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Today is: 3/27/2017
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Slovak Spectator

Also the number of transactions made by payment cards increased in annual comparison.
Young photographer Šimon Trnka is proving the beauty of (not only) Slovak mountains in his photographs.
The only countries with cheaper one- to five-year fixation mortgages at the end of last year were Germany, France, Austria, Finland and Luxembourg.
The consecrated bell will travel to Vatican as a gift for Pope Francis.
Smartphone applications bring additional value to internet banking via faster access and higher security.
Some observers call for scrapping the state-subsidised mortgages for the young.
Two new elements were added to The Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia.
The painting of the ruler hangs in the Primate’s Palace.
Exhibitions, conferences, coronation festivities and more.
Jana Dubovcová talks about her performance as ombudswoman, and the topics that remain for her successor.
As Mrs Dubovcová has discovered, there is scant political passion when it comes to abuses of human rights – that is, the rights of each and every one of us
The Slovak Spectator reviews some of the cases which Ombudswoman Jana Dubovcová has cited in her reports.
“I only kicked him in the head.”
One of the main characters in the movie Únos, about Slovak politicians and the mafia in the 90’s has a message for politicians.
Financial Administration sees measures taken to combat tax frauds and evasion as behind the improvement.
Slovaks consume 466 plastic bags annually, more than double the EU average.
The aim of the campaign is to point out the fast depletion of natural resources, climate change and pollution.
Over the past few years, none of 30 Slovak hospitals with certificate have asked to be inspected by UNICEF.
Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between March 24 and April 2, including spring festivals of classical music, jazz concerts, a classical ballet performance, a historical train ride to UNESCO sites in the Spiš region, an exhibition of old photographic techniques in modern use, and more.
Britain will trigger Article 50 to leave the EU on 29 March. She and her EU partners could, and should, guarantee the rights of their citizens living abroad – including tens of thousands of Slovaks in the UK. That they have not is a disgrace.
The mayor of a village lying close to Bratislava was charged with bribery after two specific cases of bribery.
The Slovak Foreign Ministry has obtained no information indicating that Slovak nationals were among the injured in the London terrorist attacks.
Foreigners from countries outside the European Union will be allowed to get seasonal jobs even without having a temporary residence visa in Slovakia, due to a bill passed in parliament on March 23.
Slovakia ended up in the top 20 among the 127 evaluated countries.
EC says commitments by Gazprom would improve trade in Russian gas in Europe.
The charges could still allow Bašternák to pay his tax debt and be acquitted.
Acclaimed author and screenwriter of the recently adapted novel A Monster Calls arrives in Bratislava to introduce his book More than this.
A man aged 22 – a self-employed subcontractor – suffocated on a platform during the construction of the Nitra-based plant of the Jaguar Land Rover carmaker.
The two main defendants, former SNS ministers, refused to plead guilty; but if a third defendant does so, they may end up with tougher sentences.
The bookstore is awarded third place for its customer-friendly email responses.
She pointed to unlawful conduct of police officers and lack of wheelchair access at several facilities.
SaS points to the increasing influence of the financial group Penta in the health sector; the company says it is only trying to improve the quality of health care.
Six time winner says he is glad he can spread the good name of Slovakia abroad.
The verdict may help in similar cases in the future, the plaintiff’s representatives hope.
MPs addressed the Interior Ministry with a request following the criticism of Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko.
The judge is expected to issue a verdict in early April.
Tips for performances and other events in the capital between March 24 and Apr 2, including concerts, ballet, dance, comedy show, meeting, courses, festivals, exhibitions and more.
HR experts say shortage of labour will continue to be the main labour market challenge.
Parliament overrode president’s veto of the amendment to the election act.
The elections would be won by Smer, though with only 27 percent of the vote.
This is the third sentence concerning the attacks in front of the bar, but the main trial still waits for expert opinion.
The popular square in downtown Bratislava will be turned into a park, including a terrace offering a view of the Danube river, a pavilion for cultural events, an open area for walking dogs and a playground.
The scandal surrounding Brazilian meat is unprecedented, Slovak Agriculture Ministry says, noting that the country is the world’s biggest exporter of red meat, supplying 150 countries around the globe.
It is hard to rehabilitate victims of socialist crimes and even harder to punish the people responsible for them, according to the Nation’s Memory Institute.
A Slovak movie that enchanted the children’s jury at Berlinale, garnering the Crystal Bear, now makes it into domestic cinemas after the premiere at Febiofest, with some screenings slated with English subtitles.
The intelligence agency focuses on, among other things, tense relations between Russia and the West and related propaganda activities.
The case goes back to 2012 when the businessman asked for excessive VAT refunds.
MPs are expected to discuss the coalition proposal in late March.
They describe Trump as an enemy of environmental protection who cast doubts on serious environmental threats.
If they do not agree with the management on increasing wages, a general strike may begin in April.
Carmakers in western Slovakia report lack of accommodation.
The track might be put into operation within two years.
Three policemen are accused of power abuse.
President Kiska sends an open letter to Labour Minister Richer and calls on him to examine the case immediately.
Ivan Chenko from the real estate developer HB Reavis with assets of $1.1 billion is on the Forbes billionaires list.
Extremists from ĽSNS will support the coalition proposal, but talks with other opposition parties continue.
Some time at the end of the 1920s, Czech painter Václav Malý climbed the steep slope of Čebrať Hill, and from there he painted a panoramic picture of the town Ružomberok.
Slovak alpine skiing marked a great triumph on March 18, as Petra Vlhová won in a slalom race at the World Cup Finals in the American city of Aspen and her older compatriot Veronika Velez-Zuzulová ended up fourth.
Developments for improving rates even more are planned, says minister.
The disciplinary proceeding against former justice minister, ex-chair of the Supreme Court (SC) and Jusicial Council, Štefan Harabin, ended with an acquittal.
Overlooked by guidebooks, Slovakia is a worthy European destination without the crowds, The Washington Post wrote about the country in mid-March.
Former senior police officer points at suspicious actions of the police during raids of firms belonging to businessman Ladislav Bašternák who rose to fame because of his high-profile political connections.
Scarce promotion among primary school pupils and their parents, and insufficient financial motivation for companies are among the most cited reasons of why the system struggles.
It is hard to say how the current geopolitical situation will impact automotive industry contractors, but for now their situation is good.

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