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Sri Lanka attacks: Authorities face scrutiny over advance warnings
Reports there were warnings of possible attacks throws the spotlight on the country's leadership.

Parkinson's results beyond researchers' wildest dreams
Previously housebound patients are now able to walk more freely as a result of electrical stimulation to their spines. Researchers say the small trial of the treatment has gone 'beyond their wildest dreams'.

UK weather: Hottest Easter Monday on record
It has been the hottest Easter Monday on record in all four nations of the UK, the Met Office says.

Extinction Rebellion: Climate change protesters at Natural History Museum
Extinction Rebellion protesters lay down underneath the blue whale skeleton in the Natural History Museum.

'Dark kitchens': Are they the future of takeaways?
We take a look inside a hidden-away kitchen making takeaways customers can only access via an app.

Theresa May to face grassroots no-confidence challenge
Conservative local associations are calling for Theresa May to resign over her handling of Brexit.

Marsden Moor fire 'started by barbecue'
The fire on Marsden Moor is one of several moorland blazes over the bank holiday weekend.

Iran oil: US to end sanctions exemptions for major importers
The move, which could affect five countries, is intended "to bring Iran's oil exports to zero".

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Broken screens delay launch
Samsung delays the release of its foldable smartphone after reviewers report broken screens.

British woman killed by gunmen at Nigerian holiday resort
Faye Mooney, who was working in Nigeria, was one of two people shot dead by kidnappers.

Canoeist dies during annual Devizes to Westminster race
The race from Wiltshire to London is considered to be one of the world's toughest endurance challenges.

Game of Thrones: Amazon error as second episode is uploaded early
German customers were able to view the second episode of the current series six hours early.

Baby squirrels saved after tree holding nest is cut down
Vets in Poland say two of them had been attacked by a dog before they were found.

Gorillas pose for selfie with DR Congo anti-poaching unit
They were trying to imitate the rangers who raised them, a park official said.

Military 'museum' in Suffolk man's shed includes 1,200 guns
Rod Scott has an astonishing assortment of military memorabilia on show in his shed.

World Earth Day: The women working for change
Photographers at female-run non-profit Lensational have explored the untold stories of women in Africa making a living from environmental preservation.

Alopecia: I lost my hair aged one
Laura Lattimore, 28, says her dozens of wigs now make her feel "mischievous and a part of me".

'People think we're hillbillies - we're not'
What do Americans think of people in other states? We asked people in West Virginia what's said about them.

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Why blend? Exploring the art and science of blending
Humans are the blending species, says philosopher of the senses Barry Smith, but what makes some blends work when others don't?

TED 2019: How to kill a zombie rumour and fix Facebook
How to fix a "broken internet" has been a central question at TED 2019.

Earth Day: How to be more eco-friendly in everyday life
It's Earth Day, so we asked green bloggers for their top tips to be more eco-friendly.

The breast cancer surgeon who got breast cancer
Liz O'Riordan had to stop working as a breast cancer surgeon because of her own cancer. How did she move on?

Influencers: How a 'new breed' of social media stars changed the game
How a 'new breed' of social media stars changed the game.

Why the US-China rivalry will not end with a trade deal
As the US and China edge closer to a trade deal, analysts expect a new battle in the technology sector.

An alternative way to capture childhood on your phone
A simple, but evocative, way to record your children's development without using a camera.

Avengers Endgame: The Marvel Cinematic Universe explained
Want to watch Avengers: Endgame but have no clue what's happening in the MCU? We're here to help.

World number one O'Sullivan trails amateur Cahill
Ronnie O'Sullivan trails amateur James Cahill after a shaky opening session in their first-round World Championship match.

I don't regret arrest, says Olympic gold medallist Stott
Olympic gold medal-winning canoeist Etienne Stott says he "does not regret" his arrest at the climate change protests in London.

'A tremendous result' - Mullins 1-2-3 as he wins first Irish National with Burrows Saint
Trainer Willie Mullins claims a first Irish Grand National victory as Burrows Saint produced an inspired display to take the win at Fairyhouse.

BBC Women's Footballer of the Year 2019 contender Pernille Harder
Denmark and Vfl Wolfsburg forward Pernille Harder is hoping to win the coveted BBC Women's Footballer of the Year 2019 award.

Norwich on brink of Premier League despite fourth successive draw
Championship leaders Norwich City move to the brink of promotion to the Premier League despite their fourth straight draw.

Sri Lanka attacks: Eight Britons killed in explosions
A British mother and her two children died in the attack, while her husband survived.

Sri Lanka attacks: St Anthony's 'church of miracles' a symbol of hope
St Anthony's, the site of one of Sri Lanka's deadliest Easter bombings, is more than a place of worship.

Sri Lanka: Bomb explodes as police try to defuse it
The blast took place near St Anthony's Shrine, one of several sites attacked in bombings on Sunday.

Sri Lanka attacks: Who are the victims?
The victims include a celebrity chef and staff members at the Cinnamon Grand hotel.

Asos billionaire loses three children in Sri Lanka attacks
Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen and his family were visiting Sri Lanka, where three of his four children died.

Sri Lanka attacks: Who are National Thowheed Jamath?
The hardline Islamist group has been blamed for the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka attacks: 'My heart shattered when I saw the bodies'
Eyewitnesses of the bombing of Sri Lanka's St Anthony's Shrine have described horrific scenes.

'The doctor wrote a question mark for my child's sex'
A child known as Baby A became the subject of a high court case that has prompted Kenya to start changing its approach to intersex children.

'My son killed himself after circumcision'
Why did a young man kill himself two years after being circumcised?

'I helped test a wonder drug - then I was denied it'
When Louise Moorhouse took part in a drug trial she was able to eat normally for the first time in her life.

