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Unused silo block will turn into a landmark
Developer searching for building’s new function.

15-year-old researcher: Slovakia is far behind other countries in aerospace research
Jakub Nagy has invented the picoballoon. What is it and what is it good for?

How the state plans to help companies and the self-employed
The government has presented its first economy aid plan.

Slovakia has 22 new coronavirus cases
The total number of cases exceeded 310.

Calvary near Banská Štiavnica
Štiavnické Bane is also worth a visit.

Invest in Slovakia: Infrastructure & Real estate
Practical information from Investment Advisory Guide

Slavín WWII memorial will get a facelift
The plan to build the WWII museum here has not materialised yet.

Coping with the coronavirus: Slovakia opens some shops but tightens hygienic measures
The crisis staff has agreed on a number of new rules, valid as of Monday, March 30.

Air at Štrbské Pleso is 29 times healthier than in Bratislava
Experts examine the number of solid nanoparticles in the air.

Sagan was a winner the moment he began to pedal a bike
I enjoy my life, says the star of the cycling world.

How popular is Yogi in Yellowstone National Park?
Go on an adventure promising wild moments, including a selfie with bison.

Lana Del Rey and Friends. America makes students’ wishes come true
Mária and Patrícia embraced American culture in summer 2019.

Work & Travel USA: Will Covid-19 affect the programme?
The programme was created in 1961, reaching Slovakia after the Velvet Revolution.

Ancient coins in the east, “Rubberneck” in the west
Read a roundup of travel and culture stories for March 23-29, 2020.

Two patients recover from coronavirus (news digest)
Piešťany spa will be closed from April, while Lidl sends its elderly employees home. Read the overview of news from March 26.

Trend lays off its political reporters
The weekly has also temporarily changed its periodicity.

Private labs join the coronavirus testing
Sampling sites to be established in front of all hospitals.

A hike in Belianske Tatry resembles a walk on Mars
Belianske Tatry was closed in 1978, but not completely.

Good news from Slovakia: STU and Matador work on a lung ventilator prototype
They want to help in the most critical moments.

Despite a daily capacity of 1,000, only 300 tests are being carried out
PM Igor Matovič wants to significantly increase the number of tests per day by involving private and academic labs.

An initiative helps survivors of the totalitarian regime
The Post Bellum non-governmental organisation set up a special website and free phone line.

Slovak film distributor: The Japanese learned from the past. We too must change
Firms and people able to adapt to new circumstances will keep going.

Green light for government to collect data from mobile phones to halt the virus
Public Health Authority will collect data from telecom operators with the exception of the content of messages and phone calls.

Man at work sign is one of Bratislava's most popular landmarks
Most tourists don't leave Bratislava without a picture with the iconic Čumil.

Lex Corona softer than proposed, first red hospital emerged in Bratislava (news digest)
More medical material arrived in Slovakia. Your overview of news from March 25.

Helping hospitals with shields from 3D printers
The initiative is looking for volunteers with 3D printers at home.

Two parliamentary committees remain without chairs
Luboš Blaha and Marian Kotleba failed to get elected to the posts for the second time.

Economic measures in time of the coronavirus
Take a look at the measures that the government has introduced, pending cabinet and parliament approval.

‘Infodemic’ hit Slovakia as well
Fear and uncertainty are fertile ground for spreading of false content and conspiracies.

Former cake shop in Brezno will become communism museum
Town called on citizens to contribute and donate interesting exhibits.

Good news from Slovakia: People unite in the times of crisis to help medical staff
The new platforms managed to collect thousands of euros to help obtain necessary protective equipment.

The number of blood donors shrank. But blood is still needed
What measures are being applied due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Bad, worse, or worst. Central bank shows its scenarios for Slovak economy
Slovakia is headed into recession.

What kind of data the Slovak government wants to collect on people
It probably does not have the technology to determine exact location.

Nearly 16,000 firms in Slovakia said to be affected by COVID-19
Pubs and game rooms among those to be hit the hardest.

