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Coalition finds a compromise. Non-vaccinated will not pay for tests for work, school or shops
Hundreds of people protested against the amendment that the parliament advanced to the second reading.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 43 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 392,300.

Virtual tours of Bratislava’s little-known places
A new video series takes people to places not many know of.

The pandemic has made it clear that we must stand together
International friends and partners of Slovakia celebrate Bratislava Pride.

News digest: Crowd blocks entrance to parliament ahead of vaccine-related vote
The youngest member of the Slovak Olympic team kicks off the games with a personal record. Extensive reconstruction of Bratislava's Michael's Tower launched.

BUSINESS FOCUS: Demand for free legal advice increased in pandemic, pro bono specialists say
The use of AI in law firms, the CSR activities of law firms, an interview with Special Prosecutor Daniel Lipšic and gender equality in law firms are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus.

Actors and singers join President Čaputová in announcing public transport stops
Bratislava's city transport company wants to boost the morale of passengers.

Protesters attempted to enter parliament, police intervened with tear gas (updated)
Protests are linked to the expected vote on new vaccination-based Covid measures.

Famous statue ready to reveal its treasures as reconstruction of Michael’s Tower in Bratislava gets underway
Inside of sculpture believed to contain historical and religious artefacts.

Slovakia will open a new institute, this time in Jerusalem
Culture, sports and travel stories rounded up in one place.

Pope's visit to Slovakia a miracle, says church analyst
Pope will meet people in four locations around Slovakia over his three-day visit in September.

News digest: Slovak Olympic team is the smallest in country's history, but medal hopes are high
Efforts to improve the independence of the Slovak justice system have continued in 2020. Pride will be online this year.

Bratislava Pride will take place online
It will be streamed on July 24 and accompanied by numerous music performances.

Slovak secondary school students win gold at international physics competition
The captain of the Slovak team won an award for the most successful tournament competitor.

Another wave of pandemic politics is upon us
Slovakia has not yet tried the most effective way to incentivise vaccinations.

Slovakia has made improvements in rule of law, but shortcomings remain
The 2021 Rule of Law Report on Slovakia highlights certain changes in the judiciary and the fight against corruption.

Thousands of small jellyfish spotted in a reservoir in central Slovakia
Holidaymakers do not have to be afraid, they are not harmful.

One language for work, one for home. What bilingualism means for Hungarians in Slovakia
Contemporary Hungarian used in Slovakia takes some words and even grammar from Slovak.

Some people still lower their voice when speaking Hungarian in public
I wish people would perceive us as an enrichment, not as a 1,000-year-old disease that still occurs here, says a Slovak-Hungarian writer.

Soak up the sun and sip coffee in a garden in Bratislava's city centre
The Aspremont Summer Palace now houses the office of the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University.

Golden hopes for Slovakia's Olympic team in Tokyo
Speed canoeists Erik Vlček attends his sixth Olympics. Walker Matej Tóth to wind up his successful career in Tokyo.

News digest: Slovakia will remain green, despite worsening situation abroad
Border rules will not change, despite protests. 72 cases of Delta variant confirmed. Slovakia commemorates 141 years since Milan Rastislav Štefánik was born.

No changes to measures in districts or border rules expected
But the worsening situation in some holiday destinations increases the risk of getting infected.

Vaccination lottery will start in August
It is not clear for now how much money people will win.

Slovakia will have two flag bearers at the Olympics opening ceremony
They both have already received Olympic medals.

Flooded cars from Germany, Belgium and Netherlands may endanger Slovak market
The sellers of used cars will try to get rid of flooded vehicles.

Croatia will not recognise everyone's vaccination certificate as of August
The validity of vaccination might be prolonged.

Štefánik was a gifted networker. He would have enjoyed social media
Milan Rastislav Štefánik quickly learnt what it takes to triumph abroad.

News digest: Unexploded WWII bomb paralysed downtown Bratislava
Only vaccinated people will meet the pope. Another bear was put to sleep.

Full vaccination entrance ticket to masses celebrated by pope
People who have not been vaccinated yet have 11 days left to register to be considered fully vaccinated in mid-September.

Food delivery giant enters Slovak market
Well-known platform seeks growth under its new owner.

Presence of radioactive elements in village swimming pool kept secret, ministry claims
The operator of the Podhájska swimming pool refused the allegations.

Combination of different vaccines allowed only in specific cases
The exception applies to people who have been vaccinated with the first dose abroad and such vaccine is not available or registered in Slovakia.

WWII-era aerial bomb removed, transport in the capital renewed
It was discovered on Chalupkova Street.

An enchanting encounter with royalty at Betliar
The 50-room home reflects the luxurious life of the aristocracy.

News digest: Slovakia enters the new week with green
The country loses an exceptional performer. German flood wave hits Bratislava, but no danger expected. New border rules come into effect.

Interest in being vaccinated by GPs is low
The Health Ministry still considers the project to be good.

Slovak government should compensate victims of forced sterilisation
Justice Minister Mária Kolíková responded that the government takes this issue very seriously, Heger wants to wait for a legislative proposal.

Labour market in Slovakia (online content of Career & Employment Guide)
Exploring Slovak labour market trends and human resources in the wider EU context.

Change is constant at the borders, but new rules still favour the vaccinated
Only the biggest ones leave like this. If only it didn't hurt the rest of us so badly. Slovakia remembers deceased actor Milan Lasica.

This is what a crisis looks like
Weather extremes will cost us ever more resources that could otherwise be invested elsewhere.

Danube’s water level higher than usual due to floods in Germany
Apart from the Danube, the water levels of the Morava River also increased.

Are Slovakia's national parks crowded?
See for yourself. A website with another traffic light system has been launched to help tourists.