The mental rigours of being US president
Some of Mr Trump's predecessors are thought to have been depressives, bipolar and even psychopathic.


Sri Lanka warned repeatedly in weeks before attack

Sri Lanka suspects the bombings were linked to terror network

The victims: TV chef, business travelers, families eating breakfast
The bomb attacks in the Sri Lankan capital that killed at least 290 people and wounded hundreds of others are a tragedy both locally and internationally.

Trump sues to block House Democrats from obtaining his financial records
President Donald Trump is going to court to try to block a Democratically-controlled congressional committee from obtaining his financial records through a subpoena.

Harry and Meghan could be planning to move abroad
Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, could be planning to move to Africa after the upcoming birth of their first child, according to reports in British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Trump claims 'nobody disobeys my orders'

Anchors slam Sarah Sanders' ongoing lie
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is backtracking on a 2017 comment about James Comey after the Mueller report resurfaces it.

Greenland is melting so fast it's already raising sea levels
Climate change is eliminating giant chunks of ice from Greenland at such a speed that the melt has already made a significant contribution to sea level rise, according to a new study. With global warming, the island will lose much more, threatening coastal cities around the world.

Tesla investigating car that appeared to explode in China
Tesla is investigating after one of its vehicles appeared to explode in China.

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch after early models broke
Samsung will not launch its innovative, expensive and troubled Galaxy Fold on schedule.

US: All countries importing Iran oil will face sanctions

Twin-engine plane crashes in Texas with at least 6 aboard
A twin-engine plane crashed Monday morning near an airport in Texas, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

If this is your password, you might want to change it
If "123456" is your password, it may be time for a change.

Philippines rocked by deadly 6.1-magnitude earthquake
A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck near the town of Bodega on the Philippine island of Luzon on Monday, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Gorillas perfect their selfie style in photo with park ranger
Two gorillas have been snapped apparently mimicking human behavior, in a remarkable selfie with a park ranger who helped rescue them as babies.

The most effective ways to curb climate change might surprise you

We're losing the war on climate change
For years now, people like environmentalist and journalist Bill McKibben have been screaming from the treetops that we need a World War II-scale mobilization to fight the scourge of climate change.

US Navy investigating 'recording device' found in women's bathroom on ship
US Navy criminal investigators are looking into a report that a female Marine discovered a "recording device" in the women's bathroom of one of its ships.

North Face climbers confirmed dead after avalanche
The bodies of three professional mountain climbers were found Sunday, days after they were presumed dead in an avalanche at Canada's Banff National Park.

US closing in on alarming measles record
There have been 626 cases of measles reported in the United States this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's 71 more than the agency reported last week in its weekly update.

Prince's memoir to be released
Just weeks before he died in 2016, Prince struck a deal to write a book about his life.

He played Ukraine's president on TV. Now it's a reality
He played a president on television. Now he's getting a shot at his biggest role yet.

Stairs with Christ's blood unveiled after 300 years
Visitors to Rome this Easter can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience: climbing the original stairs that Jesus is said to have walked on while on his way up to be judged by Pontius Pilate before his crucifixion.

A man was arrested after police found a partially decapitated woman in a NY apartment. A motive is still unknown
New York police officers encountered a grisly scene inside an eighth-floor Brooklyn apartment Saturday, where they found a partially decapitated woman with severed fingers laying unresponsive in the living room.

Bengal tigers could vanish from one of their final strongholds
Feared and revered, it's one of the world's most iconic creatures: the majestic Bengal tiger.

Fire-hit hotel opens after $130M renovation
When a luxury hotel spends $130 million on a refurbishment, it shouldn't need to close its doors for at least another decade or two.

After 600 years, Japan recognizes its indigenous people
Growing up in Japan, musician Oki Kano never knew he was part of a "vanishing people."

Tesla's new Autopilot is amazing -- but please keep your eyes on the road
Tesla's new Navigate on Autopilot technology can do amazing things but, even with all the car's cameras, sensors and computer brains, you'd better keep your eyes on the road because, seriously, there are crazy people out there.

25 of the most beautiful places around the world
The world's a spectacular place, full of hidden and overt beauty in every corner. But beauty's also subjective. It'd be impossible to get a unanimous decision on the most beautiful places around the world -- but we think this list is a good start to plan your travels.

A music scholar's take on Beyoncé's latest
On April 9, 1939 the African-American opera singer Marian Anderson made history when she performed outdoors on the National Mall in Washington.

Vans announces a Harry Potter collection
Vans announced a Harry Potter collaboration today that has fans ready to hand over all their money.

'Game of Thrones' Episode 2 recap: Let's all sit by the fire before we die
Did you like that episode? Did all the fireside chats and sweet moments of affection between your faves warm your heart and make you foolishly believe, even for a moment, that there may be true happiness awaiting them on the other side of this war?

Special PSG shirt pays tribute to Notre Dame
Paris Saint-Germain paid tribute to Notre Dame Cathedral as the club was crowned champion of Ligue 1 for the sixth time in seven seasons.

8 airplanes converted into restaurants
In-flight meals are definitely one of the most maligned aspects of air travel.

Famous 'God Bless America' rendition banned over singer's racist past
Professional sports teams are banning Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America" after racist lyrics surfaced from the singer's past.

Life of Britain's longest-reigning Monarch
Since 1952, there have been seven Popes, 13 US Presidents and 13 British Prime Ministers.

Jay-Z and Meek Mill launch prison reform organization
Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill have joined with sports and business leaders to try and reform the criminal justice system.

If you haven't heard of Lizzo yet, you will soon
If you're not familiar with Lizzo yet, you'll be hearing a lot more about her soon.

New diamond unveiled to compete with world's largest
The newly unveiled Okavango blue diamond is 20-carats and has a higher clarity than the Hope Diamond, the largest blue diamond in the world.

