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Year of Volunteering in Žilina Region
The volunteering project provides transport cards by local transport companies for long-term volunteers, with a credit.

News digest: Curfew to be partially lifted as of Monday
Shops, zoos, galleries, museums, hairdressers and others are preparing for opening.

Travelling between districts possible again, people will need a test for shopping
The cabinet approved new curfew rules that will come into force on Monday.

State institution in Slovakia became target of ransomware attacks
The National Security Authority is urging them to secure and backup their systems immediately.

Bratislava plans to upgrade 25 public spaces this year
The city is working on a manual for public spaces to set unified principles for maintaining and developing public spaces in the capital.

Rules for crossing borders change on Monday. Self-isolation and testing remain a condition
Exceptions apply to cross-border commuters from neighbouring as well as other EU countries.

CORRECTION: Conditions for crossing borders change from April 19
Vaccinated people still have to undergo quarantine.

Slovakia is not sexy, nor a trendsetter, report claims
The best Los Angeles Kings’ Slovak players, and a Slovak rapper introduced to Nigeria.

Coronavirus in Slovakia: 636 new cases confirmed (graphs)
The total number of cases has exceeded 374,000.

ŠÚKL: We will not succumb to political pressure
The head of the medicines agency faces anonymous death threats. It is becoming ever harder to lead the organisation after the attacks from Matovič.

Warnings sounded over low vaccination uptake among elderly
Slovakia struggles to get older people inoculated as Health Ministry announces younger groups can register for jab.

When feelings count for more than lives
Why are Slovaks still dying in horrific numbers from a preventable disease?

News digest: President wants the Sputnik contract to become public, Matovič has not even read it
Rules for wearing masks and respirators will change. The pandemic committee has proposed that vaccinated people should not have to undergo testing anymore.

One reason the Russians are demanding Sputnik V back is that Slovakia did not pay
Matovič emphasised that it was not the actual reason. The actual reason according to him was that it was “a matter of honour”.

Slovaks recall the Duke of Edinburgh’s sense of humour
What was it like to meet Prince Philip? Some Slovaks know well.

New audio-visual guide will lead visitors through Trnava
The app helps tourists to explore the old and the newer history of the town.

More people died than were born in Slovakia for the first time in 17 years
The number of people who immigrated to the country significantly exceeded the number of people who emigrated.

Customs tariffs to be expanded even for low-value goods
The change is part of a broader European eCommerce project.

Slovaks more of bear huggers
Majority of Slovaks inclined to see Russia as a victim of the West, recent Globsec research showed.

Slovakia will receive additional Pfizer vaccines
Meanwhile, the health minister commented on reported attempts to purchase vaccines outside the official EU system.

Some hairdressers are fully booked. They are planning to reopen despite lack of clarity in rules
The cabinet is expected to discuss conditions on Monday's reopening of shops and services on Friday.

President: Lab certification not the reason why Russians want Sputnik V back
The president indirectly suggested that Finance Minister Igor Matovič did not tell the truth about the deal, calls for the contract to be made public.

News digest: Ministry should soon specify whether it will publish Sputnik V contract
Slovakia should receive thousands of additional Pfizer vaccines. A Slovak made it to the shortlist of the dearMoon project.

Russia has reportedly asked Slovakia to accept another delivery of Sputnik V
Meanwhile, the possibility to disclose the contract for the purchase of the Russian vaccine will be subject to legal analysis.

People in Slovakia limited social contact more than those in the Czech Republic
Mostly those who fear the virus are unwilling to meet with other people, the poll shows.

German architects design the new look of Bratislava's three central squares
SNP, Velvet Revolution and Kamenné Squares will undergo reconstruction that should join them into one public space.

Ground squirrels wake up following winter
Ground squirrels occupy a famous meadow in Muránska Planina national park.

Shops will reopen after four months and should not be in need of customers
The situation can also be favourable thanks to anticipated economic growth and labour market development, according to an analyst.

The number of deaths continues breaking long-term averages
Every fifth deceased person was younger than 65.

Health Ministry makes vaccination against Covid-19 accessible to some groups of foreigners
Third-country nationals without public health insurance left out of system.

We are serving fiction to children as if it was the real world
Top psychiatrist Michal Patarák talks about how the pandemic toll tests mental health.

