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A Paddle Trip - Leitha in Austria

Leitha 1

The paddle trip started in Bruck an der Leitha and it finished in Gattendorf. It was a day trip.

Start: Bruck an der Leitha

Finish: Gattendorf

Leitha 2

The Leitha River has a length of 180 km. It starts near Haderswörth village in Lower Austria at a confluence of Schwarza and Pitten rivers. Leitha finishes in Hungary, where it flows into the Moson Branch of the Danube River.

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Leitha is named in languages of neighbouring nations: Lietava in Slovak (not used very often), Litava in Czech, Lajta, or Sarviz (Mud Water) in Hungarian.

Pictures by Caro and Comp., text by Vlado Bibel.

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Stano: Vhodne miesto na stanovanie (8. jula 2015)

Vedeli by ste mi poradit pri splave rieky Leitha na trase Bruck – Gattendorf nejake vhodne miesto na prenocovanie v stane? Dalo by sa niekde popri rieke ? Viem ze tento usek sa da splavit za den, ale chceme ist pomalsim tempom.


Re: Vhodne miesto na kempovanie

Ahoj Stano, zial asi nemam pre teba dobru spravu, neviem o ziadnom oficialnom mieste na stanovanie a hlavne je tam problem s mnozstvom komarov vecer. Rakusania nestriekaju komare.

Email: caroslav at gmail . com

Published: 2012-08-24
Updated: 2012-08-24

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