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Music Group Kustarovci

The Peter Kustar's music group and its Eternal music agency offers musical programs for a lot of events: parties, remembrance meetings celebrations, ball-room dancing, festivals, weddings, etc.

Kustarovci Music Band
Kustarovci Music Band

I. Dulcimer Band

The band consists of 5 musicians (first violin, second violin, viola, double bass, dulcimer) dressed in Slovak traditional costumes or dinner jackets.

Repertoire: traditional folk songs (Slovak, Moravian, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Greek, Russian, Russinian, Romanian, Hungarian, Gypsy and Jewish), evergreens from all over the world.

Traditional music production can be enriched by a female singer and 1-3 dancing couples. We also have a short presentation of various Slovak folk instruments like fujara - a long 3-hole vertical flute, koncovka - an end-hole flute, pistalka - a 6-hole flute, gajdy - various types of bagpipes.

Zvuk Mosar, mosar / Vtedi sa mi suhajsok / Majte osi (Songs from Kokava region) - 4:04 - 1914 kB
Zvuk Ked som chodil do skoly - 3:43 - 1746 kB
Zvuk Kalo gadoro (Cierna kosielka) / Joj, so kerava (Joj, co urobim) - 4:16 - 2004 kB

Kustarovci Music Band

II. Evergreen's Band

The band consists of 4 musicians (first violin, second violin, accordion, double bassand a singer dressed in suits or dinner jackets.


Slovak evergreens from 30s-50s of the 20th century, well-known melodies and evergreens from all over the world (Italian, Russian, Czech, Austrian, German, French, English and American).

Melodies from some musicals: e. g. Fiddler on the roof, My Fair lady, West side story.

Traditional folk songs (Slovak, Russian, Gypsy, Moravian, Hungarian, Jewish and Celtic are also available.

Zvuk Zatancuj si so mnou holubicka - 2:39 – 1248 kB
Zvuk Fiddler on the roof - 3:57 - 1861 kB

Kustarovci Music Band

III. Bozin Quartet

The band consists of four musicians (first violin, second violin, viola, cello) and a singer in suits.


Classical music,(e. g. J. Haydn - Andante, Symphony, Z. Finish - Poem, S. Grader - La Palm, J. S. Bach - Air, J. Strauss, F. Chopin, W. A. Mozart), Slovak melodies and operettas of 30s-50s arranged in chamber style.

Zvuk Samy usmev - 3:31 - 1659 kB


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Published: 2007-02-09
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