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Trip Tip: The Danube River Beaches and Romanian Fortress

A beach on the Danube River

The Danube River Sands Beach in Radvan nad Dunajom Village

There are river shells at the beach. We found beaches like this about 120 kilometers away from Bratislava. A tourist with car has to ride to Komarno (106 kilometers from Bratislava) and then in direction Sturovo till Radvan nad Dunajom (about 20 kilometers). At the end of village walk down to the river.

Remnants of the Roman army camp

Beach and Ancient Romanian Girl's Fortress

There are nice gravel beaches even closer to Komarno in the area of Iza village. (10 kilometers from Komarno).

Just above beaches are remnants of an old Romanian military camp - Kelemantia, known as The Girl's Fortress. There are English posters, which provide information about this old Castelum Romanum.

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Published: 2005-07-04
Updated: 2005-07-04

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