Tense eight-rider jump-off on Miami Beach
Belgian Pieter Devos returned to the winner's circle in the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) -- for the world's top show jumpers -- for the first time since 2014 with a narrow victory in Miami Beach.

Sri Lanka received several warnings of imminent attack, including one so specific it included list of suspects
When a series of suicide bombs tore apart churches and hotels across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, most of the country -- and the rest of the world -- was taken completely by surprise. But in the capital, Colombo, it was not a shock to everyone.

Sri Lanka suspects bombings were linked to terror network

Full report: 'A brand-new type of terrorism' in Sri Lanka
Eight coordinated explosions that tore through churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday have killed at least 290 people and injured another 500, in what officials have called a "brand new type of terrorism."

Loss of loved ones: Danish retail billionaire lost 3 kids in attacks
Danish retail billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen lost three children in the attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday, according to a spokesperson for his company.

Storm after the calm: Latest chapter in a history of violence
When the luxury Shangri-La hotel opened in Colombo in late 2017, it pointed to the relative calm that had emerged in the aftermath of Sri Lanka's decadeslong civil war.

Aid worker killed by gunmen at holiday resort
A British aid worker has been shot dead in Nigeria after gunmen stormed a holiday resort on Friday, killing two people and kidnapping three others.

Couple may face death over 'sea home'

The most effective ways to curb climate change might surprise you

Julian Zelizer: Democrats shouldn't be afraid of impeachment
Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the first 2020 Democratic candidate to call for impeachment proceedings to begin against President Donald Trump. In a tweet on Friday, she said, "To ignore a President's repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country, and it would suggest that both the current and future Presidents would be free to abuse their power in similar ways."

Al Jazeera

Sri Lanka bombings: All the latest updates
Death toll soars to 290 as South Asian nation reels from attacks that targeted churches and hotels across the country.

'Just their shoes': Sri Lanka struggles to identify the dead
Hospital staff, families face up to trauma of distinguishing disfigured bodies in wake of deadly Easter Sunday blasts.

Qatar opens Gaza artificial limb and rehab centre
Hamad Hospital, named after the former emir of Qatar, has 100 beds and helps people who lost their limbs in conflict.

Is Zelensky up to the president's job?
Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins landslide anti-establishment victory in Ukrainian election.

Palestinian teen says was shot while held by Israeli troops
Israel's military investigating incident as 16-year-old boy shot by soldiers after arrest in Palestinian village.

Veracruz anniversary: 500 years since Spanish conquest
The events have been overshadowed by a diplomatic spat between Mexico and Spain.

US: Trump sues to block subpoena for financial records
The subpoena seeks eight years of documents from Trump and several of his businesses.

Iran denounces 'illegal' US sanctions as oil waivers end
Iran says because US sanctions are 'principally illegal ... it does not attach any value' to the sanctions waivers.

What's next for Ukraine under comic-turned-president?
Zelensky's agenda is no joke and he must find a way fast to impress 'notoriously fickle' Ukrainians, analysts say.

Venezuela in crisis: All the latest updates
Venezuelans and the world await the next moves by two adversaries maneuvering for an edge in the power struggle.

US will not reissue waivers for Iran oil imports
In an effort to increase economic pressure on Iran, US announces it is ending waivers for countries importing Iran oil.

Hardline local group linked to deadly Sri Lanka attacks
Minister points the finger at a little-known Muslim organisation as security analysts suggest international ties.

Saudi arrests 13 linked to thwarted ISIL attack: State media
Security forces capture Saudi nationals allegedly connected with foiled assault on state security building.

Mali appoints new PM days after government resigns
Former Finance Minister Boubou Cisse appointed prime minister, tasked with forming a 'broad government'.

Pakistan and Iran to form rapid reaction force along border area
Border security topped the agenda for Imran Khan's visit to Tehran as he met President Rouhani and the supreme leader.

Algeria: 5 billionaires arrested as part of anti-corruption drive
Move follows army chief's pledge to launch anti-fraud crackdown as protesters continue to demand political overhaul.

The Sri Lanka attacks: New front, old wounds
The bombings will fuel inter-communal tensions in Sri Lanka, which still struggles with the legacy of its civil war.

Six things you need to know about Sri Lanka's bombings
Coordinated bombings rock churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing at least 290 people.

Venezuela in crisis: All previous updates
Here are all the developments on the Venezuela crisis from January 22 until February 13.

Sri Lanka announces nationwide emergency
Security forces have been conducting raids and making arrests.

Iran's supreme leader appoints new Revolutionary Guard chief
Appointment of General Hossein Salami as head of the elite IRGC comes weeks after it was dubbed a terrorist group by US.

A day after Sri Lanka bombings, Colombo resembles a ghost city
Climate of fear prevails over the island nation a day after the worst attacks in a decade kill 290 people.

Google searches for Notre Dame outnumbered Sri Lanka attacks 7:1
Search interest for Notre Dame was high across much of the world, particularly in the Western hemisphere.

Native American tribes fight plans to reduce wilderness in Utah
Protection given to Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante monuments were drastically reduced by President Trump.

Iran's flood repairs to cost $2.5bn
Officials want to get the newly homeless out of tents and into temporary homes.

MercoPress - South American Agency

Argentina’s president attempts to improve his fading chances of re-election (*)

Although Mr. Macri has been a pro-business president, his government largely blames business for these woes Mauricio Macri's original plan was to address Argentina’s citizens on television on the final working day before the Easter break. But he opted for a folksier way of presenting an economic package that he hopes will rescue his chances of being re-elected president in October. He appeared in a taped video, knocking on the door of a house belonging to a young working-class couple, then sitting down with them to explain his plan.

