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Shop assistants, public transport drivers and taxi drivers. More people entitled to vaccination
They will be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 2,848 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of cases has exceeded 306,000.

News digest: State of emergency continues, vaccine denied to some foreigners
Not all foreigners living in Slovakia have access to the country's vaccination rollout. Interpol releases wanted Slovak national.

Some foreigners not entitled to Covid-19 vaccine. Type of insurance matters
Health Ministry dealing with the situation.

Slovakia has one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe
Bratislava has turned Italian and will become French soon. Musical vaccine for Slovakia. Find out more in the roundup.

News digest: Germany offers help with covid patients, former GP banned from entering the US
In the second wave of the pandemic, Slovakia is the only country in Europe where entire Roma communities continue to be quarantined, ombudswoman claims. Romanian healthcare workers arrive in Slovakia.

Former general prosecutor banned from entering the US
His son is banned too.

Nobody caused the death of Viola Macáková. According to the police, her heart failed
She was found at the Bratislava port in autumn 2019.

Slovak cloud phone services startup attracts millions in investment
CloudTalk plans to expand its operation and hire new people in Slovakia.

Rules for granting Slovak state citizenship receives green light from ministers
A non-parliamentary party wants to call on MPs not to give final approval to changes in parliament.

Ski tows have to be turned off, some ski resorts circumvent measures
Inspired by Czechs.

Arbor-vitaes and spruces in the city park will be replaced by new trees
Former Lenin Park in Banská Bystrica, recognized as a national cultural monument, is going through timber felling.

Tourism industry drops to levels from 20 years ago
Revenues from foreign tourists made up less than one third of the overall revenues of accommodation facilities in Slovakia in 2020.

Former police chief has been warned about his arrest in advance. Court points finger at Kaliňák
Tibor Gašpar led the police under Smer, now he is facing organised crime charges.

Bach's ancestors made pastries in Bratislava
Veit Bach also loved music, often playing a cithara at work.

Sputnik vaccine orbits Slovak politics
Slovakia’s febrile politics has made it vulnerable to Russian mischief using its Sputnik vaccine.

Manufacturing companies top the list of biggest receivers of direct pandemic aid
Slovakia’s price tag for pandemic measures is €4.6 billion so far.

News digest: More people in hospital and vaccination halted
Kurzarbeit to become a permanent tool. Sulík offers himself for health minister. Slovakia gets another protected regional specialty.

Government greenlighted permanent kurzarbeit, self-employed not included
A new fund of employment will not come to being.

Last year was the warmest in the past 140 years
The rainiest month was October.

Liptov potato sausage earns EC trademark
Liptovské droby sausage owes its meaty aroma and flavour to cracklings.

How to stop Covid overload in hospitals
Experts and hospitals share their view of what Slovakia needs to do to relieve the critical situation.

If Sputnik V is used in Slovakia, it would be within clinical trials
Slovakia asked EU member states to provide 100,000 vaccines.

The man who took the 'alien' out of the Foreigners' Police's name appointed its director
Robert Gucký became the main government's plenipotentiary for state borders and director of the Office for the Border and Foreigners' Police.

Even more districts in the black tier, no room for lifting measures now
Every three hours, one patient dies in Košice hospital, chief infectologist says.

Blog: EU Aid Volunteers acquire on-the-job training abroad
It has been a really intense year, but I don't regret anything, writes ADRA Slovakia volunteer Laura Naw.

News digest: President wrote to health minister to listen to scientists
Students and teachers have a problem with mental health. MP infected with coronavirus twice in two months.

Romania sends healthcare workers to aid Slovakia
Intensive care specialists to stay three weeks.

EU wants Germany to explain why it closed its eastern borders
The European Commission did not recommend closing borders, stressing the need for free movement of people and goods.

People in financial dire straits less willing to get Covid jab
Most people believe vaccination will lead to an improvement in their financial situation, a survey shows.

Surviving, so far as we can tell
Does anyone understand Slovakia’s pandemic rules any more?

Don’t overlook in-house talent
Why it may be a good idea to focus your attention in-house when looking for talent?

WWI cemeteries are special. There aren't any others similar to them in Slovakia
All of them are gradually becoming monuments.

University students and teachers report decline in mental health due to pandemic
The research shows that depression and anxiety have increased twofold since 2018.

We are not entering the wars of Matovič
Independent journalists will continue doing their job.

News digest: Food industry giant changes hands, new rules for travelling to Czechia
Interest in houses skyrockets. No more lack of syringes. Hospitals report record numbers of Covid patients.

Smithfield Foods buys Penta's meat-processing business
Mecom will fit into their growth plan in Europe, the buyer said.

General practitioners demand more info on ivermectin treatment
They claim the ministry did not provide the necessary instructions after use of the drug was approved last month.

Matovič’s latest crisis response is to woo anti-system voters
Also this week: The coalition loses an MP, Sputnik creates new splits in the coalition, and some good news about the economy.

Slovakia should have more than enough syringes for Covid-19 vaccines
Chirana T. Injecta will supply 4 million syringes to Slovakia by March 19.

Swinging into the sunset in Kysuce
A new swing was built in the village of Oščadnica. The creators were inspired by the one in Zázrivá.

PM criticises journalists on third anniversary of Kuciak murder
Leaders should never make baseless accusations of journalists or spread abusive criticism, the secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders claimed.

Smer MP dies at age of 59
Ľubomír Petrák gained the respect of political opponents with his work. Politicians expressed their condolences.

