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Štúrovo: The great misnomer (from our archive)
Esztergom boast of both an enormous basilica and a popular aquapark.

Our seconds today mean years of life for others, President Čaputová told the nation
She called on people to be responsible and considerate.

Crisis staff takes resolute measures, severe limits on mass events introduced
Austria and Hungary will remain green for now.

Student dorms are risky. How the situation is developing in schools
Thousands of students and pupils were quarantined at home three weeks after schools opened for the new school year.

News digest: Universities switch to remote learning in response to worsening coronavirus developments
Overview of news from Monday, September 28, 2020.

The revealed cases may not reflect the real virus spreading
Several universities go over to distance learning.

Bratislava’s Volkswagen kicks off production of new plug-in hybrid model
It will roll down from production lines on the 10th anniversary of manufacturing the first hybrid vehicle.

How a filmmaker found her creative cocoon in Bratislava
Aline Fischer Paris came to Bratislava in August 2020 as a WILD CARD participant of the Pop Up Film Residency initiative.

Slovakia gears up for a new highway toll system
The controversial contract for the current system will terminate at the end of 2022.

In the eagle's nest: Orava castle
Visit a magnificent castle with a rich history that has appeared in many, even international, films.

Prešov wants to be the capital culture. What's its vision?
First Deputy Mayor of Prešov Vladimír Feľbaba explains the vision and the passion behind Prešov's quest to become The European Capital of Culture in 2026 and what it would mean for the city.

More than 2000-year-old fragments of ceramics and bones uncovered in Trenčín
The most precious findings are metal objects and two reliefs in the shape of human heads.

Intelligence services focused on Russian and Chinese activities in Slovakia
The annual reports of Slovak intelligence services were presented to the parliament.

More home office, virtual teams and digital transformation: Business centres adapt to the crisis
The biggest challenge in the coming years will be the availability of talent with high-quality digital skills as well as the automation and robotisation of processes, the recent poll showed.

PM Matovič is losing trust, even among his voters
The reasons might be his performance during the coronavirus crisis, a sociologist opines.

PM Matovič continues to test negative
The PM steps in as coronavirus numbers steeply rise. It has been a steady week for Slovakia's foreign policy.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 265 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of cases has increased to 9,343.

BUSINESS FOCUS: Pandemic changes plans of American investors in Slovakia
Slovak-US relations, impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on US companies in Slovakia and the story of the first factory for electric car batteries in Slovakia are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus.

Tip for trip: Travertine cascades in Low Tatras
Check out the photos.

Tourists will find a new lookout platform near Prešov
Touris infrastructure in Šariš region has another novelty.

Stringent measures for events and weddings expected as of October
Final decision to be made on Monday, PM stands behind the proposal of epidemiologists and hygienists.

News digest: Slovakia's activists join the climate strike
Read your overview of news from Slovakia on Friday, September 25, 2020.

Roundup: Russian remake of The Simpsons and Leonardo da Vinci replica machines
Set out on a long-distance cycling trip from Bratislava to Košariská, or listen to a podcast with US Ambassador Bridget Brink.

I’m proud of my Roma pupils, a teacher from a Svit school says
Peter Šinály joined Teach for Slovakia to help transform Slovak education, starting as a teacher in a primary school in Svit.

His initial bet on an unknown school got him to Canada
Andrej Grman transferred from a regular school to the LEAF Academy in Bratislava, hoping to pursue a career in business one day.

Unusual subjects are part of the curriculum in Slovak schools
Some schools have introduced falconry, other students learn about astronomy.

City discovery game puts Bratislava in a new light
Alternative city guides developed by Slovak-Dutch team are a hit across Europe.

British nationals advised against non-essential travel to Slovakia
Anyone returning to the UK from Slovakia as of September 26 must self-isolate upon their return.

Trust me, I’m not a politician
Central Europe’s finest populist practices are on display in Slovakia.

News digest: Ukrainian president visits, foreign minister unveils his commandments
Read your overview of news from Slovakia on Thursday, September 24, 2020.

Random border controls await travellers on September 25
The aim is to find out the current state of the traffic at the border.