Russian billionaire announces first private icebreaker: Antarctica cruise in 2022

SeaExplorer 77 is an expedition yacht, which can break ice up to 40 centimeters thick and maintain autonomy at sea for up to 40 days One of the top 50 richest Russians, banker Oleg Tinkov, wants to present what he calls a first private icebreaker to the public next year, before the €100 million vessel sets sail to the Antarctic among other destinations.

Governments' hatred endangers press freedom: the Americas the worst, Reporters without borders

The watchdog in its 2019 Press Freedom Index said the situation for free media could be considered satisfactory only in 24% of the 180 nations it surveyed. The global press freedom is regressing with more and more countries putting journalists at risk and authoritarian regimes tightening their grip on the media, according to a report released by media advocacy group Reporters Without Borders.

Mrs. May will be asked to step down from office by the end of June, says leading Tory member

Mr Brady, will tell her that 70% of her members of Parliament want her to resign over her handling of Brexit, the Sunday Times said A top member of Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party will tell her in the coming week that she must step down by the end of June or her lawmakers will try again to depose her, the Sunday Times reported, without citing sources.

Easter carnage in Sri Lanka: bomb attacks kill 207 and injure at least 450

​​​​​​​The attacks weretargeted at high-end hotels in Colombo and churches where worshippers were attending Easter services The Sri Lankan government has imposed a nationwide curfew after a string of bomb blasts at churches and hotels on Sunday that left 207 dead, including 35 foreigners, and at least 450 injured people have been admitted to hospital, police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera told reporters in Colombo.

What is Earth Day, and what is it meant to accomplish?

Earth Day is now a global event each year, and more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world On April 22, 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development.

Earth Day 2019: Protect our Species

We must work together to protect endangered and threatened species: bees, coral, elephants, fgiraffes, insects, whales and more. “In nature, nothing exists alone.” — Rachel Carson, 1962

Nature’s gifts to our planet are the millions of species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. Unfortunately, human beings have irrevocably upset the balance of nature and, as a result, the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction since we lost the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago. But unlike the fate of the dinosaurs, the rapid extinction of species in our world today is the result of human activity.

Notre Dame miracle: bees and hives on top of the sacristy survived the fire

Nicholas Géant, the cathedral's beekeeper, has confirmed that the bees are alive and buzzing. He has looked after the cathedral's three beehives since 2013 Notre-Dame's smallest residents have survived the devastating fire which destroyed most of the cathedral's roof and toppled its famous spire. Some 200,000 bees living in hives on the roof were initially thought to have perished in the blaze.

China preparing for a huge muscle showing naval parade: 13 countries are joining

On Tuesday, China will mark 70 years since the founding of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Warships from India, Australia and several other nations arrived in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao on Sunday to attend a naval parade, part of a goodwill visit as China extends the hand of friendship despite regional tensions and suspicions.

UN message on International Mother Earth Day

Climate change is one of the largest threats to sustainable development globally and is just one of many imbalances caused by the unsustainable actions of humankind Mother Earth is a common expression for the planet earth in a number of countries and regions, which reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit.

EU Newsroom

Plenary highlights: road safety, whistle-blowers, consumer protection
During the last plenary session before May’s elections, MEPs approved new measures requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles and EU-wide standards to protect whistle-blowers. 

‘InvestEU’ programme: big boost for jobs, growth and investment
MEPs have approved a provisional and partial deal with EU ministers on a new EU programme to support investment and access to finance during 2021-2027.

European Parliament strengthens EU consumer protection rules
Updates to EU consumer protection rules to improve ranking transparency in online marketplaces and to tackle dual quality of products were approved by MEPs.

EU, Latin America and the Caribbean: Partnering for prosperity, democracy, resilience and global governance
The European Union is strengthening its political partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean by focusing it on four priorities - prosperity, democracy, resilience and effective global governance - for common future.

March 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.4% in the euro area - Stable at 1.6% in the EU

Commission launches debate on more efficient decision-making in EU social policy
With this Communication, the Commission is launching a debate on an enhanced use of qualified majority voting in social policy, rendering decision-making more timely, flexible and efficient where an EU competence already exists.

Protecting whistle-blowers: new EU-wide rules approved
Those disclosing information acquired in a work-related context, on illegal or harmful activities, will be better protected, under new EU rules. 

Parliament approves EU rules requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles
Safety features such as intelligent speed assistance and advanced emergency-braking system will have to be installed in new vehicles as from May 2022.

MEPs approve boost to workers’ rights in the gig economy

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The AgriFish Council had an exchange of views on the post 2020 CAP reform and discussed the recommendations of the Task Force Rural Africa.

Better Regulation principles: at the heart of the EU's decision-making process
The European Commission is taking stock of the measures introduced under the Juncker Commission to deliver better results for EU citizens and businesses through more open, transparent and evidence-based policy-making. 

Trade with the United States: Council authorises negotiations on elimination of tariffs for industrial goods and on conformity assessment

EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey: third annual report shows continued vital and tangible support for refugees and their host communities
The third annual report on the implementation of the Facility shows solid results on EU support to refugees and host communities in Turkey, including: monthly transfer to 1.5 million refugees for their basic needs, 5 million primary health care consultations, access to school for 470,000 children.

EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 31 October
At the special summit on 10 April EU leaders agreed an extension of Article 50 until the end of October 2019. If the withdrawal agreement is ratified by both sides earlier, the UK will leave on the first day of the following month, leaders said. The decision was taken in agreement with the UK.

EU-funded scientists unveil first ever image of a black hole
The Commission is today revealing the first ever image of a black hole taken by Event Horizon Telescope, a global scientific collaboration involving EU-funded scientists. This major discovery provides visual evidence for the existence of black holes and pushes the boundaries of modern science. 

