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Slovakia In-different. As Told By Foreigners

Slovakia In-different. As Told By Foreigners - cover page

The guidebook "Slovakia In-different. As Told By Foreigners" was published by Slovak NGO Centrum pre vyskum etnicity a kultury CVEK (Center for Exploring of etnicity and Culture.) It is not a regular guidebook packed by information about traveling in

Slovakia. This guidebook tries to answer what are the differences between the Slovak life / country and other nations.

The book was published in 2016 in 4 languages. Slovak, English, Russian and Arabic versions are available. You can download them for free from CVEK page.

Authors write about the content of the guidebook:

"The idea for the project Intercultural Guide to Lives in Slovakia came from the constantly recurring questions concerning daily life in Slovakia which we are asked during our work by incoming foreigners. The great number of them surprised us at first, we still do not have an answer to some, and it is evident that for many questions no simple answers exist.

Our idea was a book that looks different to the ordinary guidebook for a country. So then, do not look into it for facts about the country’s area, the number of inhabitants, or precise instructions on what you may and may not do. Our guide, by taking the qualities or strangenesses of Slovakia as perceived by people from outside, aims to enable new arrivals and old-established residents alike to look at ordinary situations from different perspectives and to taste, with a pinch of spice and salt, what we’re cooking together."


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Published: 2017-01-02
Updated: 2017-01-02

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