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Presidential Race 2004

According to the official results of the vote, Ivan Gasparovic won the second round of presidential election, gaining 1,079,592 (59.9%) votes and taking the first place in all eight districts of Slovakia. For Vladimir Meciar voted 722,368 (40.1%) participants. Total voter turnout was 43.5%.

Voter turnout in the first round of the election:
Total for the SR - 47.94%. (Official results by the Slovak Office for Statistics.)

Share of valid votes given to the candidates
Vladimír Mečiar 32,73
Ivan Gašparovič 22,28
Eduard Kukan 22,09
Rudolf Schuster 7,42
František Mikloško 6,51
Martin Bútora 6,51
Ján Králik 0,79
Jozef Kalman 0,51
Július Kubík 0,38
Jozef Šesták 0,34
Stanislav Bernát 0,28

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Presidential elections have been proclaimed by Pavol Hrusovsky, Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic (one-chamber Parliament) to be held:

First round on April 3, 2004. Second round (in case no candidate gains 50 % of votes) on April 17, 2004.

Candidacies conforming the electoral law would be accepted at the Chancellery of the Parliament until midnight from January 30 to January 31, 2004.


  • Bernat Stanislav, mayor of Martin
  • Butora Martin, former Slovak ambassador in the U. S.
  • Gasparovic Ivan, party chairman (HZD – Movement for Democracy, former Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, candidate of nationally oriented forces
  • Kalman Jozef, former parliamentary deputy, candidate of the Left-wing bloc
  • Kralik Jan, mayor of Banska Bystrica
  • Kubik Julius, a Slovak citizen living in Switzerland
  • Kukan Eduard, Minister of Foreign Affaires, partisan candidate of SDKU – Slovak Democratic and Christian Union
  • Meciar Vladimir, a Chairman of the People's Party - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia - (LS -HZDS)
  • Miklosko Frantisek, parliamentary deputy, former Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, partisan candidate of KDH – Christian Democratic Movement
  • Roman Lubo, chairman of Bratislava regional self-government, former Minister of Culture and parliamentary deputy, partisan candidate of ANO – Association of New Citizen (stepped down, endorsing E. Kukan)
  • Schuster Rudolf, current President of the SR
  • Sestak Jozef, former State Secretary in the Foreign Ministry

From those who announced candidacy did not enter the race: Czobor Vojtech, a Slovak citizen living in Germany; Horvath Mikulas, candidate of Roma politial parties and NGOs; Prokes Jozef, former parliamentary deputy, partisan candidate of SNS – Slovak National Party; Schopperthova Alena, a figural artist and linguist.

Published: January 21, 2004
Updated: October 21, 2004
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