News digest: Easter does not seem to prevent the country from lifting measures
Vaccination opened for another age group. The ministerial approval for Sputnik V does not concern vaccines delivered to Slovakia, according to the health minister.

People from another age group can now register for Covid vaccination
Age limit may be completely scrapped, the health minister admitted.

UPDATED: Measures will be lifted from April 19. What will open?
Slovakia will switch to the dark red tier. All shops and services will reopen.

Sputnik V could have been rolling out in Slovakia for weeks
The evaluation report from Hungary may come just weeks or days before the EMA authorises the Russian vaccine.

Discrimination against Roma remained prevalent, Amnesty International says
The report details how Slovakia addressed the pandemic in marginalised settlements.

Hungarian contract on Sputnik V shows that Russia bears no responsibility
Hungarians are obliged to pay 100 percent of the sum whether they want the vaccines or not.

Firefighters called out due to strong wind, meteorologists warn against more
It is not recommended to park cars in risky places.

News digest: Older pupils will return to school after six months
President Čaputová wants to see the agreement on Sputnik V. Cold weather will return.

Casting doubt on the quality of our scientific institutions is unacceptable, president says
President Zuzana Čaputová will ask for an agreement on the purchase of Sputnik V.

Trip to Budapest harmed Slovakia’s diplomatic service
Current and former diplomats comment on visit of Finance Minister Igor Matovič to Budapest concerning Sputnik V.

Matovič demonstrates how to dismantle everything in two days
OĽaNO politicians seem to think they are applying the highest political virtue. Could they be more wrong?

Efforts to build new generation of tourist shelters spark enormous interest
However, trends in combination with social networks may be a double-edged sword, photographer of Slovak shelters opined.

Schools will open for more pupils on April 19
At the same time, the schools will follow the regional alert system from April 26.

In the nest of silence: Lednica Castle and Skalka
Discover a fairy-tale castle ruins and a mysterious monastery in Trenčín Region.

Nitra wants to become the European Capital of Culture
The town plans to build a transportable sauna.

Finance Minister Matovič should apologise, head of the Institute of Virology claims
President Zuzana Čaputová plans to visit the testing institutions that checked the Russian vaccine.

The coalition crisis harmed the ruling party of Igor Matovič
Nearly all ruling parties fell in the recent Focus poll, apart from Sme Rodina.

Volunteering persists in Slovakia, despite the challenges of pandemic
Volunteering still lacks the prestige it enjoys in more western countries.

If Bratislava had “talking statues”, they would gossip about Sputnik
Andrew Giarelli’s novel explores Rome’s centuries-long tradition of putting social commentary on statues.

Heger: The decision to make Matovič discuss Sputnik V was pragmatic
The prime minister also commented on the recent statements of an OĽaNO MP.

Another age group can now register for vaccination
The Health Ministry opened the registration for people older than 45 years.

Russia’s vaccine diplomacy received a blow
Several foreign media have reported on the recent dispute over the Russian vaccine Sputnik V in Slovakia.

Sputnik V was checked by a lab after ex-minister Krajčí’s request
Both the ministry and the drug control authority were notified about the lacking registration but had no objections, said head of the Biomedical Research Centre.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Da lunedì nessun distretto nero in Slovacchia, e inizia la riapertura
Il governo ha approvato mercoledì, in accordo con il sistema di allerta per il monitoraggio dello sviluppo dell’epidemia e l’adozione delle misure antiepidemiche a [ ... ]

Rientri in Slovacchia, da lunedì 19 no alla quarantena per i guariti e i vaccinati
A partire da lunedì 19 aprile verranno adeguate le condizioni in vigore ai valichi di frontiera per gli ingressi in Slovacchia, e i conseguenti [ ... ]

COVID-19, raggiunto il plateau. Gli ospedali cominciano a respirare
Nelle ultime 24 ore sono state più di 1.400 le persone cui è stata confermata l’infezione da COVID-19 in Slovacchia, secondo la nota quotidiana [ ... ]

Heger a Praga nel suo primo viaggio estero da premier
Il primo ministro Eduard Heger ha fatto ieri la prima visita ufficiale all’estero da quando è entrato in carica il 1° aprile scorso. Destinazione [ ... ]

