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Films - Documentaries and Travelogues

Collection Grand Prix IV (3 DVDs - Tepuy, Unknown Antarctica, Carstensz)
Cena:28.90 EUR

Collection Grand Prix V (3 DVDs - High Tatras - a Wilderness Frozen in Time, Bhutan, Juzek Psotka - Everest)
Cena:28.90 EUR

DVD 100 Years of International Ice Hockey
Cena:13.24 EUR

DVD 118 Days in the Captivity of Ice
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD 80 Metres bellow the Summit
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Afrika 1+2, Z Argentiny do Mexika (3 DVD)
Cena:13.30 EUR

DVD Amazonia Vertical (Documentary Film by Pavol Barabas)
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Bhutan - A Search for Happiness
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Carstensz
Cena:8.25 EUR

DVD Collection Grand Prix I - Mountain Extreme Adventures (3DVDs - 80 below the summit, The Tatras a mystery, 118 days in the captivity of ice)
Cena:28.90 EUR

DVD Collection GRAND PRIX II - Adventurous Trips That Were Appreciated by the World (3 DVDs - Mustang, Mysterious Mamberamo, Omo - a journey to the primaeval age)
Cena:28.90 EUR

DVD Collection Grand Prix III (3 DVDs - Amazonia Vertical, Pururambo, Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains)
Cena:28.90 EUR

DVD East of Everest
Cena:226.00 EUR

DVD Fero Fenic - The Best of Shorts (sold out)
Cena:9.92 EUR

DVD High Tatras - a Wilderness Frozen in Time
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD High Tatras from East to West - sold out
Cena:14.80 EUR

DVD Ine svety - Other Worlds - sold out
Cena:11.62 EUR

DVD Lurdská jaskynka v Bratislave - sold out
Cena:4.90 EUR

DVD Moja misia I. (Documentaries about Slovak Missioners)
Cena:12.95 EUR

DVD Moja misia II. (Documentaries about Slovak missioners)
Cena:12.95 EUR

DVD Mustang (Documentary Films from Nepal by Pavol Barabas)
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Mysterious Mamberamo (Documentary Films from Indonesia by Pavol Barabas)
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Mystery of Underground
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Navrat - Zapadne Tatry - Rohace + CD Rohace - sold out
Cena:11.95 EUR

DVD Omo - A Journey to the Primaeval Age (Documentary Films about Ethiopia by Pavol Barabas)
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Pictures of the Old World
Cena:12.90 EUR

DVD Premeny Tatier (Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains)
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Pururambo (Documentary Film from the New Guinea by Pavol Barabas)
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Slovakia
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Slovakia and Culture (Sold out)
Cena:11.25 EUR

DVD Tepuy - Journey to the Depth of the Earth
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD The Tatras a Mystery - Mysterium Tatry
Cena:9.90 EUR

DVD Unknown Antarctica
Cena:9.90 EUR

My Slovakia - documentary (cancelled)
Cena:5.00 EUR

Slovensko - Slovakia (1x DVD) sold out
Cena:32.86 EUR

Slovensko - Slovakia (DVD Album) - sold out
Cena:99.25 EUR