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Kia will turn conveyor belts back on in early April
It is the first automotive plant to re-open. Strict hygiene measures will remain in place.

Good news from Slovakia: Scientists endeavouring to defeat the coronavirus
Scientists aim to unearth genetic information of SARS-CoV-2.

Man from Bojnice hospital probably first coronavirus-related death in Slovakia (news digest)
Aid for businesses goes to parliament, along with a measure about the residency of foreigners. Read your overview of news from Slovakia on March 31.

Some businesses will survive a month, others have adjusted
A poll shows some companies already knew they would have to fire employees.

Former minister Lajčák set to return to the Balkans
The former foreign affairs minister is one of Slovakia's top diplomats.

Prediction of coronavirus in Slovakia: New model counts with fewer infected cases
On the peak day (110th) 1,030 patients will need ventilators.

Online warm notes to hearten people’s pandemic-restricted lives
The Love Bank’s free service hopes to bring people closer.

Coronavirus measures work. Very few severe cases in Slovakia so far
Experts expect the peak in early July, but fewer infections than originally expected. Measures will need to last for more weeks, they say.

Slovakia has 27 new coronavirus cases
The total number of cases is exceeded 360.

The coronavirus disease may peak in mid-July in Slovakia (news digest)
Farmers ask people not to promenade on fields, while a furniture producer lays off most staff. Read the overview of news from March 30.

Gloomy scenario for the economy: a drop of more than 6 percent
The predictions are more optimistic for next year.

Data on sick people published, containing exact streets, age and gender
Though the data is unavailable for now, it should be accessible to the public later.

A patient positive with coronavirus died shortly after leaving hospital
The autopsy will show the real reason of death.

Slovakia agrees with wearing masks and would tolerate a curfew
The recent Focus poll suggests most people in Slovakia are satisfied with how the government is managing the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus aid to help businesses catch their breath
Slovakia's government has finally started dealing with the economy.

Coronavirus updates from Slovakia: Flights cancelled until Easter
Check out the recent reports on the coronavirus situation in Slovakia from March 27-29.

Slovaks developed an alternative to lung ventilation
The device can help in emergency times.

The evidence based education reform of the Learning Makes Sense initiative
An extensive analysis of the current state of the education system in Slovakia by the To Dá Rozum initiative provides the data for a unified vision and specific recommendations on how to improve it.

Revište a Šášov castles: the road to history
Two monumental castles were built mirror-like in the 13th century.

As COVID-19 cases increase, so does displaced blame
Political leaders can only resort to the blame game a limited number of times.

Unused silo block will turn into a landmark
Developer searching for building’s new function.

15-year-old researcher: Slovakia is far behind other countries in aerospace research
Jakub Nagy has invented the picoballoon. What is it and what is it good for?

How the state plans to help companies and the self-employed
The government has presented its first economy aid plan.

Calvary near Banská Štiavnica
Štiavnické Bane is also worth a visit.

Invest in Slovakia: Infrastructure & Real estate
Practical information from Investment Advisory Guide

Slavín WWII memorial will get a facelift
The plan to build the WWII museum here has not materialised yet.

Coping with the coronavirus: Slovakia opens some shops but tightens hygienic measures
The crisis staff has agreed on a number of new rules, valid as of Monday, March 30.

Air at Štrbské Pleso is 29 times healthier than in Bratislava
Experts examine the number of solid nanoparticles in the air.

Sagan was a winner the moment he began to pedal a bike
I enjoy my life, says the star of the cycling world.

How popular is Yogi in Yellowstone National Park?
Go on an adventure promising wild moments, including a selfie with bison.

Lana Del Rey and Friends. America makes students’ wishes come true
Mária and Patrícia embraced American culture in summer 2019.

Work & Travel USA: Will Covid-19 affect the programme?
The programme was created in 1961, reaching Slovakia after the Velvet Revolution.

Ancient coins in the east, “Rubberneck” in the west
Read a roundup of travel and culture stories for March 23-29, 2020.