Truffe telefoniche in Slovacchia: anche un connazionale caduto nella rete
Pensiamo che a noi non succederà perché siamo sufficientemente svegli e navigati. Ma non siamo sempre così accorti come pensiamo, perché le circostanze del [ ... ]

Bratislava raddoppia la superficie delle foreste tutelate
La capitale slovacca ha concluso un accordo che è stato definito storico con l’amministrazione statale delle foreste demaniali Lesy SR per limitare il disboscamento [ ... ]

Coronavirus, mutazione inglese sul 95% dei campioni slovacchi
L’Ufficio della sanità pubblica slovacca informa sul proprio sito web dei risultati del sequenziamento dei campioni positivi al coronavirus per marzo 2021. Il sequenziamento, gestito [ ... ]

Istituto di cultura: in Slovacchia a maggio mostra di Corrado Cagli
La Slovacchia rende omaggio all’arte di Corrado Cagli, con la mostra “Paura del totem” che sarà inaugurata giovedì 20 maggio, alle ore 17.00, negli spazi della Považská galéria [ ... ]

Ucraina sotto la minaccia russa, Zelenskij chiede aiuto all’Europa
Volodimyr Zelenskij è il presidente di un paese, l’Ucraina, che potrebbe essere alla vigilia di una guerra totale. Zelenskij si trova a Parigi per [ ... ]

Irlanda del Nord, proteste e violenza contro la Brexit di Boris Johnson
Dura da 23 anni la pace in Irlanda del Nord, raggiunta dopo una guerra civile lunga trent’anni e nella quale sono morte 3.700 persone: [ ... ]

L’UE punta sull’idrogeno con una rete da 40mila km e 21 paesi
L’Europa sta puntando con forza sull’idrogeno tra i vettori energetici per sostenere la transizione ecologica, e questo comporta uno sforzo importante non solo sul [ ... ]

Globsec: gli slovacchi si confermano tra i popoli più filorussi in Europa
La popolazione della Slovacchia, insieme a quelle di Serbia, Bulgaria e Montenegro, sono tra le più russofile nelle regioni dell’Europa centrale e dei Balcani, [ ... ]

Termina il 30 aprile l’amnistia per la detenzione di armi illegali
Rimangono ancora pochi giorni ai cittadini in Slovacchia per la consegna di vecchie armi da fuoco detenute senza permesso. Nel mese di marzo alle [ ... ]

71 anni fa la “Notte dei barbari”: internati migliaia di monaci e suore
Nella notte tra il 13 e il 14 aprile 1950 membri della sicurezza nazionale (l’allora SNB equiparabile all’odierna polizia di Stato), insieme alle milizie [ ... ]

Detti e proverbi – Ostať na ocot
Gentili lettori di BuongiornoSlovacchia, vi diamo il benvenuto nella nostra rubrica. Oggi affrontiamo insieme un breve dialogo tra due ragazze. Riuscite a interpretare tutti [ ... ]

Governo pronto ad approvare il Piano di ripresa il 28 aprile
Dopo la riunione di ieri del consiglio dei ministri, il premier Eduard Heger (OLaNO) ha dichiarato che il governo dovrebbe approvare il Piano di [ ... ]

Nella seconda settimana di aprile in Slovacchia 4500 infrazioni a norme Covid
Dalle azioni di controllo della polizia in relazione al rispetto delle misure antiepidemiche in vigore, concentrate in particolar modo sui confini dei distretti, sui [ ... ]

Italia: validità di patenti e carte di identità, proroghe in scadenza
Il Decreto della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri del 3 novembre 2020 aveva stabilito una ulteriore proroga – a causa dell’emergenza COVID-19 – per [ ... ]

Commissione UE: ancora nessun Stato ha presentato il suo Piano di ripresa
La Commissione europea prevede di prendere in prestito sui mercati dei capitali almeno 150 miliardi di euro ogni anno fino al 2026 per finanziare [ ... ]

Giornata del Patrimonio mondiale: il mondo celebra monumenti e siti culturali
Il patrimonio culturale mondiale rappresenta la ricchezza condivisa dell’Umanità. Proteggere e preservare questo prezioso bene richiede sforzi collettivi da parte della comunità internazionale, impegnata [ ... ]