We will make clear where we belong, foreign minister says
Minister Ivan Korčok outlined his foreign policy strategy to the MPs.

Coronavirus numbers are set to rise for two to three months, chief hygienist says
Hygienists worry about mixed infections and call on at-risk groups to get the flu vaccine.

We are in the middle of a crisis, acting like nothing's wrong
This is the last generation that can change course.

Ukrainian president praised Slovakia for not recognising annexation of Crimea
President Zuzana Čaputová also noted that Slovakia supports the integration of Ukraine in the EU.

Free guided tour of Bratislava this Sunday
The tour with a local is in English.

Coronavirus speeds up changes to labour market. More IT positions are sought
Two trends are currently dominant, according to the job-searching website.

In a sleepy Slovak region, the legacy of Andy Warhol lives on
Warhol's family in Miková thought he was a painter of buildings, and unknowingly burned paintings and correspondence now worth millions.

Čaputová addressed the UN General Assembly, called for responsible leadership
She mentioned climate change, but also Belarus and Navalny.

News digest: Slovakia breaks record in daily coronavirus cases
The overview of news from Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Slovakia will not recognise Lukashenko as Belarusian president
Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok calls for ending violence and putting the president on sanction list.

Austria and Hungary may be put on red list
The worsening epidemic situation in Slovakia will require stricter measures.

A flower by any other name: How a Vietnamese photographer blossomed in Slovakia
Kvet Nguyen says the Slovak name she chose is a symbol of her multicultural identity.

Restored monument marks fallen US soldiers near Zohor
The memorial resembles a B-24 rudder.

Last 35 kilometres of Štefánikova cycling route opens in Bratislava Region
The route leads across three regions.

A piece of good news: Slovak economy may not fall as steeply as expected
The second pandemic wave poses some risks, though.

Red-listed Czechia affects trains to and from Slovakia
The national carrier has limited a number of trains.

Congratulations, you’ve won a thousand euros!
Slovakia will get about €7.5 billion – but for what?

News digest: Two more people die of COVID-19, yellow trains leave busy regional track
Overview of news from Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Almost half the water formations in Slovakia are in a poor condition
Wetlands disappearing faster than rainforests.

Police revoke charges against prominent commentator
General Prosecutor’s Office intervened in the case involving Michal Havran and his opinion piece.

Bratislava to renew its greenery
Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo promises to plant 10,000 trees during his term.

Slovaks with high blood pressure ignore treatment, experts say
Prevention also neglected in Slovakia.

Speaker of parliament met with Penta partner, each offered a different explanation
Boris Kollár is not afraid of someone using a decoy against him. I would sleep with her if possible, he said.

Yellow trains will no longer run between Bratislava and Komárno
The connection will be operated by the Slovak ZSSK and the Austrian ÖBB.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Covid-19, attese nuove misure: 2.587 nuovi casi di infezione in settimana
Secondo l’annuncio odierno del Ministero della Salute, nella giornata di domenica in Slovacchia sono state registrate 265 persone positive su un numero piuttosto basso [ ... ]

Sondaggio: Čaputová e Pellegrini ritenuti i politici più affidabili in Slovacchia
Cambiano i governi, ma le due personalità della politica slovacca di cui la gente tende a fidarsi rimangono le stesse, entrambe definite affidabili da [ ... ]

“Le macchine di Leonardo”: mostra interattiva a Lučenec sull’artista che ha inventato il futuro
Un uomo del Rinascimento, ma anche un uomo dotato di una straordinaria immaginazione in grado di proiettarsi verso il futuro, con una versatilità che [ ... ]

Radio-televisione pubblica, c’è chi vuole aumentare il canone dell’80%
Il gruppo di lavoro incaricato di sistemare i conti dell’emittente radiotelevisiva pubblica (RTVS – Radio e televisione della Slovacchia) ha proposto un aumento record [ ... ]

Čaputová a Zelensky: relazioni molto buone, bene processo di pace in Donbass
La presidente Zuzana Čaputová ha ricevuto a Bratislava giovedì in visita ufficiale il presidente ucraino Volodymyr Zelensky. Nella conferenza stampa che ha fatto seguito [ ... ]