Popular humourist, actor and singer Milan Lasica dies
Slovakia has lost one of its most significant personalities, President Zuzana Čaputová commented.

Scattered around Kysuce, quaint hilltop villages work their magic
Tips for what to see in the Kysuce region, from traditions to thrills.

Surprise! When people work less, they feel better
If only democracies included some institution capable of regulating finance in a way that benefits most people.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Proteste contro il Green Pass davanti al Parlamento slovacco
Mentre all’interno del Parlamento una sessione straordinaria stava per discutere di un emendamento legislativo per dare l’ok a misure che si occupano delle persone [ ... ]

Corte Suprema: altro arresto eccellente di un giudice, subito rilasciato
Agenti della NAKA (l’Agenzia anticrimine nazionale) hanno arrestato ieri a Bratislava, nelle prime ore del mattino, il giudice Jozef Milučky, membro della Corte Suprema, [ ... ]

Altre curiosità decisamente da non perdere: La superpotenza dei castelli
Cari lettori e lettrici, continua il nostro viaggio attraverso le curiosità della Slovacchia. Per chi si è perso il resto, può cliccare qui. La [ ... ]

Italia: dal 6 agosto Green Pass obbligatorio anche al ristorante
Dal prossimo 6 agosto il green pass sarà obbligatorio per andare al cinema e a teatro, per consumare al chiuso nei ristoranti o al tavolo nei bar [ ... ]

Il piano di Bruxelles per il clima e i suoi picconatori
Il piano di decarbonizzazione faticosamente approvato mercoledì 14 luglio dalla Commissione europea rappresenta una provvidenziale svolta, dall’enunciazione di obiettivi alla definizione di azioni per conseguirli; ma [ ... ]

Stato di diritto in Slovacchia, dall’UE commenti positivi e criticità
È uscito due giorni fa il rapporto della Commissione europea sullo stato di diritto negli Stati membri dell’UE. Per quanto riguarda la relazione sulla [ ... ]

Fondi UE, spesi finora il 46% delle risorse per il periodo 2014-2020
La percentuale di utilizzo dei fondi europei per il periodo 2014-2020 è arrivata al 46% a fine giugno, come risulta da un documento del [ ... ]

Ministero: 100mila cinghiali sani saranno abbattuti e la carne venduta
Il ministro dell’Agricoltura intende attivare un’ampia azione preventiva per proteggere le fattorie slovacche e fermare il rischio di diffusione del virus della peste suina [ ... ]

Una attività di ristorazione su due rischia la chiusura
Metà degli imprenditori del settore ristorazione (il 46%) lamenta meno clienti rispetto a prima della pandemia, e quasi il 90% di loro ha registrato [ ... ]

Incontri con Marina Hostacna Grossi: Intervista con l’artista Danica Ondrej
Danica Ondrej è una artista slovacca di Bratislava che si è formata in Italia all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, a Milano [Pittura (2003-2007); [ ... ]

Il governo si prepara a un nuovo Registro delle Imprese
Il governo ha approvato ieri l’adozione di misure di natura legislativo-organizzativa e tecnico-organizzativa allo scopo di rinnovare il sistema informativo del Registro delle Imprese [ ... ]

Consumo di suolo: l’Italia continua a cementificare senza sosta
In Italia, nonostante il blocco di gran parte delle attività dovuto al lockdown, le colate di cemento non rallentano neanche nel 2020 ed hanno ormai [ ... ]

La pla­sti­ca, un ma­te­ria­le che co­min­cia a fare pau­ra
Nata per dare al­l’uo­mo in­fi­ni­te pos­si­bi­li­tà di pro­gres­so. Il mon­do, e non esa­ge­ria­mo, deve la ri­vo­lu­zio­ne in­du­stria­le del XX se­co­lo all’in­ge­gne­re chi­mi­co italiano Giu­lio [ ... ]

Criminalità finanziaria: Commissione UE preme sulle norme contro il riciclaggio
I flussi di denaro sporco sono un problema annoso e complesso. La lotta al riciclaggio di denaro e al finanziamento del terrorismo è fondamentale [ ... ]

Disoccupazione: confermato a giugno il trend positivo
A giugno 2021 il tasso di disoccupazione registrato in Slovacchia è stato pari al 7,76%, un dato in diminuzione di 0,16 punti percentuali rispetto [ ... ]

Variante delta, sono 107 i casi confermati finora
In Slovacchia sono stati identificati altri 72 nuovi casi della variante delta del coronavirus Sars-Cov-2. Ne ha dato notizia oggi il capo igienista Ján [ ... ]

Partirà il 1° agosto la lotteria per i vaccinati, e anche il bonus mediatori
Il ministero delle Finanze ha pubblicato sul proprio sito web i dettagli sul premio vaccinale e sul bonus di intermediazione, una iniziativa decisa dal [ ... ]

Bratislava, nuovi appartamenti per la prima volta oltre i 4mila euro al metro
A fine giugno il prezzo medio dei nuovi appartamenti in offerta nella capitale slovacca si attestava a 4.010 euro al metro quadrato, IVA inclusa. [ ... ]

Due test PCR al mese gratis e 5 euro per un test antigenico
Il ministero della Salute ha annunciato ieri che i tamponi molecolari (o test RT-PCR) per il COVID-19 saranno gratuiti per tutti, e non solo [ ... ]

Alpini Slovacchia, ripresa attività e incontro con l’Ambasciatrice Flumiani
Due appuntamenti importanti negli ultimi giorni per il Gruppo Alpini Slovacchia. Prima l’Assemblea annuale dei soci che è riuscita a riunire il gruppo dopo circa [ ... ]