.

European Parliament strengthens EU consumer protection rules
Updates to EU consumer protection rules to improve ranking transparency in online marketplaces and to tackle dual quality of products were approved by MEPs.

EU, Latin America and the Caribbean: Partnering for prosperity, democracy, resilience and global governance
The European Union is strengthening its political partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean by focusing it on four priorities - prosperity, democracy, resilience and effective global governance - for common future.

March 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.4% in the euro area - Stable at 1.6% in the EU

Commission launches debate on more efficient decision-making in EU social policy
With this Communication, the Commission is launching a debate on an enhanced use of qualified majority voting in social policy, rendering decision-making more timely, flexible and efficient where an EU competence already exists.

Protecting whistle-blowers: new EU-wide rules approved
Those disclosing information acquired in a work-related context, on illegal or harmful activities, will be better protected, under new EU rules. 

Parliament approves EU rules requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles
Safety features such as intelligent speed assistance and advanced emergency-braking system will have to be installed in new vehicles as from May 2022.

MEPs approve boost to workers’ rights in the gig economy

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council had an exchange of views on the post 2020 CAP reform and discussed the recommendations of the Task Force Rural Africa.

Better Regulation principles: at the heart of the EU's decision-making process
The European Commission is taking stock of the measures introduced under the Juncker Commission to deliver better results for EU citizens and businesses through more open, transparent and evidence-based policy-making. 

Trade with the United States: Council authorises negotiations on elimination of tariffs for industrial goods and on conformity assessment

EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey: third annual report shows continued vital and tangible support for refugees and their host communities
The third annual report on the implementation of the Facility shows solid results on EU support to refugees and host communities in Turkey, including: monthly transfer to 1.5 million refugees for their basic needs, 5 million primary health care consultations, access to school for 470,000 children.

EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 31 October
At the special summit on 10 April EU leaders agreed an extension of Article 50 until the end of October 2019. If the withdrawal agreement is ratified by both sides earlier, the UK will leave on the first day of the following month, leaders said. The decision was taken in agreement with the UK.

EU-funded scientists unveil first ever image of a black hole
The Commission is today revealing the first ever image of a black hole taken by Event Horizon Telescope, a global scientific collaboration involving EU-funded scientists. This major discovery provides visual evidence for the existence of black holes and pushes the boundaries of modern science. 


25 years after population conference, women still face challenges to ‘well-being and human rights’, says UN chief
Many women and girls “still face enormous challenges to their health, well-being and human rights”, Secretary-General António Guterres told a High-level General Assembly meeting on Tuesday conevened to mark the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), a milestone in reproductive health and rights. 

Tuesday’s Daily Brief: Development forum focuses on inclusion; monsoons pummel Asia; young children at greater Ebola risk; small islands fight hunger, obesity; Yemen ceasefire for Red Sea port
In today’s Daily Brief: Inclusion resonates widely at development meeting, UN offers help after monsoons devastate Asia, DR Congo Ebola effecting children, obesity plagues island communities, Yemen’s warring parties agree to ceasefire for key port

Inclusion, empowerment and equality, must be ‘at the heart of our efforts’ to ensure sustainable development, says UN chief
The world’s people are demanding “transformative change that is fair and sustainable,” Secretary-General António Guterres said on Tuesday, calling on government leaders to use the upcoming slate of key United Nations meetings in September to “kickstart a decade of delivery and action for people and planet.” 

UN agency helps stranded Ethiopian return home, ending ‘harrowing migration ordeal’
With the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), some 280 Ethiopians returned home on 10-11 July, after being facing traumatic experiences in Yemen.  

‘Severe’ new US asylum restrictions will put vulnerable families at risk, UN refugee agency says
Deeply concerned about the new rule barring from asylum the majority of people crossing the southern land border of the United States, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has warned that the ‘severe’ measure will endanger vulnerable people in need of international protection from violence or persecution.

Human cost of Ukraine conflict is growing, Security Council told
The human cost of the conflict in Ukraine is growing, the UN political chief told the Security Council on Tuesday, during a briefing on the current situation in the country.

‘Greater urgency’ needed in fight against HIV/AIDS, warns UN agency, amidst $1 billion investment cuts
The UN programme leading the global effort to end AIDS is calling for greater urgency and more funding in the fight against the disease, with data showing that the pace of progress in reducing new HIV infections is slowing, and some countries experiencing a rising number of cases.

Ebola emergency meeting to go ahead as UNICEF warns of higher risk to very youngest children
Ahead of a key expert meeting convened by the United Nations to decide whether to declare the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) an international health emergency, the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF warned that the epidemic “is infecting more children” than earlier outbreaks.  

Survivors of ISIL terror in Iraq want justice, not revenge, says head of UN investigation team
The scale and barbarity of the crimes committed by ISIL have ultimately served not to divide but to unify, Karim Asad Ahmad Khan, head of the UN Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh/Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (UNITAD), told the Security Council on Monday.   

‘No hope’ global development goals can be achieved without women, says UN Assembly President
Without the full participation and leadership of women, “we have no hope” of realizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the President of the United Nations General Assembly told gender equality leaders on Monday.

‘We won’t get to zero cases of Ebola without a big scale-up in funding,’ UN relief chief warns
Deadly, attacks on health workers in Ebola-hit areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), including one at the weekend that left two dead, are an indication that combating the disease outbreak will require far greater international support, UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said on Monday. 