Slovak tennis player wins the Australian Open final
Filip Polášek and Croatian player Ivan Dodig beat Joe Salisbury and Rajeev Ram in men’s doubles final.

Beating the coronavirus does not need to be complicated
Think about India the next time you are lined up to take a meaningless antigen test.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Vertice dei leader UE, Matovič: ho chiesto aiuto per i vaccini
Nella seconda giornata del summit dei leader dell’UE, che si è svolta in videoconferenza, i temi trattati dai 27 capi di governo sono una [ ... ]

Altri 5.000 nuovi contagi in Slovacchia, il 7% dei malati vengono ricoverati
Nella giornata di ieri sono stati registrati 2.645 nuovi contagi dai test molecolari RT-PCR (il 21,9% degli oltre 12mila tamponi esaminati) e 2.409 persone [ ... ]

Il governo passa il disegno di legge sul Kurzarbeit permanente
Il consiglio dei ministri ha approvato mercoledì un progetto di legge sul sostegno permanente alle imprese durante i periodi di lavoro a tempo ridotto. [ ... ]

Bratislava, procura: l’ex modella Viola Macáková non è stata uccisa
Viola Macáková, l’insegnante di inglese ed ex modella di 34 anni trovata senza vita nella zona del porto di Bratislava, un fatto misterioso che [ ... ]

Il Parlamento approva la proroga, è stato di emergenza fino al 20 marzo
Questa mattina, dopo una discussione che durava da mercoledì 24 febbraio, il Parlamento slovacco ha approvato un’ulteriore proroga dello stato di emergenza in Slovacchia, [ ... ]

R3: firmato il contratto, tangenziale di Tvrdošín pronta nel 2023
  Oggi la Società delle autostrade nazionali NDS ha firmato un contratto per la costruzione del tratto Tvrdošín – Nižná della superstrada R3 nella [ ... ]

Italia, nuovo governo: due elettori su tre si fidano di Draghi
A 10 giorni dal giuramento del nuovo governo, due italiani su tre si fidano del Presidente del Consiglio Mario Draghi, con un trend in [ ... ]

Funerali di Stato per l’ambasciatore Attanasio e il carabiniere Iacovacci
Un picchetto d’onore e le più alte cariche dello Stato, tra cui tanti suoi amici, hanno accolto ieri mattina nella Basilica di Santa Maria degli [ ... ]

Consiglio UE, dagli stati membri ok a restrizioni e accelerazione sui vaccini
Ieri 25 febbraio si è svolta la prima giornata di vertice in videoconferenza dei leader dei 27 stati membri dell’UE. Mentre il vertice prosegue [ ... ]

Le trame oscure del filantrocapitalismo dei Paperoni
«Filantrocapitalismo, ovvero la beneficienza dei Paperoni, tra visioni umanitarie, ideologia, propaganda, diseguaglianze, lotta alla povertà, salute collettiva, controllo dei mercati, neocolonialismo, globalizzazione». Cosa è [ ... ]

Governo: no sanzioni su mancate dichiarazioni redditi e tasse nel 2020
Nella sua seduta di ieri il governo slovacco ha approvato una proposta del ministro delle Finanze per non comminare sanzioni a chi non ha [ ... ]

Matovič: dopo discussione con esperti diverse misure sul tavolo
Dopo due giorni di discussione di scienziati ed esperti presso l’ufficio del governo, martedì e mercoledì, il primo ministro Igor Matovič si è riservato [ ... ]

Gioco d’azzardo: a Bratislava sarà vietato, ma forse non è la soluzione
A dicembre 2020 il consiglio comunale di Bratislava ha messo definitivamente la parola fine al gioco d’azzardo nella capitale slovacca. Un provvedimento già assunto [ ... ]

5G, Telekom completa copertura dell’abitato urbano a Bratislava
La società di telecomunicazioni Slovak Telekom è la prima in Slovacchia a a realizzare una rete 5G per una platea di pubblico consistente. Già [ ... ]

Sulík: già diverso interesse su parco industriale Rimavská Sobota
Il ministro dell’Economia Richard Sulík ha informato martedì che cinque società hanno espresso interesse per investire nel nuovo parco industriale che sarà realizzato a [ ... ]

Residenza fiscale dei connazionali iscritti all’AIRE durante il Covid
Il deputato della Lega eletto in Europa Simone Billi è intervenuto l’altro ieri alla Camera per sollecitare il governo affinchè deroghi la normativa sulla [ ... ]

Verso un passaporto vaccinale per gli Stati dell’UE
Gli stati dell’Unione europea riflettono sulla possibilità di introdurre un passaporto vaccinale valido per viaggiare in tutta l’Ue. Durante il Consiglio Affari generali del 23 febbraio c’è [ ... ]

Commissione UE: roaming gratuito per tutti per altri 10 anni
La Commissione Europea ha proposto ieri un nuovo regolamento sul roaming per far sì che i cittadini possano continuare a usufruire del roaming senza costi aggiuntivi quando viaggiano nell’Unione [ ... ]

Covid automat, 20 distretti neri dalla prossima settimana
La situazione epidemiologica in Slovacchia non volge al meglio. Dalla settimana prossima i distretti nel quarto grado di allarme, quelli in nero, saranno 20 [ ... ]

Quasi 300mila i contagi finora, in regione di Prešov il numero più alto
Nelle strutture ospedaliere slovacche sono ricoverati fino a ieri per Covid 3.936 pazienti. Per 3.682 di loro c’è la diagnosi confermata della malattia, mentre [ ... ]