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Proglas - Foreword

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Proglas - Foreword is a grand poem, which was written in the ninth century, in the ancient Slavic national language - Hlaholika. It is a work of Constantine - the Philosopher, who arrived, with his brother Method to the Great Moravia in the year 863. The current issue of Proglas is the first in the Slovak language, in the ancient Slavic language and in the English language.

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"Constantine gained triumph for our ancestors, as Pope Hadrian accepted the ancient Slavic language, besides Latin, Hebrew and Greek for the fourth liturgical language. Never the less, his most loved masterpiece stays Proglas, praise to the Script, which provided a translation of the evangel, the most important piece of the holly Bible," writes the Slovak poet Viliam Turcany, who rewrote Proglas into the current Slovak language.

Proglas -  a page from the book

"We found in the exhibition of the shortly deceased painter Johana Ambrusova a copy of the Proglas in Hlaholic language," writes an editor. "Johana was daughter of literature scientist Jozef Ambrus and an admired painter Johana Ambrusova. The beautiful form of the Hlaholic script inspired the young gifted painter to artistic transposition. The icons were dawn following the rules of icon creation by Edita Ambrusova. There are no batter illustrations for the ancient Slavic evangel Proglas then the paintings of mother and daughter Ambrus," writes the editor.

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