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Justice Minister Kolíková: I see no reason to step down
OĽaNO claims that the minister has failed to clear up all the allegations raised by the opposition.

Age limit for Pfizer and Moderna jabs down to 45 years
Vaccination appointments further allocated strictly according to age and diagnosis.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 373 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of cases has exceeded 385,395.

Liptov will restore tradition of mountain sheep farming
The new project wants to introduce the region to visitors.

Tax collection will not drop much. Labour market and economic growth help
Pandemic may further reduce the falling VAT.

News digest: Slovakia to switch to light red tier on Monday, anti-Covid measures keep relaxing
Shops will be closed on Saturday, May 8 due to national holiday marking the end of WWII.

SOR e-buses will run on Slovak batteries
InoBat to develop and produce batteries to power electric bus fleet across Europe.

47-year old woman suffering from blood-clotting disorder dies post vaccination
Slovakia registers three deaths post vaccination against Covid-19.

Activists want more 30 km/h zones in Bratislava
Vehicles do not keep to the speed limit. Activists registered a car driving at a speed of 92 km/h in the city centre.

Nameless Bratislava Old Town places to receive names
John Selecky on an amazing search for his roots in Slovakia; lost tribute to Stalin taking on a modern twist.

Special shopping hours end, some isolation rules change
The country switches to the light red tier on national level from next Monday.

News digest: Pfizer and Moderna jabs now available to a younger age group in Slovakia
Former health minister Krajčí commented on the Sputnik V contract. Carmakers still affected by the lack of components.

Matovič introduces tax reform
It will be based on three pillars: fair taxes, a single tax and single levy and benefits of €200 per child.

Registration form for Covid vaccine has new features
You can now also register for a vaccination if you are accompanying a person aged 70 or over.

Zoom University: The pandemic stripped studying abroad of many of its lures and benefits
Slovak students share their experiences of studying at universities abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Slovakia sent its 600-page plan to Brussels on becoming a better country
Only the next government will harvest the fruits of the planned reforms.

Near rock bottom, artisans in Slovakia pray for a better season
The pandemic has forced some to find new jobs, leaving their trades behind.

Real estate prices continued to climb at the beginning of the year, especially in Bratislava
Residential real-estate market seems to be Covid-proof. No signs increase in prices should end soon.

Intelligence agency has a new director
President Zuzana Čaputová appoints Michal Aláč to lead the SIS.

Number of deaths is still higher than in the past, but situation has slightly improved
Improved situation compared to previous months.

A pilgrimage destination for many Jews from around the world
Chatam Sófer Memorial is the sole remaining part of the Jewish cemetery used until 1847.

News digest: Curfew will stay in place for at least another week
The Health Ministry said the age limit for the Pfizer vaccine could change. EC greenlights the state assistance for tourism.

Šeliga leaves the deputy parliament’s speaker post after violating curfew rules
The politician was in a café after 21:00. His party colleague Jana Žitňanská drew consequences, too.

Situation improves, but curfew remains in place for now
Only two districts will remain in the dark red tier next week.

Visitors to opal mines can explore a renovated trail
Includes a replica of a water dam and a replica of a contemporary transportable backhouse used in the mines.

Slovakia will have a permanent kurzarbeit scheme as of next year
The state will cover 60 percent of the employee’s salary.

About 150,000 foreigners live in Slovakia
The pandemic also affects foreigners and the services provided by the IOM migration centre.

Will Slovakia hold another referendum? President has 30 days to decide
Petition to hold referendum signed by more than 585,000 people.

Auditors can help companies overcome current crisis
Less companies subject to compulsory auditing of financial statements.

Dobrú chuť. Are you going to eat that?
Do foreigners feel at home in Slovakia's food landscape? Listen to this podcast to find out.

News digest: Vaccination now available two weeks after surviving Covid
Heger cabinet gains parliament's approval. Ministry plans to involve general practitioners in Covid vaccination programme. President bestows award on members of armed forces.

Fitch: Slovakia to be the fastest growing economy in the region
The rating of the country remained unchanged from November 2020.

Former general prosecutor faces indictment linked to Gorilla recording
The prosecutor pressed formal charges against Trnka for the abuse of powers of a public official.

Heger’s cabinet has the trust of the parliament. MPs approved its programme statement
It was supported by 89 deputies present.

The assisted census has kicked off
It will last until June 13.

General practitioners will be able to vaccinate their patients against Covid. Some will start in May
The Health Ministry is addressing fears that the vaccination rate will be lower than needed to stop the virus from spreading.

A pool turned into a cultural centre
Kunsthalle was once one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in Czechoslovakia.

News digest: Interest in Covid jabs low, vaccination rate may be just over one third
Slovakia expects to receive nearly 1.5 million doses this month. Comenius University among 3 percent of the top universities across the globe.

Barely half of Slovakia's population will get the Covid jab by the end of August, registration rate suggests
Few people have registered for the vaccines, poll shows some have strong preferences concerning manufacturers.

The court acquits the first Roma person in the Moldava raid case
Similar verdicts concerning most of the group facing false accusations charges expected soon.

What is the point of the current vaccination registration system?
Know-how acquired by people working with excluded Roma communities could help to get the rest of the country immunised quicker.

Slovakia welcomes a new, unusual bird into its animal registry
Birdwatchers in Bratislava have confirmed a new bird breed originally from Spain and Portugal flying around.

Slovak football player helps Italian team win championship
Milan Škriniar significantly contributed to Inter Milan's title.

Mass testing was an expensive undertaking, Slovakia spent hundreds of millions on it
The money could have built 12 hospitals.