Two patients recover from coronavirus (news digest)
Piešťany spa will be closed from April, while Lidl sends its elderly employees home. Read the overview of news from March 26.

Trend lays off its political reporters
The weekly has also temporarily changed its periodicity.

Private labs join the coronavirus testing
Sampling sites to be established in front of all hospitals.

A hike in Belianske Tatry resembles a walk on Mars
Belianske Tatry was closed in 1978, but not completely.

Good news from Slovakia: STU and Matador work on a lung ventilator prototype
They want to help in the most critical moments.

Despite a daily capacity of 1,000, only 300 tests are being carried out
PM Igor Matovič wants to significantly increase the number of tests per day by involving private and academic labs.

An initiative helps survivors of the totalitarian regime
The Post Bellum non-governmental organisation set up a special website and free phone line.

Slovak film distributor: The Japanese learned from the past. We too must change
Firms and people able to adapt to new circumstances will keep going.

Green light for government to collect data from mobile phones to halt the virus
Public Health Authority will collect data from telecom operators with the exception of the content of messages and phone calls.

Man at work sign is one of Bratislava's most popular landmarks
Most tourists don't leave Bratislava without a picture with the iconic Čumil.

Lex Corona softer than proposed, first red hospital emerged in Bratislava (news digest)
More medical material arrived in Slovakia. Your overview of news from March 25.

Helping hospitals with shields from 3D printers
The initiative is looking for volunteers with 3D printers at home.

Two parliamentary committees remain without chairs
Luboš Blaha and Marian Kotleba failed to get elected to the posts for the second time.

Economic measures in time of the coronavirus
Take a look at the measures that the government has introduced, pending cabinet and parliament approval.

‘Infodemic’ hit Slovakia as well
Fear and uncertainty are fertile ground for spreading of false content and conspiracies.

Former cake shop in Brezno will become communism museum
Town called on citizens to contribute and donate interesting exhibits.

Good news from Slovakia: People unite in the times of crisis to help medical staff
The new platforms managed to collect thousands of euros to help obtain necessary protective equipment.

The number of blood donors shrank. But blood is still needed
What measures are being applied due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Bad, worse, or worst. Central bank shows its scenarios for Slovak economy
Slovakia is headed into recession.

What kind of data the Slovak government wants to collect on people
It probably does not have the technology to determine exact location.

Nearly 16,000 firms in Slovakia said to be affected by COVID-19
Pubs and game rooms among those to be hit the hardest.

A bill to allow for usage of mobile carrier data valid until late 2020
Personal data protection is not absolute, Justice Minister Kolíková said.

Foreigners volunteer to help Slovakia, masks and tests arriving from China (news digest)
Prepare for cold nights. Your overview of news from March 24.

Schools will remain shut until further notice
Some key school-leaving exams have been cancelled, others postponed.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Combattere le fake news, un imperativo per tutti noi
Il Sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri con delega all’editoria e al programma di Governo, on. Andrea Martella, dopo che il Copasir (Comitato Parlamentare per [ ... ]

Ministero: picco della pandemia di COVID atteso per metà luglio. C’è un terzo guarito
In una conferenza stampa il ministro della Salute Marek Krajčí (OĽaNO) ha dichiarato ieri che il picco della pandemia di coronavirus in Slovacchia è [ ... ]

Slovacchi all’estero: in più di 6.000 hanno chiesto il rimpatrio
Il ministero degli Affari Esteri ha ricevuto finora 6.037 domande di rimpatrio, e finora 3.349 slovacchi sono ritornati in Slovacchia dall’estero grazie all’aiuto del governo [ ... ]

NBS: le ultime stime per il PIL slovacco dicono di un crollo quest’anno del 6,1%
Il PIL slovacco a prezzi fissi dovrebbe scendere del 6,1% nel 2020. Questo dice nell’edizione di marzo la consueta indagine periodica della Banca nazionale [ ... ] COVID-19: con oggi in Slovacchia sono 363 i positivi
Ventisette sono i nuovi casi di infezione da COVID-19 aggiuntisi nelle ultime ventiquattr’ore di cui ha dato conferma oggi il Centro di riferimento nazionale per [ ... ]