Patto UE per le migrazioni, Visegrád risponde picche
È una strada già tutta in salita, quella che si trova a intraprendere il nuovo patto sulla migrazione e l’asilo proposto dalla Commissione presieduta da Ursula von der Leyen. [ ... ]

Al via il portale “” per l’export e l’internazionalizzazione
È online, il nuovo portale pubblico dedicato alle imprese italiane per orientarsi nel mondo dell’export e accedere più agevolmente a tutti i servizi [ ... ]

Balcani occidentali, il flop della strategia UE di cooperazione regionale
Un recente studio della Bertelsmann Stiftung  si è concentrato sulla valutazione degli ultimi vent’anni di strategia di cooperazione regionale dell’Ue nei Balcani occidentali, visti dal [ ... ]

Covid-19, impennata di casi in Slovacchia, 419 nuovi positivi
Decisa impennata di nuove infezioni ieri in Slovacchia, dove è stato diagnosticato il Covid-19 a 419 persone su un totale di 5.540 test eseguiti. [ ... ]

Matovič: non permetterò a ignoranti irresponsabili di minacciare la salute pubblica
8 Questa mattina è stato diramato il numero di nuovi casi infetti da coronavirus in Slovachia, 419 nella sola giornata di ieri, un numero [ ... ]

Piano nazionale di ripresa, conflitto tra governo e opposizione su come usare i soldi
Si doveva tenere ieri una sessione parlamentare straordinaria con oggetto il piano nazionale di ripresa che dovrebbe essere finanziato dal programma Next Generation EU, [ ... ]

I telegiornali più obiettivi in Slovacchia sono quelli di RTVS
I notiziari televisivi più obiettivi del secondo trimestre del 2020 sono stati quelli dell’emittente pubblica RTVS, secondo il 22,5% dei telespettatori, seguita dai canali [ ... ]

Čaputová all’ONU: il vaccino contro il Covid sia “un segno di umanità, non una questione di profitto”
Mercoledì 23 settembre 2020, la presidente Zuzana Čaputová ha partecipato alla 75a Assemblea generale delle Nazioni Unite, che per la prima volta si svolge [ ... ]

Il “Primo soccorso” per datori di lavoro esteso a fine 2020. Finora aiuti per 557 milioni
Su proposta del ministero del Lavoro, e visto l’attuale sviluppo della situazione epidemiologica, il governo ha approvato mercoledì l’estensione del programma di “Primo Soccorso” [ ... ]

Borse di studio slovacche per l’anno accademico 2020/21
Nell’ambito del Programma di borse di studio del governo della Repubblica Slovacca per la mobilità studentesca è stata resa pubblica la possibilità di presentazione [ ... ]

La società statale austriaca ÖBB gestirà il collegamento ferroviario Bratislava-Komárno
Sarà la società statale austriaca ÖBB a gestire il collegamento ferroviario sulla linea Bratislava-Komárno nei prossimi due anni. A partire dal 13 dicembre, con [ ... ]

Dall’OMS l’elogio all’Italia: “Ha ribaltato la traiettoria del Covid con misure basate sulla scienza”
L’Organizzazione mondiale della Sanità omaggia, ancora una volta, l’Italia per la sua gestione dell’emergenza Coronavirus. Questa volta lo fa pubblicando un video su Twitter [ ... ]

Un mondo senza superpotenze e leadership, e sempre più caotico
L’era post-americana è il titolo di un libro del giornalista della Cnn Fareed Zakaria pubblicato nel 2011, in cui l’autore spiegava che il cambiamento del [ ... ]

Ministro: +20% contagi a settimana, non esclusa chiusura a Austria e Ungheria
Il numero di persone infettate dal virus Sars-Cov-2 in Slovacchia aumenta a un ritmo del 20% a settimana e diversi Uffici regionali di sanità [ ... ]

Dall’UE 780 milioni per la Slovacchia come sostegno alla crisi
Secondo quanto affermato dal ministro per gli Investimenti, lo sviluppo regionale e l’informatizzazione Veronika Remišová (Za ľudí), la Slovacchia dovrebbe ottenere 780 milioni di [ ... ]