Ministry cancels vaccination appointments for teenagers prioritised over seniors
The Health Ministry made a decision shortly after Igor Matovič published a critical Facebook status.

Revenue and construction sector still suffer from pandemic
Industrial output returned to growth and foreign trade broke another record.

Districts in red and light red tier lift more measures after May 3
Find out which rules apply when crossing borders, wearing masks and respirators, and going to schools.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Il ministro Korčok incontra Di Maio a Roma: “Vogliamo legami italo-slovacchi più forti nell’interesse di un’UE forte”
Il ministro degli Affari Esteri ed Europei della Repubblica Slovacca Ivan Korčok si è recato ieri a Roma, dove ha incontrato, nel suo primo [ ... ]

C’è il terzo morto a causa di un vaccino in Slovacchia, il primo con AstraZeneca
L’istituto slovacco per il controllo dei farmaci (ŠÚKL) ha informato che il 6 maggio una donna di 47 anni è morta di trombosi dopo [ ... ]

Coronavirus, da lunedì 10 maggio solo due distretti rosso scuro
La Slovacchia nel suo insieme a partire dal 10 maggio scenderà al primo grado di allerta Covid, in colore rosa, secondo l’automa COVID-19 valutato [ ... ]

PAS: forte peggioramento del contesto imprenditoriale nel 2020
Le previsioni negative degli imprenditori sulla qualità del contesto imprenditoriale in Slovacchia sono peggiorate nella seconda metà del 2020, in gran parte a causa [ ... ]

Nominato dalla presidente il nuovo capo dell’intelligence
Dopo due mesi abbondanti di sede vacante, ieri il capo dello Stato ha nominato il nuovo capo del Servizio di informazione slovacco (SIS). Si [ ... ]

Italiani all’estero, CGIE: serve una svolta, il governo ci ascolti
Roma – Il governo indichi quali iniziative intende prendere per portare avanti politiche efficaci per gli italiani nel mondo. Lo chiede il Consiglio generale [ ... ]

L’ultimo impero multietnico
La fine della Grande Guerra decretò la fine di un’epoca. Profondamente ottocentesco nell’architettura, scollegato dalle esigenze d’indipendenza di molti degli Stati compresi nel recinto [ ... ]

Stato dell’Unione, Ursula vdL: la storia d’Europa è una storia di Rinascimenti
«È un onore per me aprire questa 10ª edizione della conferenza sullo Stato dell’Unione. Ogni anno, alla vigilia della Festa dell’Europa, Firenze diventa il centro [ ... ]

Automotive, dopo Volkswagen anche Stellantis chiude per mancanza di microchip
La grave crisi di carenza di microchip per il settore automobilistico a livello internazionale ha provocato fermi di produzione anche in Slovacchia. La scorsa settimana [ ... ]

Veloce aumento dei prezzi degli immobili in Slovacchia. Bratislava terza città più cara d’Europa
I prezzi degli immobili residenziali costavano in media 1.930 euro al metro quadrato nel primo trimestre di quest’anno, vale a dire il 15,5% in [ ... ]

Mortalità in Slovacchia a marzo 2021 superiore alla media del 48%
La Slovacchia ha registrato un numero di decessi significativamente più alto nel marzo 2021 rispetto agli anni precedenti, per un totale di 7.232 persone [ ... ]

Vendite al dettaglio, Eurostat: in Slovacchia +5,4% in confronto a febbraio
Le vendite al dettaglio nell’Eurozona a marzo a valori destagionalizzati sono aumentate del 2,7% rispetto al mese precedente e del 2,6% in tutta l’Unione [ ... ]

I viaggi sospesi, e i non-viaggi degli altri
Sul senso profondo del viaggiare scrive Marco Aime, antropologo: «Forse questa pausa forzata può servire a ripensare i nostri viaggi e a pensare ai [ ... ]

Non chiedere cosa può fare l’Europa per te: dicci cosa puoi fare tu per lei
Di Roger Casale, New Europeans – Il 5 maggio il Consiglio d’Europa, l’organizzazione più antica e rappresentativa dell’integrazione europea con 47 stati membri, celebra [ ... ]

Deficit pubblico verso il 10%, Matovič nega ai ristoratori la riduzione dell’IVA
Il ministero delle Finanze si prepara a cambiare drasticamente al rialzo il piano del deficit di finanza pubblica al fine di creare una riserva [ ... ]

Aiuti statali al settore turismo e ristorazione, c’è l’ok da Bruxelles
La Commissione europea ha approvato una proposta del ministero dei Trasporti slovacco per aiutare le grandi aziende turistiche, e ha approvato il conseguente regime [ ... ]

Il vicepresidente del Parlamento Šeliga si dimette per aver violato il coprifuoco
Il settimanale Plus 7 dní li aveva incastrati, fotografandoli mentre violavano il coprifuoco. Oggi le prime conseguenze. Il vicepresidente del Parlamento Juraj Šeliga (Za [ ... ]

Le alte cariche dello Stato omaggiano Štefánik nel 102° della morte
Lunedì 3 maggio 2021, la presidente Zuzana Čaputová ha onorato la memoria di Milan Rastislav Štefánik insieme ad altre figure istituzionali in occasione del [ ... ]

Il test Covid non è più necessario per molte attività
Con gli ultimi ammorbidimenti delle misure in seguito al miglioramento della situazione epidemiologica in gran parte del paese, ormai nella maggior parte dei distretti [ ... ]

Da metà maggio in Italia si potrà viaggiare con il Green Pass nazionale
«La riunione di oggi rappresenta uno dei primi appuntamenti del G20, ed è appropriato e simbolico perché se c’è un Paese che è intrecciato [ ... ]