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Bridge Swing

Target Shooting, Jumping...

Bratislava and surroundings

Shooting range with automatic and historical guns (submachines, sniper rifles)

Target shooting, clay pigeon shooting

Bridge Swing Jump



Hiking - there are guidebooks in the section Tourist guides, hiking, backpacking - Slovakia. Look for the Knapsacked travel in Slovakia series.

More Trip Tips - Bratislava and its Surroundings, Hiking

Bratislava Trip Tips

Canoeing - Danube River branches

Water Activities

Bratislava and surroundings

EXTREME BRATISLAVA - Whitewater rafting adventure in Bratislava - Cunovo

Paddling trips on the Danube River:
Hainburg - Devin Castle - Bratislava

Paddling trips on the Danube River from Orth to Bratislava.

Paddling trip on the Danube River: From Stopfenreuth to Bratislava

Round trip in Stopfenreuth and Spittelauer branches

EXTREME BRATISLAVA - Hydrospeed / riverboarding in Bratislava - Cunovo

Explore The Danube River branches

Paddling trips in Central European Amazonia.

Paddling trips on the Maly Dunaj River

Paddling trips - schedules

Morava River paddling trips and double-combination bicycles - canoe (pedal & paddle)

Canoeoing, rafting - our list of stories and links


Whitewater rafting on the Vah River (Liptov).

Whitewater rafting on the Dunajec River, Pieniny (Zamagurie).

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