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Former secret agents collect dirt on people and offer their services
People who conducted the illegal surveillance of journalists prior to the murder of Kuciak included several former intelligence service agents.

Theatre of the Oppressed gives a voice to the unheard
In forum theatre, audience members, referred to as “spect-actors”, can stop the play at any time and intervene.

Smugglers sentenced to life for the death of migrants near Parndorf
The dead bodies were discovered in a van on August 2015.

How has climate change affected Slovakia in the past centuries?
A graph shows an increasing temperature in the country.

Čaputová remained loyal to tradition. She visited the Czech Republic first
The new Slovak president meets with her Czech counterpart Miloš Zeman and speakers of the Senate and the parliament.

Spectacular Slovakia #40: What do Slovakia and Scandinavia have in common?
It has something to do with four articular Lutheran churches in Slovakia. Listen to the latest episode below to find out more.

Moldava raid: Instead of victims, Roma become defendants
The brutal police raid of a Roma settlement in Moldava nad Bodvou, eastern Slovakia, happened six years ago.

World Refugee Day: A whole world under one umbrella
With all of the prejudice and the anti-migration movement, it is very important that someone is saying the opposite, says organiser of Umbrella March.

Levoča hit by a supercell storm
A supercell is very common in the USA and can cause a tornado.

More than eight in ten teachers are women
Young teachers and textbooks are the biggest challenges to be tackled, OECD's study shows.

The government has nominated Šefčovič for the European Commission
Slovakia's Commission Vice-President for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič is expected to occupy one of the top EC posts.

Čaputová says "inhabitants". What does that say about her?
Politicians set the tone of the conversation for good or for worse.

Prepare for the re-routing of trams in Bratislava
First phase of reconstruction of the tram track to Karlova Ves and Dúbravka will last until September.

Chinese and Israeli companies will invest in AeroMobil
AeroMobil can now launch the sale of the new 4.0 flying car model.

Weather warning: Risk of thunderstorms in Slovakia
The first-level warning was extended for all of Slovakia also to June 20, being in effect between 11:00 and 21:00.

A Canadian professor accused of sexual abuse gets 7 years in Slovak prison
Canadian anthropologist David Scheffel, prosecuted in the case of sexual abuse of Roma girls in 2017, has appealed the decision.

Do not miss Liptov's fairy-tale sand sculptures
Carvers from three countries worked on the sculptures.

A retail chain sold meat contaminated with salmonella in Slovakia
The EU's food and feed safety alerts system failed to inform the public in time about the contaminated chicken legs and wings imported from the Czech Republic.

Is Slovak bryndza really Slovak?
Slovak bryndza cheese has to contain at least 50 percent of sheep milk from Slovakia. This is often not the case though.

Five MPs quit parliamentary OĽaNO caucus
Veronika Remišová is one of the renegades. She is rumoured to be headed to former president Andrej Kiska's new party.

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between June 21 and June 30, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.

Beatles photographer will have his photo exhibited
There will be another place to stop by in Banská Štiavnica.

Have you postponed your tax return from March? The deadline is drawing near
Up to 190,000 subjects will have to declare and pay their taxes by July 1.

Police carry out raids linked to surveillance of journalists
Raids are being conducted in three Slovak cities, including Bratislava.

Čaputová to appoint remaining judges only if parliament gets its 'homework' done
The parliament has elected 12 candidates, but MPs have to elect another six names for the president.

Six moments that marked Andrej Kiska’s presidency
His tenure was affected by disputes with the ruling Smer party, but also some scandals.

Defence Ministry will have its own tender for transporters checked
The opposition says the tender conditions were tailored for a particular bidder.

Women earn one fifth less than men in Slovakia
The gender pay gap is one of the biggest in the EU.

Bratislava's summer beach went green this summer
Magio beach will use recycled plastic cups on deposit.

What do we know about Kiska’s emerging party?
We have each others' phone numbers, Kiska said when asked about being open to joining forces with the democratic opposition.

