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Show us you belong and we will accept you. Poll shows Slovaks' attitudes to foreigners
The latest Focus poll unveils how an ideal foreigner looks to Slovaks, and if Slovakia can ever become a home to foreigners.

News digest: Ex-special prosecutor found guilty, while critical journalists charged
Ex-special prosecutor sentenced to 14 years. Several politicians critical of charges against Denník N journalists. Travel to Spain more complicated.

Former special prosecutor Kováčik found guilty
Judge sentences him to 14 years in prison for corruption.

Charges against Denník N journalists are unprecedented and unacceptable
Several politicians question the recent charges against Monika Tódová and Konštantín Čikovský.

Pope brings message of unity to a country in turmoil
It was nice while it lasted. Which wasn’t long.

Charges brought against two Denník N journalists
The charges concern a report from October 2018 on former journalist-turned-spy Peter Tóth.

Slovak cyclist Sagan wins Around Slovakia
He triumphed despite failing to win any of the five stages.

Fico’s Smer is gaining support, extremists would make it to the parliament
The election would be won by the non-parliamentary Hlas of Peter Pellegrini, the recent AKO poll shows.

Evening walks on this Bratislava square are pure magic thanks to old lanterns
Following their restoration, the lanterns have been lit up again.

Unvaccinated people face extensive restrictions in several districts
Only four districts will enjoy less strict rules from Monday.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 114 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of PCR-confirmed cases has exceeded 402,000.

Slovak president's Facebook picture goes viral. Who sewed her folk vest?
Zuzana Čaputová was given brúcnik during her visit to Orava.

News digest: Passport required when travelling from Slovakia to the UK again
Bratislava Mayor awarded for his green ideas. Pandemic edition of the White Night festival starts. Slovak batteries for e-cars passed international test.

Tests show InoBat Auto batteries beat the competition in range and durability
The Slovak company is already working on a new generation of batteries.

Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo receives World Mayor Future Award
He was acknowledged for his efforts to transform the Slovak capital into a green, compassionate city.

UPDATED: Heger announces a working group for rule of law, Sme Rodina won't take part
It will include representatives of courts, prosecutors, ministries and other institutions under the statute of the Security Council.

Weekend: Slovak folk songs translated into American jazz
The latest travel and culture stories from Slovakia. We've got you covered.

What is it with Slovakia and general prosecutors?
After a deceptively serene transition last year, the heartbreak has resumed.

News digest: Number of cases double in a week, state of emergency not ruled out
Meteorologists issued warnings against intense rainfall for the southern and western districts of Slovakia. There will be regular flights from two Russian cities to Bratislava.

Bratislava is ready for White Night. Here's all you need to know
A manual for the festival and seven sites selected by The Slovak Spectator.

Slovakia will have its first ever representative on the WHO Executive Board
Professor Jozef Šuvada will represent Slovakia.

Slovakia braces for third Covid wave as Health Ministry warns of infection peak in October
Pope visit not expected to have had major impact on epidemic.

At this castle, visitors become archaeologists
A new archaeological sandpit has opened at Pustý Hrad, near Zvolen, and people can dig out something they can keep as a souvenir.

Airline connection with Russia renewed, chartered flights continue
Summer might be over, but not seasonal chartered destination flights.

Clients have two more weeks to change their health insurer
The last day to submit an application to change health insurer is September 30.

Connecting families with neurodiverse or differently-abled children
Parents and children from Bratislava, Vienna and surroundings are invited.

Pope bid farewell to Slovakia: I carry you all in my heart
The four-day tour of Pope Francis in Slovakia is over, here is how it went.

Papal visit a sign of Roma's inclusion despite "problematic optics"
Foreign media report on the political dimension of Pope Francis' visit to Slovakia.

When the Church stops moving, it becomes ill, Pope Francis says
We must not reduce faith to mere sugar to sweeten our lives, Pope Francis says during national pilgrimage on his last day in Slovakia.

People started gathering in Šaštín since early morning
Tens of thousands are attending the mass with Pope Francis.

When you dream about love, do not believe in special effects, pope tells youth
He encouraged young people not to be impacted by sadness and pessimism.

Coalition yet to decide on the justice minister. Kolíková should stay, experts say
Veronika Remišová of Za Ľudí claimed that the ministry belongs to her party, but political analyst claims that her negotiation position is weak.

News digest: Pope Francis goes east, makes a point of visiting the Roma
Shops will close tomorrow due to a national holiday. New Bratislava bus station opens by the end of September.

Slovakia has found its most beautiful public park. Dogs love it too
Nineteen works entered in the Garden, Park and Detail of 2020 contest.

Swearwords and nicknames. Recordings of former general prosecutor's discussions played in court
Listening to the conversations recorded in the office and the car of Dobroslav Trnka dominated two days of the trial in September.

Pope to the Roma: We are all members of one team
Putting people in ghettos solves nothing, Francis said during his visit to Slovakia's largest segregated Roma neighbourhood.

Pope in Prešov: Humble love is the only strategy
For the first time in history, a pope served the Greco-Catholic liturgy in Slovakia.

Iranian comedian: I tried to be Slovak. It was a move in the wrong direction
In addition to reciting Sohrab Sepehri, stand-up comedian Nastaran "Nasi" Alaghmandan Motlagh speaks about the fjúžn festival and the period in her life when her family left Iran and moved to Slovakia.

Grand opening of new Bratislava bus station just weeks away
Developer promises an airport-like bus station.

