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Today is: 4/26/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

Webcams in Slovakia

Slovak Spectator

OĽaNO wants Danko to step down as parliament’s speaker after what they call an unprecedented measure.
Ľubomír Rehák won the poll of the London-based magazine Tata Diplomat. The Slovak ambassador to the United Kingdom, Rehák, became the European Diplomat of the Year on April 24.
The World Association of Slovaks Living Abroad will specify the details only after purchasing the building.
Taxi drivers plan a protest drive in Bratislava on April 26.
Ladislav Bašternák, known as a crony of several top Smer politicians and charged with not paying taxes and levies, filed a complaint concerning the decision of the investigator.
President Kiska has dispersed all questions surrounding his future in politics before Easter, when he announced he was not planning to run for parliament.
Brands need to focus on doing good and that this approach is the only option if they want to stay relevant, credible and even profitable, says Thomas Kolster.
Some defendants in the corruption scandal of the first Fico government claim they are innocent.
The biggest airport in Austria is lobbying to construct a third runway, using Slovakia as a deterrent example.
They claim that foreign workers do not have the same conditions as their Slovak colleagues.
66 percent of them went to non-EU citizens.
The 25-year-old Italian suffering from the disease studies in Košice.
Protesters gave the government two weeks to fulfil their demands.
The most condensed overview of Slovak cinematography is the Week of Slovak Film that takes place in April.
The company is losing a key figure – inventor Štefan Klein.
This summer, the USA military convoy will drive through Slovakia en route to NATO exercises.
Its first session is planned for the autumn.
At least 2,064 homeless people live in the capital city.
The general government deficit of Slovakia dropped below 1.7 percent last year.
Gradually 55 bilingual signs will be installed by the end of September.
Dissatisfied taxi drivers will go on a protest ride from Petržalka to Lamač on Wednesday.
One of Slovakia’s media schools has invited a well-known conspiracy theorist to an academic conference. What does this say about the state of the Slovak media?
Controversial historian invited to speak about Slovakia’s wartime president; Israeli Embassy condemns decision.
A foreigners' real experience at the foreigners’ police department in Bratislava.
French citizens who live and/or work permanently in Slovakia made Emmanuel Macron their winner of presidential election’s first round, while Francois Fillon ended second.
The year 2016 was second worst in numbers of Slovak companies that ceased to exist since the beginning of the financial crisis, an analysis found.
A survey shows that in the scandal concerning overpriced orders of the Slovak presidency of the Council of EU, public trust the whistleblower, Zuzana Hlávková, rather than the Foreign Ministry which organised them.
The theft in a Slovak army ammunition store in Trenčín provoked a thorough stocktaking in military stores; however, the army is not willing to specify if anything else is missing.
After criticism from coalition MPs for flying and a troublesome car trip, Slovak President Kiska to commute to Bratislava by international train, boarding it in his hometown of Poprad.
The Slovak Spectator brings you a selection of hoaxes from the past two weeks.
Among the several film festivals taking place in Slovakia, one combines the four countries of the Visegrad Group – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The sixth year of the Visegrad Film Forum, between April 25 and 29, offers a lot of film screenings, lectures on film and TV production, meeting the filmmakers and masterclasses.
Are Slovaks scared of foreigners? The stories of those who are trying to make their homes here suggest that ignorance and bureaucratic inertia, rather than fear, cause more problems. But the situation might be improving.
Expected arrival to Slovakia is the end of April.
A new record was created in the “Easter Village.”
The book BA!! Places of Living Culture 1989-2016 brings authentic accounts about 38 independent cultural spots in Bratislava.
Software company Eset is eyeing the premises for its new R&D centre.
Voters and consumers feel powerless and angry. But sometimes the system does actually work, after a fashion.
Near Rainer cottage is a painted Easter egg built from snow.
“You are asking this question based on what some 10,000 people demand, but what about the 350,000 people who gave him their preferential votes?”
Purchase will cost 1.2 billion euros.
Research showed, that nurses are not satisfied with their salaries.
RÚZ has begun to believe that discussing the minimum wage is a waste of time.
The approaching tourist season and applications for passports will prolong the waiting times.
If Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák decides to dismiss Police president Tibor Gašpar for political reasons, he will respect it.
The Fjúžn festival annually presents interesting musical projects from people who cross borders, literally or symbolically. This year, the headliner of the main festival concert on April 22 will be the French-Iraqi band A

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