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Today is: 1/16/2018
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- Headlines from Slovakia

Webcams in Slovakia

Slovak Spectator

The state of disrepair of the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre has threatened operation.
Among the biggest successes was solving the murder of prominent lawyer Ernest Valko.
Social partners agree upon a compromise solution.
Inflation is fuelled by growing food and service prices.
This klopačka tower is one of only five preserved in Slovakia.
The Sme daily celebrates 25 years since its founding. It is of immense importance that it remains independent and free, writes its editor-in-chief.
Czech voters living in Slovakia voted differently than those in the Czech Republic during the Czech Presidential Election.
One of the most photogenic mountains in the Malá Fatra range is open in the winter, too.
The Slovak cyclist is the first foreign racer to win this event since 2015.
The popular Opera Ball continues its mission to help disabled children.
The newspaper, which was established as a protest against autocratic power, has been published for 25 years.
Two recent examples of hoaxes show how “alternative media” manipulate and chase likes on old and distorted stories.
Slovakia is still seventh in the EU’s energy intensity ranking.
The latest trends in the sector include smart systems, local source and renewable energy.
Some of the chocolate art pieces are decorated with gold or silver.
A documentary series of 10 videos raises questions as to whether we can produce the same good wine as our ancestors, what the life of a foreigner who does not speak Slovak is like and why people move out of Bratislava to the countryside.
Organized by a woman, three showed up in the driver’s seat.
The US Department of State wants to provide travellers with clear, timely, and reliable information.
It was significantly affected by a massive increase in Ireland’s real GDP.
The project will be a public-private partnership.
The low-cost airline operates dozens routes from Bratislava.
The government is changing investment stimuli policy to attract more R&D and new technologies.
Tension between Kiska and Smer continues.
Former SIS member Kosík confirmed for the Sme daily in December that he was a member of the commando that kidnapped the president’s son.
The number of gambling venues reduces due to the city’s ban on gambling as well as new legislation
The line serves the large Slovak community living in Rajka
The castle continues its transformation.
The statements were condemned by both Slovak culture minister and the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
At the same time, graft scandals will continue to erode approval ratings for conventional parties, paving the way for fringe parties and protest groups to gain influence, according to the BMI Research analysis.
Instead of adopting “the largest education reform in the past 25 years”, the Education Ministry quickly made several changes to its operation in late 2017.
Robots unburden people from heavy, unhealthy and boring work
Environmentalist Mikuláš Huba received the Ľudovít Štúr Order 1st class for his work from President Andrej Kiska.
The Slovak cyclist is expected to meet with Pope Francis in a private audience. He will gift a bicycle.
Several changes in hospital fees are planned for this year.
Among other things, conditions for third-country nationals will change to comply with the 2016 EU directive.
The robbery in Bratislava of jewellery worth almost €900,000 – not €500,000 as originally calculated – probably involves foreigners.
The company might relocate one of its plants unless hiring foreigners gets easier in Slovakia.
The week of Silvester festivities was filled with a dizzying array of foods and activities, while I slept in the basement. The Accidental Hotelier reports about the holiday season in Osturňa.
The queue machine stops issuing tickets due to a high number of applicants at the Foreigners’ Police Department in Dunajská Streda.
There are more than 30 public charging stations in the capital; at most of them drivers will re-charge their e-cars free of charge
The airport in southeast Slovakia calls the year 2017 the most successful in connecting this part of the country with other regions and countries, also thanks to new lines.
The ski resorts in the High Tatras are happy with the visitors’ rate during the “high season” of the winter holidays; but the programme continues, with an ice-sculpting competition this weekend.
Six recent cases of measles reported in Bratislava has made health authorities prepare an immunology report – the first in 15 years.
Former Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) member, from the task force that abducted the son of then-president, revealed to Sme that the kidnapping was overseen by then-SIS head.
The current representatives accuse the former governor of purchasing the devices for too much, but he rejects this.
The country wants to be among the most progressive countries in the question of taxing IT giants, according to the finance minister.
The human traffickers responsible may spend up to 12 years in prison.
Most of the cases were, however, people who did not leave after their legal stay permit expired.
Workers of the company based in Spišská Nová Ves announced they have been on strike alert since January 8.
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between January 12 and January 21, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.
Reporters Without Borders (RWB) warn that media independence in Slovakia could be threatened by this step.
Lower imports only stressed foreign trade surplus for last November, causing a surprising result, macro-economic analyst opines.
Under this historical construction, attractive exhibition site will be created soon. Pod historickou stavbou čoskoro vznikne atraktívne výstavné miesto.
The international football association put two Slovaks on the list of most promising talents for 2018, which is a huge honour.
The website specialising in the labour market recorded almost 275,000 job offers, with the numbers rising in all regions of Slovakia.
Every year the competition grows, getting tougher for Slovakia to maintain its good standing.

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