Hundreds of nurses have left their jobs in Slovak health care
But the shortage of nurses is in the thousands.

Recalled archbishop and family meet Pope Francis in Bratislava
The meeting is another gesture of sympathy of the pope towards Bezák.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Da oggi solo 4 distretti verdi, aumentano quelli rossi e bordeaux
Da oggi 20 settembre la mappa dei distretti slovacchi del Covid automat riduce a solo quattro i distretti verdi (Dunajská Streda, Medzilaborce, Pezinok e [ ... ]

L’arcivescovo Babjak positivo al Covid, aveva concelebrato con papa Francesco
L’arcivescovo metropolita greco-cattolico di Prešov Ján Babjak è in quarantena dopo che sabato 18 settembre è risultato positivo a un test per il coronavirus. [ ... ]

Turismo slovacco: tre anni per ritornare ai livelli pre-pandemia
Il turismo in Slovacchia dovrebbe tornare ai numeri pre-pandemia entro tre anni, secondo quanto affermato da Václav Mika, direttore della Slovacchia Travel Agency, organizzazione [ ... ]

Governo: coalizione in fibrillazione, Sme Rodina si smarca
La recente scissione della quarta componente della coalizione di maggioranza ha provocato l’ultimo scossone nel governo slovacco, già molto provato nelle settimane scorse dalla [ ... ]

Continua la “guerra” tra SIS, procure e polizia. La giustizia deve aspettare
Nelle scorse settimane si è accentuata la guerra in corso tra forze dell’ordine, con nuove accuse incrociate e nuovi arresti di dirigenti di spicco, [ ... ]

Tangenziale di Bratislava, a giorni l’apertura al traffico veicolare
La tangenziale D4/R7 di Bratislava sarà quasi completamente aperta al traffico questa settimana. Mancheranno solamente le due sezioni dell’autostrada D4 tra Ivanka pri Dunaji [ ... ]

Bratislava accentra la differenziata, in 5 anni vuole arrivare al 45%
Il comune di Bratislava vuole raggiungere entro il 2026 l’obiettivo del 45% della separazione dei rifiuti urbani, che attualmente è a circa il 30%. [ ... ]

COP 26, Guterres: “Accordo di Parigi sul clima potrebbe fallire”
Commentando l’interim NDC registry pubblicato dall’United Nations framework convention on climate change (Unfccc), il segretario generale dell’Onu, António Guterres non ha nascosto la sua [ ... ]

Unicef lancia l’allarme sulle ore perse di scuola dai bambini nel mondo
Si stima che i bambini nel mondo abbiano perso 1,8 trilioni di ore di apprendimento in presenza dall’inizio della pandemia da COVID-19 e i [ ... ]

Alle frontiere della Slovacchia da lunedì controlli meno intensi
Il ministero degli Interni ha informato che con effetto dal 20 settembre 2021 il governo ha approvato una modifica metodologica al sistema di allerta [ ... ]

A ottobre la fiera SARIO del networking, iscrizioni già aperte
L’Agenzia slovacca per gli investimenti e lo sviluppo del commercio SARIO sta preparando una nuova edizione autunnale dell’evento internazionale di networking Slovak Matchmaking Fair [ ... ]

COVID-19 in Slovacchia, superati i mille casi giornalieri
In Slovacchia per la prima volta da mesi sono stati superati i mille casi giornalieri di coronavirus. Ieri sono stati registrati 1.151 nuovi casi [ ... ]

Ministero: prepariamo gli ospedali a nuova ondata di Covid
Mentre si superano per la prima volta dalla primavera i mille casi di coronavirus in un giorno, il ministero della Salute slovacco sta monitorando [ ... ]

Carenza microchip, in Slovacchia frenano produzione e vendite di auto
A causa della continua scarsità di microchip per l’industria automobilistica, un effetto collaterale e imprevisto della pandemia di coronavirus, si registra da un lato [ ... ]

Il ministero dell’Agricoltura chiarisce le priorità dei sussidi per il 2023-27
Il ministro dell’agricoltura Samuel Vlčan (OĽaNO) ha presentato le priorità delle sovvenzioni agricole nel paese per il quinquennio 2023-27, una Strategia di intervento che [ ... ]

Saranno 216 milioni i migranti climatici entro il 2050
Il rapporto “Groundswell Part 2: Acting on Internal Climate Migration”, pubblicato dalla Banca Mondiale,  rileva che «Il cambiamento climatico, un fattore di migrazione sempre più potente, [ ... ]

Le banche europee e quei 20 miliardi di euro nei paradisi fiscali
«Le banche europee hanno abbandonato i paradisi fiscali?», si chiede un report dell’EU Tax Observatory. La risposta, purtroppo, è negativa. L’analisi osserva infatti che, tra [ ... ]

L’inflazione in Slovacchia schizza al 3,8%, non succedeva da 9 anni
Nel mese di agosto i prezzi al consumo hanno registrato una crescita record del 3,8% su base annua, il tasso più alto dall’ottobre 2012 [ ... ]

Ministro: a fine settembre attesi fino a 3mila casi Covid al giorno
Secondo le stime del ministero della Salute, rivelate oggi dal ministro Vladimír Lengvarský il numero di nuovi casi giornalieri di coronavirus potrebbe variare tra [ ... ]

Francesco non ha fatto troppi sconti ai politici, che però lo hanno apprezzato
Nel corso della sua visita in Slovacchia, Papa Francesco non ha risparmiato critiche più o meno velate ai governanti attuali e passati del paese, [ ... ]