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A trip to the Vapenna Mountain

Velka Vapenna - Summit

Rostun - Vapenna 752 m (752 meters above the sea) is the most interesting destination for hikers starting in the Solosnica village. There is a beautiful view of Male Karpaty from the top. It is a pity that lower part of Vapenna (Mala Vapenna) and its rocky summits are forbidden for tourists and climbers now.

Vapenna is the third highest mountain in the Small Carpathians Mountains (Male Karpaty).

How to get to the Vapenna Mountain:

Our favorite starting point is the Solosnica village (the village is 44 kilometers away from the Bratislava suburb Lamac). The route starts in the forest beyond the village, the yellow mark shows the way. The route avoids the rocks of the Mala Vapenna Mountain (573 meters above the sea) on the edge of the National Nature Reserve of Rostun where a rare falcon nests.


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Published: 2005-08-10
Updated: 2005-08-10

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