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Paddling Trips and Water Activities

Paddling Trips and Rafting
Smaragdové rameno pri Vojčianskej prehrádzke - v poradí druhý vodný prepad.

Paddle tours schedules

Paddle tour on the Danube River from Hainburg (Austria) to Bratislava

The Danube River rafting and paddle tours on the Danube River branches

Whitewater Rafting in Cunovo (Danube River)

Maly Dunaj paddle tours

Water Mill in Jelka (Maly Dunaj River)

Morava River paddle tours

The Danube River beaches and Romanian fortress, (Radvan nad Dunajom, Iza)

The Dunajec River paddle tours

Whitewater Rafting in Liptov

Aquaparks, Lakes, Thermal Swimming-Pools
Aquapark Poprad

Slovakia does not have a sea, but a visitor of Slovakia can spend a lot of time on Slovak waters - swimming or splashing in thermal swimming pools, aqua-parks, in water reservoirs and rivers.

Paddle tours and whitewater rafting provide another possibility to have a fun on Slovak water. You can have greate trips on the Danube, Hron, Dunajec rivers etc.

Slovakia is known as a country of health curative spas.

We offer tips for "watering" in Slovakia.


Swimming in Bratislava and Surroundings - Lakes, Pools, Thermal Pools

Zahorie Region and Western Part of Male Karpaty Mountains

Podunajska Nizina Lowlands and the Zitny Ostrov Island (around Senec – Sladkovicovo – Galanta – Sala Route)

Route Gabcikovo – Dunajska Streda – Velky Meder - Komarno

Thermal Pools in Slovakia

Published: March 23, 2005
Updated: June 11, 2014
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