‘No-deal' Brexit preparedness: European Commission takes stock of preparations and provides practical guidance to ensure coordinated EU approach
Ahead of the European Council (Article 50) today, the European Commission has taken stock of the European Union's intense ‘no-deal' preparations and has issued practical guidance to Member States in 5 areas.

EU-China summit
The EU and China committed to further strengthen the EU-China strategic partnership at the 21st EU-China summit. Both sides agreed on a joint statement setting out the direction for EU-China relations in the years to come. 

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council discussed the next multiannual financial framework and the Article 7 procedures concerning Hungary and Poland. It also adopted conclusions on the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. 

The Energy Union: from vision to reality
The fourth report on the State of the Energy Union shows that the Commission has fully delivered on its vision of an Energy Union strategy guaranteeing accessible, affordable, secure, competitive and sustainable energy for all Europeans. 

Facebook changes its terms and clarify its use of data for consumers following discussions with the European Commission and consumer authorities

Artificial intelligence: Commission takes forward its work on ethics guidelines
The Commission presents next steps for building trust in artificial intelligence by taking forward the work of the High-Level Expert Group. 

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
Foreign ministers discussed current affairs on the international agenda, including the latest developments in Libya. The Council had an exchange of views on Afghanistan and on the Eastern Partnership. Foreign ministers also discussed the situation in Venezuela.

Commission helps Member States to better apply EU environment rules to protect citizens and enhance their quality of life
The Commission published the second Environmental Implementation Review (EIR), part of its initiative launched in 2016 to improve the implementation of European environmental policy and commonly agreed rules in all EU Member States. 

Main results of the Eurogroup meeting

Protecting European consumers: toys and cars on top of the list of dangerous products
The European Commission released its 2018 report on the Safety Gate for dangerous products, the former Rapid Alert System. The report shows that authorities exchanged 2,257 alerts on dangerous products.

Natural gas: Parliament extends EU rules to pipelines from non-EU countries
To provide legal clarity for operators and competitive gas supply for all Europeans, MEPs approved new gas market rules to bring incoming pipelines under EU law.

Road safety: Data show improvements in 2018 but further concrete and swift actions are needed
Fewer people died on European roads last year but more efforts are needed to make a big leap forward, according to new, preliminary figures on road fatalities for 2018 published by the European Commission.

Rule of Law: The Commission opens a debate to strengthen the rule of law in the EU
The European Commission is launching a reflection process on the rule of law in the European Union and setting out possible avenues for future action. The Communication presented takes stock of the available tools to monitor, assess, and protect the rule of law in the Union.

Commission adopts €4 billion investment package for infrastructure projects across 10 Member States
The investment package involves Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal and Romania. The projects cover a wide range of areas: health, transport, research, environment and energy. 

Plenary highlights: copyright, single-use plastic, consumer rights
Updated EU copyright rules and a ban on single-use plastics were approved during this week's plenary session. MEPs also voted in favour of boosting consumer rights. 

Report on EU trade defence – effective protection against unfair trade
The EU shields 320,000 direct jobs across Europe from unfair foreign competition through its trade defence measures, according to a report out today.

Parliament supports plans to improve quality of tap water and cut plastic litter

Parliament backs new CO2 emissions limits for cars and vans
Plans to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from cars and vans by 2030, already informally agreed with EU ministers, were approved by MEPs. 

Parliament seals ban on throwaway plastics by 2021
Parliament approved a new law banning single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds sticks.

European Commission recommends common EU approach to the security of 5G networks
The European Commission has recommended a set of operational steps and measures to ensure a high level of cybersecurity of 5G networks across the EU. 

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers ‘#NewRightsNow' initiative

European Parliament approves new copyright rules for the internet
Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to new copyright rules which also contain safeguards on freedom of expression.

Parliament makes EU electricity market cleaner and more consumer-friendly

Parliament backs proposal to end switch between summer and winter time in 2021
MEPs voted to end the practice of adjusting clocks by an hour in spring and autumn from 2021. EU countries that decide to keep their summer time should make their final clock change on the last Sunday in March 2021.

Brexit preparedness: EU completes preparations for possible “no-deal” scenario on 12 April
As it is increasingly likely that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal on 12 April, the European Commission has today completed its “no-deal” preparations.

Car rentals: EU action leads to clearer and more transparent pricing
Following a call from the European Commission and EU consumer authorities, five industry leaders, Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, Hertz and Sixt, have changed the way they present car rental prices, making them fully transparent to consumers.

Main results of the European Council
The European Council adopted conclusions on jobs, growth and competitiveness, climate change, external relations, as well as securing free and fair elections and fighting disinformation. 

EU27 offers Brexit extension until 22 May 2019
The extension until 22 May is conditional. It will be granted if the UK Parliament approves the withdrawal agreement next week. If it does not, EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 12 April, expecting the UK to "indicate a way forward before this date". 

EU budget for 2021-2027: Commission welcomes provisional agreement on Horizon Europe, the future EU research and innovation programme
The EU institutions have reached a partial political agreement, subject to formal approval by the European Parliament and Council, on Horizon Europe. 

Antitrust: Commission fines Google €1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising

Main results of the General Affairs Council
The Council discussed the next multiannual financial framework and prepared the European Council meeting. It also adopted a series of Brexit contingency measures and agreed its position on the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA III).

European Defence Fund on track with €525 million for Eurodrone and other joint research and industrial projects
The Commission has today adopted work programmes to co-finance joint defence industrial projects in 2019-2020 worth up to €500 million. A further €25 million have been earmarked to support collaborative defence research projects in 2019, with calls for proposals launched today.

Antitrust: Commission launches new online tool for cartel leniency and settlements and non-cartel cooperation

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
As the meeting was taking place on the 5th anniversary of the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, the High Representative and foreign ministers marked the event by reiterating publicly key elements of the EU position.

Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council
The Council had a public exchange of views on the whole CAP reform package on the basis of a presidency's state of play report, and suggested changes to the text of all three regulations: the CAP strategic plans, the horizontal and Common Market Organisation regulations. Ministers also had a discussion on the updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy.

€2 billion to fast forward the creation of the European Innovation Council
Ahead of the 21-22 March European Council discussion on innovation, industry and competitiveness, the Commission takes decisive steps to set up a European Innovation Council (EIC).

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council
Ministers held a policy debate on the European Semester 2019 and adopted conclusions on the 2019 Annual Growth Survey and Joint Employment Report. The Council also reached a partial general approach on a proposal for a Regulation on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF).

European Commission calls on national political parties to join efforts to ensure free and fair elections in Europe

Plenary highlights: Brexit, countering propaganda, cyber security
This week’s plenary session saw MEPs approve contingency measures in case of a no-deal Brexit, back new rules to improve accessibility and pass a new cyber security act. 

Capital Markets Union: Commission reports on progress achieved ahead of European Council
The Commission takes stock of the progress achieved in building a Single Market for capital, including as regards sustainable finance, and calls on EU leaders to keep up the political engagement to lay down the foundation of the Capital Markets Union. 

MEPs vote to limit negative impact of no-deal Brexit on citizens
To ensure the least possible disruption, MEPs voted on travel, transport, Erasmus, social security and fisheries measures.

EU prepares itself to fight back against hostile propaganda
MEPs warn that Russia’s disinformation campaigns are the main source of disinformation in Europe, along with China, Iran and North Korea.

Road Safety: new rules clear way for clean, connected and automated mobility on EU roads
The European Commission has today adopted new rules stepping up the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) on Europe's roads.

Commission reviews relations with China, proposes 10 actions
Against the backdrop of China's growing economic power and political influence, the European Commission and the High Representative review European Union-China relations and the related opportunities and challenges. 

Main results of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
The Council adopted new conclusions on the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. Ministers also discussed excise duty regime, the digital services tax, InvestEU and the European Semester. 

MEPs adopt Cybersecurity Act and want EU to counter IT threat from China
MEPs adopt the EU Cybersecurity certification scheme for products, processes and services, whilst also expressing their deep concern about Chinese IT in the EU.

From farms to supermarkets: MEPs approve new EU rules against unfair trading
New rules, approved by 589 votes in favour to 72 against, with nine abstentions, blacklist practices, such as late payments for delivered products, late unilateral cancellations or retroactive order changes, refusal by the buyer to sign a written contract with a supplier and the misuse of confidential information.

Russia can no longer be considered a ‘strategic partner’, say MEPs

Pharmaceuticals in the environment: Commission defines actions to address risks and challenges
The "Strategic Approach to Pharmaceuticals in the Environment" that the Commission presents today, identifies six action areas concerning all stages of the pharmaceutical life cycle, where improvements can be made.

Main results of the Justice and Home Affairs Council
On 7 March, the Council reviewed where the EU stands in its cooperation with North African countries, discussed the way forward on the EU's response to terrorism, and adopted a decision to amend the EU civil protection mechanism. On 8 March, it agreed its position on the directive on the appointment of legal representatives for the purpose of gathering of evidence in criminal proceedings.

Capital Markets Union: Making it easier for insurers to invest in the real economy
The European Commission adopted today new rules to help insurers to invest in equity and private debt and to provide long-term capital financing.

EU Budget: Commission welcomes provisional agreement for funding high-performance infrastructure to better connect Europeans

International Women's Day 2019: more equality, but change is too slow
On the occasion of this year's International Women's Day, the Commission has published its 2019 report on equality between women and men in the EU. The good news is that Europe is making progress; however, we must speed up change.

Commission takes further action to ensure professionals can fully benefit from the Single Market
Today, the Commission has taken further steps in infringement procedures against 26 Member States to ensure the full implementation of EU rules on the recognition of professional qualifications.

Africa-Europe Alliance: European Commission committed to a sustainable African agri-food sector

Antitrust: Commission accepts commitments by Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sky on cross-border pay-TV services

The European Agenda on Migration: EU needs to sustain progress made over the past 4 years
Ahead of the March European Council, the Commission is today taking stock of progress made over the past 4 years and setting out the measures still required to address immediate and future migration challenges.

Main results of the Environment Council
The Environment Council discussed the long-term climate strategy, endocrine disruptors and adopted a general approach on the drinking water directive. Ministers exchanged views on greening the European Semester.

Foreign Investment Screening: new European framework to enter into force in April 2019

Misappropriation of Ukrainian state funds: Council prolongs EU sanctions for one year

EU - Morocco: Council adopts sustainable fisheries partnership agreement

Main results of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Energy)
The Council adopted a general approach on the revision of the regulation on tyres labelling. The revision updates the energy and safety performance labels for tyres and extends the scope of the labelling system to tyres for heavy duty vehicles.

Closing the loop: Commission delivers on Circular economy action plan
The European Commission today published a comprehensive report on the implementation of the Circular economy action plan it adopted in December 2015. The report presents the main results of implementing the action plan and sketches out open challenges to paving the way towards a climate-neutral, competitive circular economy where pressure on natural and freshwater resources as well as ecosystems is minimised.

EU and Qatar reach aviation agreement

EU and Overseas Countries and Territories boost cooperation at annual Forum with €44 million

January 2019 - Euro area unemployment at 7.8% - EU28 at 6.5%

Rare Disease Day: a new EU platform to support better diagnosis and treatment
Today, marking Rare Disease Day, the European Commission is launching a new online knowledge-sharing platform to support better diagnosis and treatment for more than 30 million Europeans living with a rare disease.

