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Fujara - the Slovak Musical Phenomena (A List of CDs)

Man folk costume from Detva

Fujara is a typical Slovak folk music instrument. Its origin is in the Podpolanie region. It is an awesome overtone flute of four to seven feet in length made from wood. Fujara is among the 43 new masterpieces designated as UNESCO heritage items on November 2005.

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CD Ked sa poschodime navrch na Polane - K. Kocik

CD Fujaristi (Slovak Fujara Folk Music)

CD Fujaristi z Kokavy (Fujara Folk Music from Kokava)

CD Fujaristi z hlavneho mesta (Fujara Players from the Capital)

CD Fujarove trio - Javorova huzva

Majstri (Masters - book about manufacturers of Slovak folk music instruments) - sold out

Fujaristi z Podpolania

CD Spoved fujary - Lubomir Paricka

CD Fujaristi 5 - Pavel Bielcik a jeho hostia

CD Fujara Tunes (no vocals)

Fujara in Nature - sold out

CD Fujaristi (Slovak Fujara Folk Music)
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Published: 2011-11-17
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