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Invitation to Hydrospeed

In the channel 1

We invite you to Cunovo whitewater channel on the Danube River near Bratislava to try a hydrospeed or riverboarding.

Preparation for hydrospeeding

We start with an instruction.

Putting fins on

Put fins on!

In the channel 2

There are no rafts in the channel. One instructor manages 5 participants and there is a "baywatch" on the bank.

Fun in a water hole

Fun in a water hole.

In a water hole

He is O.K.

Look for a green helmet

Where is the surfer with the green helmet? (Click to enlarge the photo.)

Niagara jump
Niagara jump 2

Niagara jump.

Do you like hydrospeed / riverboarding? Come to Bratislava and try it. Rate per person: EUR 29. For minimum 6 people. (Transfers are not included.)

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Left channel in Cunovo

The left channel in Cunovo.

Right channel in Cunovo

The right channel in Cunovo.

Pictures by Vladimir Bibel

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Published: 2012-06-11
Updated: 2012-06-11

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