Prices of meat and accommodation drove May inflation
On the other hand, fuel prices had a negative impact on annual inflation.

We eat about 5 grams of microplastics a week
Problem also evident in Slovakia.

Fico does not plan to leave
Smer chair considers the criticism of some party members a stray call.

A spy allegedly involved in Golunov’s detention is active in Slovakia
The Ján Kuciak Investigative Centre revealed property and business activities of an FSB agent in Slovakia, near Bratislava.

Where to cool down in Bratislava and surroundings
Whether you prefer a swimming pool or a lake, there are many possibilities.

Bases of tower from turn of the 13th and 14th centuries found while reconstructing the castle
Jingle bell and two coins among findings.

Inauguration of Zuzana Čaputová (pictures)
Take a look at pictures from the inauguration day.

Čaputová is green, and none the worse for that
Slovakia’s new president confirms in her inaugural address that she’ll focus on the environment.

Translation is the most accurate reading of a book
2019 EU Prize for Literature winner Ivana Dobrakovová believes every good book finds a publisher.

What the new president thinks about Slovakia and its citizens
Ten things the new President Zuzana Čaputová said in her inauguration speech.

Most of us want the best possible Slovakia
Read the full inauguration speech of Slovakia’s fifth president, Zuzana Čaputová.

Blog: Nobody wants a savior
Your primary (or inner) motivation should be to help, not necessarily to be appreciated, says Martin Kahanec.

Comenius University scientists discover a new species of snake
They have named it after a long-forgotten Kingdom.

Why politics resemble Game of Thrones
People don’t trust the media they consume, consume it anyway, are unwilling to pay for something better.

This is what Čaputová's official portrait looks like
Madam President's portraits will replace the image of her predecessor Andrej Kiska in the coming days.

US helicopters can land in Piešťany
The Defence Ministry responded to the reports on the disapproval with the stopover. It discussed the mistake of its employees.

Zuzana Čaputová becomes president
This is what the inauguration day looked like.

Slovakia now has a square named after Masaryk
It is the first public space in the capital to be named after this important Czechoslovak politician.

Prepare for a summer of culture in Bratislava
See some of the highlights of this year's cultural summer.

A bridge between East and West: Why many Slovaks see their country in the middle
The bridge concept is an illusion, say experts.

Blueberries as a lifetime love?
Barbora Figľušová, who established a blueberry farm, could not imagine living anywhere else but Horehronie.

Buongiorno Slovacchia

Il governo approva un aggiornamento del Codice della strada
Un emendamento al Codice stradale redatto dai ministeri dei Trasporti e degli Interni, e approvato dal governo mercoledì rafforza il divieto di utilizzare dispositivi [ ... ]

Monopattini elettrici, saranno vietati sui marciapiedi
Vista la proliferazione negli ultimi tempi di monopattini elettrici, e il pericolo da loro causato per l’uso troppo spesso sui marciapiedi e a velocità [ ... ]

Coppe europee – i sorteggi del secondo turno preliminare
Le quattro squadre slovacche presenti nei tabelloni delle prossime Champions ed Europa League hanno conosciuto ieri anche i nomi degli avversari che incontrerebbero nel [ ... ]

Vice premier Raši: un piano d’azione per la sicurezza informatica del paese
Parlando a una conferenza dell’OSCE a Bratislava sul tema della sicurezza informatica, il vice premier per Investimenti e Digitalizzazione Richard Raši ha detto lunedì [ ... ]

Markíza leader del mercato televisivo davanti a JOJ e la tv pubblica RTVS
Il gruppo televisivo Markíza (con i canali affiliati Doma e Dajto) ha mantenuto la sua posizione di leader nel mercato televisivo in Slovacchia con [ ... ]

Il capo della polizia: ai vertici persone capaci, basta nepotismo e clientelismo
Secondo il presidente del Corpo di polizia Milan Lučanský è giunto il tempo di gestire in modo diverso le posizioni dirigenziali all’interno delle forze [ ... ]

