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Today is: 11/24/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

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Slovak Spectator

The list aims to raise the profile of changemakers in emerging Europe
PAS Survey: State will benefit the most from higher surcharges
The price of butter has increased by 56 percent
€620,000 has been spent on the military training centre this year.
Originally, the tram track should have been put back in operation on November 15
The system is still not running as it should, and if the country fails to meet goals, it may be asked to pay back the money allocated from EU coffers.
Many tourists head to Slovakia because of mountain peaks and national parks. Erik Ševčík founded a travel agency that specialises in adventures in nature. Lately, his effort has caught the attention of Luxury Travel Guide and his business winning an award as Adventure Tour Operator of 2017.
The French American actor/director, who plays in a Slovak co-production film, said during a recent visit to Bratislava that eastern Europe, and other eastern countries still have what America has already and what western Europe is losing: the morality of art.
One of the proposal’s authors from the Smer coalition voted in May against a similar proposal authored by opposition deputies
EMA will not relocate to Slovakia - Job ads will have to state actual payrates - Trnava factory to produce electric cars
Well-known retail street in Bratislava appeared in top 100.
Non-governmental think-tank creates a map offering information about construction deadlines and current stages.
A company promises in its ad to offer household helpers who are hardworking and discreet.
Spending of Slovaks in shops is raising
The places you visit, people you befriend, experiences that leave their mark, they all become a part of you.
The Bratislava city council wants to revitalise the square by the end of 2018
This weekend, two of the biggest Christmas markets in the Slovak capital will open to visitors.
Patients unwilling to wait at the doctor’s office may be able to make appointments starting next year, for a fee of €50.
Unlike the Slovak premiere hockey league, Swiss, German and Russian leagues will take a break during the 2018 Winter Olympics.
If successful, the trade may create an indirect connection to all important media outlets in the country.
However, it still hasn't signed a new rental agreement with the city of Bratislava.
Slovakia will have to display unity and inventiveness for Brussels to recognise it among the cluster of “strange” democracies east of Germany
There will be new services added and the centre will become a visible landmark for better orienting.
Slovak pupils are below the OECD average in collaborative problem solving, international PISA tests have shown.
Hundreds of new jobs should be created in the foreseeable future in western Slovakia.
The “next generation” hospital network will provide acute medical care to the entire east of the country.
The former politician/TV manager accused of ordering the murder of his business partner received an electronic location bracelet.
The people of Slovakia deserve the credit for the remarkable progress that this country has made over the past twenty-five years, US ambassador writes.
The works of New York native, photographer Bruce Gilden, who has worked for five decades in the streets of the biggest cities, are on exhibit in the Kunsthalle (House of Arts) in Bratislava within the Month of Photography 2017.
In some defined cases, merchants will and online shops will not be allowed to require consumers to pay with a debit or credit card issued in another country; this means discrimination by online shops based on a consumer's location, a practice known as geo-blocking.
A total of 3.71 million guests were accommodated in Slovakia between January and August 2017.
They will also carry more passengers.
Though the artificial heart enables a normal life, the patient will remain on a transplant waiting list.
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between November 24 and December 3, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.
The smallest national park in Slovakia was officially opened in 1967.
The official outfit for Slovak athletes at the PyeongChang Olympic Games has been presented; the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOV) is not satisfied.
Villages in the Žitný Ostrov area may find a transportation solution in a new road under the feed channel.
The French carmaker re-evaluated original plans and announced it will produce electric motors in its Slovak plant.
Incumbent Košice Mayor Richard Raši claims that not all votes for him have been counted.
Are robots really taking over? What are the benefits and what are the risks?
The Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism analysed the information war in the Visegrad Group countries.
But his party can still bounce back if they do the things that make parties resilient.
Fraudulent mergers were a legal business model enabling unfair businesses to get rid of debts
The new routes will be launched next year
Labour market experts call for more attention to be paid to lack of qualified labour
The Slovak capital finished fourth in first round of vote for the seat of the prestigious European Medicines Agency
The film, which has been nominated to represent Slovakia at the Oscars, has had a successful festival life from the very beginning, as this is already the third award.
Former Foreign Ministry employee Zuzana Hlávková decried allegedly shady purchases at the Foreign Affairs Ministry one year ago
The Association of Road Transport Operators of the Slovak Republic claim a shell company via which a Belgian entrepreneur hires drivers from eastern Europe is behind the case
People may be able to recognise Slovakia’s neighbouring countries through associations with food, drinks, beautiful cities or well-known political events. But Slovakia remains very much "hidden".
The prizes awarded to Czech and Slovaks whose lives were impacted by totalitarian regimes and non-democracy were given at a ceremony in the Prague National Theatre.
Slovak-Polish cooperation will lead to a micro-museum with dozens of wooden church replicas.
The My Sme Les (We Are Wood) initiative was signed by more than 25,000 people
State company revokes promise of container terminal near Nitra, much needed by car maker Jaguar Land Rover.
The windstorm damaged 12,000 hectares of woods on November 19, 2004.
Environmentalist and documentary film-maker Erik Baláž awarded White Crow for fighting for the survival of the Tichá and Kôprová valleys
The tenth year of the White Crow award, celebrating young people and activists who break prejudices and go against the tide.
Researching under the transport infrastructure for future Jaguar Land Rover reveals new archaeological secrets.
What does the defeat in regional elections mean for the future of Slovakia’s strongest party?
But the differences are still lower than in most EU countries.
But not everybody is satisfied with some of the latest changes.
Ready for snow and ice? Here are some tips that will make your winter trip to the Slovak mountains the coolest yet.
It’s not that I thought sexually harassing women was okay, it’s more that I accepted that was just part of how things worked. Unfortunate, yes, but also standard.
Bear killed female elk.
Bats are closer to people than we realize.

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