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The Floating Mill in Kolarovo

The Floating Mill in Kolarovo

The only floating water mill in Slovakia can be found at Kolarovo at a cut-off meander of the Small Danube River in southwest part of the Zitny ostrov (the Rye Island). There is a replica of original Danubian floating water mill.

Wooden Bridge over the Small Danube

Romantic wooden bridge with wooden roofing leads to the mill. It is the longest bridge with a complete wooden construction in Europe (length 86 meters, width 2,25 meters).

Bread Oven

Opening Hours in the Mill Museum:

May – September 9.00 – 22.00 h
Entrance Fee: 1 EUR adults, . EUR children

Remains of Soil Rampart

Area is surrounded by two rivers - the Small Danube and Vah and by dead sector of the Small Danube. Fauna and flora is typical for meadow forests. There is a lake with several bird species, it is popular both for birdwatching and for fishing. Remains of the soil castle are nearby.

The soil castle was built by Ludovit the Great in 1349. The castle walls were formed by two parallels hard-wooden pillars. They were fixed by willow osier bunches and loaded with pressed soil. The castle was surrounded by a broad canal. Only remains of soil rampart are visible today. The Castle of Peace was original name of the fort. People renamed it the Frog Castle.

How to get there by car from Bratislava:

You can choose several routes. We prefer the south route along with the Danube Canal to the Gabcikovo town, then to the Velky Meder town and the Kolarovo town. It is about 110 kilometers.


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