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Slovensky Raj Paradise - Unique Natural Attraction

A trip to the Slovensky Raj - Slovak Paradise. Along The Hornad River canyon and to Klastorisko

Prielom Hornádu
Prielom Hornádu.

Slovak Paradise National Park is situated in the Eastern Slovakia and it is one of nine national parks in Slovakia. The National Park protects the area of the Slovak Paradise mountain range, which is located in the north of the Slovenske Rudohorie Mountains (Slovak Ore Mountains).

Na stupačkách v Prielome Hornádu
Na stupačkách v Prielome Hornádu.

There are meadows, chasms, canyons, gorges, plateaux, caves and waterfalls. Slovensky raj (Slovak Paradise) is an area of exceptional natural beauty, and of rare flora and fauna. Its elevation is not particulary high (500 - 1,700 m) but negotiating the ravines along the walking trails is relatively demanding and a very popular by tourists.

Prielom Hornádu - Noisy Holes
Prielom Hornádu - Noisy Holes.
Prielom Hornádu
Prielom Hornádu.

Slovensky raj (Slovak Paradise) includes 177 caves and chasms, 16 state reserves and numerous other unique natural attractions.

One place not to be missed is a section of the River Hornad where the river produced a canyon known as Prielom Hornadu.

The Klastorisko Ravine
The Klastorisko Ravine.
The Klastorisko Ravine
The Klastorisko Ravine.

There is 15 km long instructive trail Prielom Hornadu with 11 information boards. From Prielom Hornadu we turned up to the Klastorisko ravine.


Kláštorisko is the only tourist center situated inside the mountain range and tourists can access it only by foot. The first tourist shelter was built there in 1923.

There are ruins of the Cartesian monastery from the late 13 century at the Klastorisko.

Webcam Klastorisko

By Ida Bibelova, photos by Vlado Bibel

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