A bill to allow for usage of mobile carrier data valid until late 2020
Personal data protection is not absolute, Justice Minister Kolíková said.

Foreigners volunteer to help Slovakia, masks and tests arriving from China (news digest)
Prepare for cold nights. Your overview of news from March 24.

Schools will remain shut until further notice
Some key school-leaving exams have been cancelled, others postponed.

Staying at home? Here are some movies and series to pass the time
All cinemas are closed, so we have to rely on streaming services for entertainment.

Kiska’s departure will please Smer. The party should survive
When the ex-president Andrej Kiska founded Za Ľudí, he was ready to become a prime minister.

Migratory birds migrate above Zemplín
Storks and cranes arrive.

Legendary Tatramat changes name
Name change will not affect employees.

Aeolus travel agency no longer sells tours
Insolvency process with the company started in the Czech Republic.

Former PM Pellegrini donated €349,000 from the state budget shortly before he left
Not a cent of the PM's reserve was used to mitigating the impact of the pandemic, transparency watchdog noted. They believe the reserve should be cancelled.

Masks will be obligatory, new measures mainly aimed at the elderly
Cabinet and crisis staff sat well into the night, introduced new set of measures.

The police launch prosecution in the purchase of medical equipment
Incumbent head of state material reserves was interrogated also in connection to dubious purchases of flats.

Government sets up a permanent crisis staff for coronavirus situation (news digest)
Volkswagen Slovakia will prolong the suspension of its production, while Schaeffler Kysuce sent its employees on corporate holiday. Read the overview of news from March 23.

Producer of spirits modifies production: pure alcohol instead of vinegar
The plan is to supply the product to hospitals, pharmacies and producers of medical aids and disinfectants.

People like being smart. In banking and insurance too
What comes after mobile phone and smart watch payments? Banks have more solutions in the pipeline.

Ordinary PM has to cope with extraordinary times
Matovič rains on Pellegrini’s final parade: All we found was empty shelves.

Latest coronavirus updates: A positive gynaecologist and limited regime at Foreigners' Police
Some retailers have changed their opening hours, while several production plants decided to suspend their operation.

Hike from Podlesok to Kláštorisko and Malý Kyseľ
Look at the photos in our gallery.

Matovič criticises COVID-19 tests. Head of the material reserves will be dismissed
The decision came after the new prime minister checked the stores.

Good news from Slovakia: Seven coronavirus patients released from hospitals
They will stay in home isolation as a precaution.

Buongiorno Slovacchia COVID-19: i positivi in Slovacchia sono 269, +43 in un solo giorno, 2 i guariti
Nelle ultime 24 ore si è registrato il più alto incremento di nuovi positivi in Slovacchia. Ben 43 nuovi casi confermati di COVID-19, il che [ ... ]

Slovacchi all’estero, arrivate oltre 3640 richieste di rimpatrio
Il ministero degli Affari esteri slovacco intende fare uso dell’aereo del ministero degli Interni per rimpatriare numerosi slovacchi bloccati all’estero, anche se dovranno pagare [ ... ]

Matovič: faremo più test, dalla prossima settimana 3.000 al giorno
Nella giornata di ieri, come abbiamo dato conto qui, sono stati fatti il numero più alto di tamponi in Slovacchia dall’inizio della crisi sanitaria: [ ... ]

Coronavirus, il 90% degli slovacchi approva le misure preventive, il 3% non si preoccupa
Gli slovacchi sembrerebbero piuttosto disciplinati e in accordo con le misure adottate dal governo per arrestare la diffusione del coronavirus. Più del 90% degli [ ... ]

Io resto a casa – Parte I – di Michaela Šebőková
Abbiamo passato il primo periodo chiusi in casa. Chi da due, chi da tre, quattro, o cinque settimane. Assimilati i comportamenti preventivi, il nostro [ ... ]