Anche le ambasciate condividono il lutto dell’Italia
Oggi a mezzogiorno migliaia di comuni, province e istituzioni in Italia e nel mondo hanno abbassato le bandiere a mezz’asta in segno di lutto [ ... ]

Italia, tutto chiuso almeno fino a Pasqua: poi la riapertura graduale, ma solo da maggio
Fino a Pasqua rimarrà tutto chiuso, come confermato dal ministro della Salute, Roberto Speranza. Poi si capirà quando sarà possibile procedere con la riapertura [ ... ]

Italia: quest’anno 260 milioni di turisti in meno per il coronavirus
Nel 2020 il coronavirus ha cancellato oltre mezzo secolo di turismo. Il settore italiano del turismo chiuderà l’anno con circa 172 milioni di presenze, livelli che [ ... ]

Papa Francesco: quella foto è già un simbolo
Embed from Getty Images Le immagini che segnano la storia dell’umanità hanno il potere di farsi immediatamente simboli. La foto del Tank Man, che ritrae quello [ ... ]

Proroga delle dichiarazioni dei redditi per persone fisiche e società a seguito COVID-19
Domani 31.03.2020 sarebbero scaduti i termini per la presentazione normale delle dichiarazioni dei redditi e il pagamento delle relative imposte dovute per i redditi [ ... ]

Governo: primi provvedimenti economici a sostegno di imprese, dipendenti e autonomi
Il governo annuncia 7 misure di sostegno per aziende, dipendenti e lavoratori autonomi Il governo ha annunciato la preparazione di un pacchetto di prime [ ... ] COVID-19: salgono a 336 i positivi in Slovacchia, da venerdì +67, sempre 2 i guariti
Il numero di malati di COVID-19 è salito a 379 fino a ieri sera. Questa la comunicazione odierna delle autorità, che dicono di 22 [ ... ]

Nuove misure contro il coronavirus: mascherine sempre, orari per la spesa degli anziani
Sabato mattina il premier Igor Matovič e il ministro della Salute Marek Krajčí hano illustrato in una conferenza stampa le decisioni prese insieme agli [ ... ]

Ministro Interni: 803 violazioni della quarantena e 218 multe a ristoranti
Secondo quanto affermato dal ministro degli Interni Roman Mikulec domenica alla televisione, la polizia ha registrato 803 violazioni della quarantena obbligatoria finora. Sono poi [ ... ]

Scuola, rimandate tutte le scadenze. L’istruzione si trasferisce online
Il Parlamento ha approvato martedì scorso una proposta di legge del ministro dell’Istruzione che gli garantisce il diritto di modificare in circostanze eccezionali le [ ... ]

Presidente Mattarella: supereremo questa prova, ma l’UE faccia presto
Forse qualcuno di voi ha già visto l’intervento in televisione di Sergio Mattarella venedì scorso. Un intervento lucido e del tutto condivisibile, che arrivava [ ... ]

Il coronavirus sta fermando le guerre in tutto il mondo
Antonio Guterres, segretario generale della Nazioni Unite, il 23 marzo si era rivolto a tutti i paesi in guerra nel mondo chiedendo un cessate il [ ... ]

Ventiquattro bufale sbugiardate sul coronavirus
Il ministero della Salute italiano smentisce ventiquattro fake news che circolano sul coronavirus Sars-Cov-2, soprattutto sui social dove si cade facilmente trappola delle bufale. [ ... ]

Covid-19, Imperial College: senza interventi 7 miliardi di infezioni e 40 milioni di morti
L’Imperial College London ha presentato il Report 12 “The Global Impact of COVID-19 and Strategies for Mitigation and Suppression” che conferma che il modo in cui [ ... ] COVID-19: i positivi in Slovacchia sono 269, +43 in un solo giorno, 2 i guariti
Nelle ultime 24 ore si è registrato il più alto incremento di nuovi positivi in Slovacchia. Ben 43 nuovi casi confermati di COVID-19, il che [ ... ]