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The Water Mill in Dunajsky Klatov

Water Saw Mill near Dunajsky Klatov

Just less than 2 km from Jahodna in direction to Dunajska Streda, there is situated the village of Dunajsky Klatov, where a renovated water mill can be found. It was driven by waters of Klatovske arm, one of right-bank tributary to the Small Danube. In hot summer, beautiful blooms of white water lily emphasise charm of water level in this nature reserve.

The water mill is a brick brick building of, as experts say, Anglo-American type, writes the guide to the Slovak-Austrian-Hungarian Danubeland. The original water mill was reconstructed in 1920 and was operating until 1941. Today it contains a permanent exhibition and it is part of the Museum of Zitny ostrov in the city of Dunajska Streda.

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Published: 2005-06-27
Updated: 2005-06-27

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