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Trips to the Danube River Branches - June 2012

Danube River Branches

Level of water is relatively high in the Danube River branches in June 2012.

Fallen trees form barriers
Fallen trees - obstacles in some parts of Danube River branches

Trees form barriers.

The sluice near Bodiky - Danube River arms

We succeeded to overcome the fallen trees and finished at another sluice.

Sluice near Vojcianske Jazero Lake
Vojcianske Jazero Lake
Vojcianske Jazero Lake

Alone in the lake.

Still in Danube River branches

A still in the Danube River branches.

Lucanus Cervus

We saved a Lucanus Cervus again. The previous one was much bigger.

We found some plastic bottles and put them into bag

If we find a plastic bottle, we put it into a bag.

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Published: 2012-06-26
Updated: 2012-06-26