Statement on the Code of Practice against disinformation: Commission asks online platforms to provide more details on progress made

European Semester winter package: assessing Member States' progress on economic and social priorities
In its annual assessment of the economic and social situation in the Member States, the European Commission today stresses the need to promote investment, pursue responsible fiscal policies and implement well-designed reforms.

European Citizens' Initiative: Commission registers ‘Europe CARES - Inclusive Quality Education for Children with Disabilities' initiative

Towards a climate-neutral Europe: EU invests over €10bn in innovative clean technologies
EU innovative climate action, as announced today, has a range of benefits for the health and prosperity of Europeans with an immediate, tangible impact on people's lives – from the creation of local green jobs and growth, to energy-efficient homes with a reduced energy bill, cleaner air, more efficient public transport systems in cities, and secure supplies of energy and other resources.

Spotlight Initiative – EU and UN fight against domestic violence in the Pacific region
The European Union and the United Nations are announcing today a €50 million investment to tackle domestic violence in the Pacific region, as part of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative.

New ACP-EU Partnership: EU and Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific Leaders intensify the regional talks in Samoa

Humanitarian aid: EU announces over €161.5 million for Yemen crisis

New state aid rules: Commission increases national support to farmers up to €25,000
The ceiling for national support to farmers will rise significantly, allowing greater flexibility and efficiency, notably in times of crisis and situations demanding a swift response by the public authorities.

Online shopping: Commission and consumer protection authorities call for clear information on prices and discounts

January 2019 - Annual inflation down to 1.4% in the euro area - Down to 1.5% in the EU

EU budget for 2021-2027: Commission welcomes Member States' position on InvestEU

Infringements: Commission adapts its calculation methodology for financial sanctions
Today, the Commission set out how it will adapt its calculation method when proposing financial sanctions to the Court of Justice of the EU in infringement proceedings. Enforcement of EU law by the Commission will continue to be vigorous, balanced and fair to all Member States

EU visa policy: Commission welcomes agreement to strengthen EU visa rules
Today Member States endorsed the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission's proposal to modernise the EU's common visa policy, adapting the rules to evolving security concerns, challenges linked to migration and new opportunities offered by technological developments.

EU budget for 2021-2027: Commission welcomes provisional agreement on the future European Defence Fund

Main results of the General Affairs Council

Main results of the Competitiveness Council

Cohesion Policy after 2020: preparing the future of EU investments in health

Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council
The Council had a comprehensive discussion on Ukraine, covering the reform process as well as the security and humanitarian situation, in particular in eastern Ukraine and the Sea of Azov. The Council also discussed, among others, the situation in Syria, Venezuela, and the Horn of Africa.


‘Do everything in your power to tackle climate change’ UN chief urges on Mother Earth Day
Marking International Mother Earth Day, the UN on Monday debated how best to build “an equitable and sustainable future” for all, through enhanced education and climate action, on the road to a key international summit on the issue due to take place in September.

Traditional knowledge at ‘core’ of indigenous heritage, and ‘must be protected’, says UN Forum
Traditional knowledge is at the core of indigenous identity, culture and heritage around the world, the chair of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues said at the annual event’s opening day on Monday, stressing that it “must be protected”.

UN, world leaders, condemn Sri Lanka terrorist attacks targeting churches, hotels, which leave more than 200 dead
More than 200 have been killed and hundreds injured by a series of explosions inside churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, as Christians gathered for services to celebrate Easter. In a statement, UN chief António Guterres said he was "outraged by the terror attacks" and called for the perpetrators to be "swiftly brought to justice".

Killing of Egyptian peacekeeper in Mali ‘may constitute war crimes’ Guterres warns, urging ‘swift action’
An improvised roadside mine which exploded hitting a UN peacekeeping convoy in Mali, killing one ‘blue helmet’ from Egypt, and wounding four others, may constitute a war crime, the UN Chief said on Saturday, as senior UN officials condemned the blast. 

5 world-changing ideas: our top picks for World Creativity and Innovation Day
A low-cost, tiny home that provides everything you need. A boat made of recycled plastic and flip-flops. Vaccine-delivery drones… As the planet marks World Creativity and Innovation Day on Sunday, we’ve selected our favorite ideas to light up the way to a better future for all, across several sectors.

UN condemns attack on Ebola treatment centre in DR Congo which left doctor dead, two others injured
The UN has condemned an attack on an Ebola treatment centre in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Friday, which led to the death of a doctor working for the World Health Organization (WHO), and injured two others. 

More than 3,400 classrooms damaged or destroyed by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, says UN Children’s Fund
More than 305,000 children in Mozambique are losing out on lessons at school since the devastating floods caused by Cyclone Idai, which struck southeast Africa just over a month ago. 

As fighting in Libya escalates, so does number of children ‘at imminent risk of injury or death’
In and around Tripoli, an increasing number of children are “at imminent risk of injury or death” two senior United Nations officials warned on Thursday, citing a surge of aggression in crisis-torn Libya.

Thursday’s Daily Brief: impact of bad working conditions, Syria and Libya humanitarian news, human rights in Bahrain, families reunified in South Sudan
Thursday’s top news includes: A new report on the dangerous impact of stressful working conditions; the need to decongest Al Hol camp in Syria; a US$2 million allocation from the UN’s emergency fund to ramp up the humanitarian response in Libya; human rights concerns over a mass terrorism trial in Bahrain; and 6,000 children reunited with their parents and caregivers in South Sudan.

‘Foreign children’ in overwhelmed Syrian camp need urgent international help, says top UN official
Help is needed urgently from the international community to help some 2,500 apparently stateless “foreign children” at a camp for the displaced, in north-east Syria, a top UN official said on Thursday.

