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Uhrovec Castle

Hrad Uhrovec Castle
Hrad Uhrovec Castle. Author / source: 2013: OZ Hrad Uhrovec / 2007: Vlado Bibel.

Uhrovec Castle is situated in the Strazovske Vrchy Hills.

A house in Uhrovec, where Ludovit Stur and Alexander Dubcek were born
A house in Uhrovec, where Ludovit Stur and Alexander Dubcek were born.

Uhrovec, a little village of the same name is nearby. The village hides the birth place of Ludovit Stur - a house where he was born and raised. In the same house the leader of the Prague Spring of 1968 Alexander Dubcek was born. There is a museum devoted to both important persons in their home.

The Uhrovec Castle was built between 1251 and 1293.

The Uhrovec Castle from Southwest
The Uhrovec Castle from Southwest.

The castle stands at the side edge of the Nitricke Vrchy Hills, which are a part of the Strazovske vrchy. The castle's altitude is about 600 meters above the sea.

There are several information tables on the way to the castle.

Inside the Uhrovec Castle (2007)
Inside the Uhrovec Castle (2007).

The castle is under reconstruction.

A chapel at the Hrad Uhrovec Castle
A chapel at the Hrad Uhrovec Castle.

Newly reconstructed roofs cover the upper castle and the chapel.

The Uhrovec Castle 2
The Uhrovec Castle 2.

The Janko’s Hill with the Memorial of the Slovak National Uprising heroes is nearby. There is the Hotel Partizan at the same area.

A view from the Uhrovec Castle
A view from the Uhrovec Castle.

By Car from Bratislava

Go to the higway from Bratislava to Trencin. Turn right to the Banovce nad Bebravou (E572) before you reach Trencin. In Banovce na Bebravou turn left to the Uhrovec village an then it is about 6 kilometers to the Uhrovske Podhradie village from Uhrovec village. The length of the whole route Bratislava - Uhrovske Podhradie is about 150 kilometers.

Published: 2007-10-22
Updated: 2007-10-22

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