Monday’s Daily Brief: numbers of hungry people rising, millions of children need vaccines, Mali children need more protection
In today’s Daily Brief: achieving zero hunger an “immense challenge”, with numbers of hungry rising; 20 million children are missing out on potentially life-saving vaccines, the killing of health workers in DR Congo shows the need for a stronger Ebola response; a UN expert calls for an end to violations against children in Mali; and better training is needed to cut global youth unemployment.

Baby foods high in sugar, inappropriately marketed in Europe, reveal two UN studies
Proper nutrition for newborn babies into early childhood is key to development and good health in later life, according to the Regional Director of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe, as she launched two new studies on Monday.

‘Complacency’ a factor in stagnating global vaccination rates, warn UN health chiefs
More than one in 10 children – almost 20 million worldwide – failed to receive potentially lifesaving vaccines in 2018, the UN said on Monday, citing obstacles including conflict, cost and complacency. 

UN highlights importance of skills development on World Youth Skills Day
At UN Headquarters, and across the globe, events are taking place on Monday to celebrate World Youth Skills Day – marked each year on 15 July – to raise awareness about the importance of youth skills development.

Over 820 million people suffering from hunger; new UN report reveals stubborn realities of ‘immense’ global challenge
After nearly a decade of progress, the number of people who suffer from hunger has slowly increased over the past three years, with about one in every nine people globally suffering from hunger today, the United Nations said in a new report released on Monday.

With half of Somaliland children not in school, UNICEF and partners launch education access programme
Access to education in Somaliland is extremely limited, with more than 50 per cent of children in Somaliland out of school. In an effort to address the problem, the UN children’s fund, UNICEF, has partnered with the government, and the global fund Education Cannot Wait, to launch a programme designed to help children affected by ongoing crises in the country.

UN chief condemns terror attack in Kismayo, Somalia
UN Secretary-General António Guterres has condemned the terrorist attack that took place on July 12 in southern Somalia. 

UN Human Rights Council stands firm on LGBTI violence, Syria detainees and Philippines ‘war on drugs’
The 41st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council ended on Friday with measures taken to address worrying developments in Eritrea, Syria and the Philippines, along with other issues of global concern, such as violence and discrimination against the LGBTI community.

Friday’s Daily Brief: UN chief meets cyclone survivors in Mozambique, Human Rights Council investigates Philippines state violence, UN weather agency tracks Arctic fires
In today’s Daily Brief: UN chief António Guterres condemns airstrikes on Syrian hospitals and meets survivors of Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique; the UN Human Rights Council votes to investigate the “war on drugs” in the Philippines; and UN weather agency tracks fires…in the Arctic.

Pledging ongoing UN support during visit to cyclone-hit areas, Guterres praises resilience of Mozambicans
Determined children learning in classes without roofs, resilient women farming without tools or much land, and grateful people who survived a cyclone that destroyed their livelihoods; on his final day in Mozambique, UN chief António Guterres witnessed first-hand the inner strength and resilience of the storm-ravaged country's people.

Developing countries should not be liable for emissions ‘accumulated throughout history’, key UN development forum hears
Citing climate change as being caused by “emissions accumulated throughout history”, the head of China’s Xiamen Airlines told the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) in New York on Friday that heavy carbon dioxide emitters should “take on greater responsibility” to ameliorate the problem.

As monsoon rains pound Rohingya refugee camps, UN food relief agency steps up aid
Since 4 July, heavy monsoon rains and wind have pounded the refugee camps in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar, with deaths, displacement and major damage following in their wake, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday.

In aftermath of Libya airstrike deaths, UN officials call for refugees and migrants to be freed from detention
“As a priority, we ask that 5,600 refugees and migrants currently held in centres across Libya be freed in an orderly manner and their protection guaranteed” the UN refugee and migrants chiefs said in a joint statement, released on Friday.

UN’s Guterres condemns ongoing airstrikes on Syria’s hospitals, medical workers
Reports that airstrikes have hit several health facilities in north-west Syria have been strongly condemned by the UN Secretary-General.

Science is ‘key’ to pushing forward the 2030 Agenda, UN development forum told
The implementation, follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was front and centre at the United Nations on Thursday as the third day of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) focused on the important role that science plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thursday’s Daily Brief: Poverty report reveals ‘vast inequalities’, measles compounds DRC Ebola woes, Guterres visits Mozambique, Bangladesh update, freedom of expression online
This Thursday, we cover: New poverty report cites ‘vast inequalities’; measles campaign in Ebola-hit DR Congo; World Population Day; UN chief visits cyclone-ravaged Mozambique; monsoon rains cause ‘misery’ for refugees; and why the internet’s ‘essential’ for free expression.

In Mozambique, it’s ‘a matter of the heart’ says Guterres, lauding the cyclone-struck nation’s ‘undeniable moral authority’
Arriving in Mozambique to express solidarity and see for himself the damage wrought by two back-to-back cyclones earlier this year, UN chief António Guterres on Thursday said “undeniable moral authority” lay with its people, who had borne the brunt of a disaster linked inexorably to climate change, and a warming world. 

‘Unlock opportunities’ and pave the way for sustainable development, UN chief urges on World Population Day
As the number of people on the planet continues to rise, UN Secretary-General António Guterres marked World Population Day by highlighting the close link between the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and demographic trends – urging everyone to “unlock opportunities for those left behind and help pave the way for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development for all”.

New UN poverty report reveals ‘vast inequalities’ between countries
There are vast inequalities across countries, and among the poorer segments of societies, says a new UN report published on Thursday.