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The Morava River paddle trips

The Morava River rafting

Difficulty level: low. Paddle trips with or without instructor are available. Trips take one or more days and are suitable for beginners or families with children, or for older persons.

Main points: Moravsky sväty Jan - Gajary - Zahorska Ves - Vysoka pri Morave - Devinska Nova Ves - Devin. For more info see The guide for the Morava River paddle trips near Bratislava.

The Morava River rafting

Clients can use variety of boats. It is possible to connect 2 canoes together into a catamaran, which provides safety and is also preferred by families with kids or even with pets.

The Morava River rafting

Every participant is equipped with life vest. Participants must bring their own tents for trips, which are longer than 1 day.

Clients, who are not familiar with the Morava River, can use services of an experienced instructor.

The Morava River rafting

Organizers deliver boats and equipment necessary for trips to a starting point. Transfer of participants is possible, too.

The Morava River  and the Sandberg
The Morava River and the Sandberg.

Cycling and canoeing

Participants can use cycles to get from Bratislava to Vysoka pri Morave village. Then they paddle down the Morava River to Devin. We transport bicycles back to Bratislava.

Published: 2005-06-12
Updated: 2005-06-12

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