Coronavirus: il 31 marzo sarà lutto in tutti i comuni d’Italia
Bandiere a mezz’asta e minuto di silenzio, osservato dal sindaco davanti al Municipio, in tutti i Comuni italiani, martedì 31 alle 12, in segno [ ... ]

Cosa succede intanto nel mondo
Stati Uniti-Venezuela Il 26 marzo il segretario alla giustizia statunitense Bill Barr ha annunciato l’incriminazione per “narcoterrorismo” del presidente venezuelano Nicolás Maduro. Washington ha [ ... ]

Coronavirus, così si attrezzano i paesi per l’emergenza sanitaria ed economica
Ovviamente, la prima cosa da fare è fermare la diffusione del virus. Sono però necessarie anche misure su ampia scala che rendano sostenibile il [ ... ]

Il primo ospedale COVID in Slovacchia sarà a Bratislava-Kramáre
Anche la Slovacchia comincia, dopo che prima la Cina, poi l’Italia e ora diversi paesi in Europa e oltreoceano stanno facendolo, a progettare un [ ... ]

Ministro della Salute: due pazienti di coronavirus di Košice sono guariti
Oggi il nuovo ministro della Salute Marek Krajčí (OĽaNO) ha annunciato in una conferenza stampa che finora ci sono due casi ufficiali di pazienti [ ... ]

Parlamento, approvate alcune misure socioeconomiche per genitori e imprese
Nel tardo pomeriggio di ieri in Parlamento è stato approvato con procedura accelerata e consenso unanime, un emendamento alla legge sulla previdenza sociale. Il provvedimento, [ ... ]

L’università STU e Matador sviluppano un prototipo di ventilatore polmonare
  L’Università tecnologica slovacca (STU) ha iniziato a sviluppare insieme al gruppo Matador un prototipo di ventilatore polmonare. Visto il veloce sviluppo della situazione sanitaria [ ... ]

Ambasciata: un altro autobus da Bratislava ha rimpatriato cittadini italiani
Riceviamo dall’Ambasciata d’Italia e e pubblichiamo Nella mattinata di ieri è partito da Bratislava un pullman, con circa 30 connazionali, diretto a Roma. Il [ ... ] COVID-19: i positivi sono 226 in Slovacchia fino a giovedì 26 marzo alle 11:00
Ci sono 10 nuovi casi confermati di malattia COVID-19 nella giornata di ieri in Slovacchia, come ha annunciato poco fa l’Autorità di salute pubblica (ÚVZ). Ieri [ ... ]

Il mondo digitale in fermento, app e soluzioni nell’era del coronavirus
Mentre gran parte dell’economia si è fermata in mezzo mondo per decisione dei governi, che tentano di ridurre gli impatti futuri della pandemia da [ ... ]

Arrivate ieri dalla Cina 74 tonnellate di materiale sanitario per il coronavirus
Ieri sono arrivate in Slovacchia 74 tonnellate di forniture mediche dalla Cina con un volo cargo speciale. Il materiale è stato scaricato dai militari [ ... ]

SAK: patrocinio legale gratuito per due settimane per tutti
La Camera slovacca degli avvocati (SAK) ha avviato un progetto di assistenza legale gratuita che può essere utilizzato da tutti fino al 7 aprile [ ... ]

Farnesina, unità di crisi al lavoro per gli italiani all’estero e il loro rientro
La Farnesina continua ad essere impegnata in prima linea per il supporto agli italiani all’estero, attraverso l’Unità di Crisi (+39 0636225), le Ambasciate e i Consolati italiani nel mondo. Si lavora per individuare, in [ ... ]

Cosa è successo a Bergamo, la città italiana più colpita dal virus
L’ultimo medico di famiglia della provincia di Bergamo a perdere la vita a causa del coronavirus è stato Vincenzo Leone, 65 anni, morto il 22 [ ... ]

Coronavirus: una cura anche per il commercio globale
Mai come ora, di fronte al Covid, è urgente ricondurre il commercio globale in una strategia che metta al centro dell’agenda politica nazionale ed [ ... ]