‘Vaccines are safe’ and save lives, UNICEF declares, launching new #VaccinesWork campaign
Amid a surge in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced on Thursday a new social media campaign, emphasizing that “vaccines are safe, and they save lives”.

Service and Sacrifice: Ugandan 'Blue Helmets' support UN efforts to bring peace to Somalia
A contingent of 530 Ugandan “Blue Helmets” (63 women, 467 men) is playing a crucial role in the United Nations’ efforts to help bring peace and stability to Somalia. They make up the United Nations Guard Unit (UNGU, that is tasked with protecting UN compounds in Mogadishu in order to assist the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) to carry out their mandate. 

Stress, overtime, disease, contribute to 2.8 million workers’ deaths per year, reports UN labour agency
Stress, excessively-long working hours and disease, contribute to the deaths of nearly 2.8 million workers every year, while an additional 374 million people get injured or fall ill because of their jobs, the UN labour agency, ILO, said on Thursday.

Wednesday’s Daily Brief: Sudan, Libya, Yemen updates, solutions for e-waste, flood response in Iran, online security for children
At the top of the news agenda on Wednesday: updates on violence in Sudan’s Darfur and in Libya, how e-waste can become an employment opportunity, help for the 2 million affected by floods in Iran, and efforts to make the internet safer for children.

Libya: Heavy shelling and civilian deaths ‘blatant violation’ of international law - UN envoy 
Heavy shelling overnight on Tuesday which hit a densely-populated neighbourhood of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, was condemned “in the strongest terms” by the head of the UN Mission there, after “scores” of civilians were reportedly killed and injured.

Violence on the rise in Darfur following Sudan military takeover, but UN-AU peacekeeping mission maintains ‘robust posture’
Security across the volatile Darfur region of Sudan has deteriorated since last week’s military takeover in Khartoum, the UN Security Council heard on Wednesday, but the peacekeeping mission in Darfur has “remained vigilant” in the face of rising violence. 

Progress against torture in Afghan detention centres, but Government needs to do more, says UN report
Torture is likely still widespread in Afghanistan’s State-run prisons for detainees linked to ongoing conflict there, the UN said on Wednesday, while also noting an “encouraging reduction” in the level of abuse since 2016. 

Turn toxic e-waste into a source of ‘decent work’, UN labour agency urges 
A “toxic flood of electric and electronic waste” that is growing by the day across the world, should be urgently converted into a source of decent work, that can also protect populations from its harmful effects, the United Nations labour agency said on Wednesday. 

Tuesday’s Daily Brief: UNESCO ready to help after Notre Dame fire, and updates on Libya, Nicaragua, and the Cyclone Idai response
On Tuesday, top stories include: UNESCO ready to assist in rebuilding Notre Dame in the wake of a devastating fire; Nicaraguan refugees reach 60,000, a year after the crisis started; concern in Libya regarding medical access as hostilities continue; and one million reached with food assistance in Mozambique.  

UN Security Council condemns Taliban offensive as a blow against ‘sustainable peace’
The United Nations Security Council has condemned the announcement by Taliban militants in Afghanistan of its spring offensive, saying it will result in more “unnecessary suffering and destruction for the Afghan people”.

UNESCO experts ready to assist reconstruction of iconic Notre Dame, following devastating blaze
Two-thirds of the largely medieval roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris have “gone” after the devastating fire in Paris on Monday evening, but UN cultural experts are standing by to offer help where it is needed in rebuilding the iconic structure.

Nicaragua crisis: One year in, more than 60,000 have fled, seeking refuge
Doctors, journalists, students and farmers are among more than 60,000 Nicaraguans who have fled the country in fear of their lives since anti-Government demonstrations began last April, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, said on Tuesday.

‘A global measles crisis’ is well underway, UN agency chiefs warn
Noting a 300 per cent surge in the number of measles cases during the first three months of this year, compared to the same period last year, two UN agency heads declared on Monday that we now stand “in the middle of a global measles crisis”.

Monday’s Daily Brief: ‘Horror’ at Notre Dame fire disaster, Yemen still bleeding, measles now ‘global crisis’
Top news on Monday includes: UN chief expresses his horror over the huge blaze in Notre Dame; a deal over Hudaydah troop withdrawal beckons, but war intensifies; “global measles crisis” underway.

‘Critical moment’ for sustainable development, UN chief tells major financing forum
“Uneven growth, rising debt levels, possible upticks in financial volatility, and heightened global trade tensions” are hampering progress on reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN chief António Guterres told the Forum on Financing for Development on Monday, during what he called “a critical moment” to “accelerate action for sustainable development”. 

Plan for troop pullback ‘now accepted’ by rival forces around key Yemen port, but fighting intensifying elsewhere, Security Council warned
A plan to withdraw forces from front lines in and around the key Yemeni port of Hudaydah has been accepted by pro-Government forces and Houthi rebels, the UN Special Envoy to the country told the Security Council on Monday, warning however that war shows “no sign of abating” elsewhere.

Greater transparency, fairer prices for medicines ‘a global human rights issue’, says UN health agency 
While developing countries have long struggled with the price of medicines, today’s costs have rendered it a world-wide challenge, and the key topic of concern at a global medicines forum in South Africa, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cholera surges, children in urgent need one month after Idai slammed southern Africa: UNICEF
One month after Cyclone Idai devastated parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) appealed to the international community to  help some 1.6 million children still reeling from its impact.  

Impact of high debt levels on least developed countries ‘cannot be overstated’, says UN 
The impact of high levels of debt on development efforts “cannot be overstated”, the head of the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) told a Ministerial Breakfast Meeting on least developed countries (LDCs) on Saturday.

Ebola not an international ‘health emergency’ but risks spreading across DR Congo border, warns UN health agency
The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) “does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern”, according to a statement issued on Friday by the World Health Organization (WHO).