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Ice-Skating Rinks in Bratislava

Ice skate ring at Hviezdoslavovo namestie Square, Bratislava, Winter 2012 - 2013

Outdoor ice-skate rinks Hviezdoslavovo Namestie and Primacialne Namestie squares are open in Winter season.

Ice skate ring in Petrzalka - Bratislava

Ice-skate ring in Bratislava - Petrzalka

Address: Ulica Marie Curie Sklodowskej 1 St. For public hours see:

Ice-skate ring in Bratislava-Lamac

Address: Borinska ulica st. 21.

There are curling sheets available.

Web site

Time tables of ice-skate rings

Look for opening hours of ice-skate Ondrej Nepela Stadium, Ruzinov, Dubravka and Lamac rings here:

Ondrej Nepela Stadium, Odbojarov 9 st.

For open hours see STaRZ website: >>

Ice-rink in River Park, Bratislava

Ice Rink in River Park

Open during winter season.

Ice-pool in the River Park
Ice-pool in the River Park

The outdoor ice-rink is open daily. Size of the ice-rink: 25 x 15 meters. The River Park is a residence and offices area at the bank of the Danube River.

Winter Stadium in Bratislava - Dubravka

Stadium in Dubravka

For opening hours see - Harmincova, or see STaRZ website.

Contact: +(421) (2) 64 288 963

Address: Harmincova 2, Bratislava

Ice-pool in Avion, Bratislava

Ice-skate rink Arena Avion

Shopping Center Avion. Opening Hours: Avion website.

See pictures from the Ice Arena...

Vlado Dzurilla's Winter Stadium

Vlado Dzurilla's Winter Stadium

See Ruzinovsky sportovy klub.

Ice-rink Alviano in Vajnory

Ice rink size: 40x20 meters. Address: Rekreacny areal Vajnory, ulica Alviano (hadzanarske ihrisko - Pizzerioa Alviano).

More information: Vajnory web site.


Bratislava is a city with famous ice-hockey players and figure skaters. Ice-hockey is very popular. Inhabitants of Bratislava are not only big fans, they like to play hockey and to skate.

Season begins in November and ends in March usually. There are several ice-skate rinks in the city. People also like to skate at frozen lakes in Bratislava and its surrounding. But warm weather does not allow this usually.

Ice skate ring - the Hlavne Namestie Square, Bratislava 2011

Outdoor ice-skate rink Hlavne Namestie Square

The outdoor ice-skate rink was open in January - February 2011 in the Bratislava Old Town, at the Hlavne Namestie Square.

Ice-skate ring below M. R. Stefanik statue - Eurovea

Outdoor ice-skate rink in Eurovea shopping center

Not open in last Winter seasons.

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Updated: 2013-03-02

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