A Praga la conferenza multidisciplinare dei ricercatori italiani in Repubblica Ceca
Scienziati e studiosi italiani attivi in Repubblica Ceca si sono dati appuntamento dal 18 al 20 giugno all’Istituto italiano di cultura di Praga in occasione [ ... ]

Dolce Vitaj: chiude il Luca D’Alberto Trio con la musica che piace a Wenders e Von Trier
Venerdi 28 giugno sarà a Bratislava per un concerto, nell’ambito del suo tour europeo, il Luca D’Alberto Trio a conclusione del 12° festival italiano Dolce Vitaj. Memorabili le [ ... ]

Nel mondo ci sono più di 70 milioni di persone in fuga
GINEVRA\ aise\ – Nel 2018, il numero di persone in fuga da guerre, persecuzioni e conflitti ha superato i 70 milioni. Si tratta del livello più alto registrato dall’UNHCR, l’Agenzia delle Nazioni Unite per [ ... ]

È allarme per le concentrazioni di gas metano nell’atmosfera
A partire dal 2007 la quantità di metano nell’atmosfera ha cominciato ad aumentare dopo un periodo di relativa stabilità. Nel 2014 c’è stata un’ulteriore [ ... ]

Pellegrini e Čaputová per la neutralità climatica in UE entro il 2050
La Slovacchia incoraggia l’Unione europea a darsi l’obiettivo di raggiungere la neutralità climatica entro il 2050. Lo ha affermato ieri, come riporta Tasr, il [ ... ]

Inchiesta su sorveglianza giornalisti: raid della NAKA con sequestri in tre città
La polizia ha informato ieri mattina di avere svolto diverse perquisizioni domestiche e in altri locali a Bratislava, Senec (regione di Bratislava) e Prievidza [ ... ]

Čaputová sarà in Repubblica Ceca giovedì per la prima visita ufficiale
Come da tradizione ormai ultraventicinquennale, anche la nuova presidente Zuzana Čaputová farà la sua prima visita di Stato all’estero in Repubblica Ceca. Il viaggio, [ ... ]

Calcio, sorteggiati gli avversari delle squadre slovacche nelle Coppe Europee
A grandi passi verso la nuova stagione 2019/2020. Cominciata già da alcuni giorni la preparazione in vista del prossimo campionato di calcio, per quattro [ ... ]

Ex dipendente licenziato spara in azienda, uccide il suo capo e si toglie la vita
Due corpi a terra senza vita. Questo il risultato dell’atto sconsiderato di un ex dipendente licenziato da una azienda meccanica di Dubnica nad Váhom, cittadina nella [ ... ]

Čaputová, dalla Slovacchia la controffensiva dell’Ue nei paesi Visegrad
Di Raffaele Magaldi – Sabato 15 giugno a Bratislava ha avuto luogo l’inaugurazione presidenziale di Zuzana Čaputová, quinto presidente della Repubblica Slovacca (dopo Michal [ ... ]

Governo: è Šefčovič il candidato slovacco alla Commissione UE
Nella sua riunione di questa mattina il consiglio dei ministri ha approvato la nomina di Maroš Šefčovič come candidato per la Slovacchia a commissario [ ... ]

La Slovacchia tra i paesi più protetti nel campo della sicurezza alimentare
Una conferenza organizzata a Bratislava dal ministero dell’Agricoltura e Sviluppo rurale ha promosso il messaggio che non possono esistere, all’interno dell’Unione europea, consumatori di [ ... ]

Nomine Corte costituzionale, il primo scontro tra Čaputová e Robert Fico
Nei giorni scorsi sono stati auditi dalla commissione parlamentare costituzionale i candidati a giudice della Corte costituzionale che tenteranno la sorte nella quarta sessione [ ... ]

IMU e TASI anche all’estero, esentati solo iscritti Aire con pensione straniera
Il 17 giugno è stato giorno di grandi scadenze fiscali. Il cosiddetto “Tax day”, 33 miliardi di euro, in cui milioni di contribuenti in [ ... ]