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Black Storks

Black Stork in Vydrica Creek area in Bratislava forests
Black Stork in Vydrica Creek area in Bratislava forests. Author / source: Branislav Bibel.

In the spring of 2021, we observed a black stork (Ciconia nigra) in the valley of the Vydrica stream in the Bratislava Forest Park. Apparently the bird has enough food there.

This species differs from the white stork in that it has a wider vocal repertoire, it is not limited to tapping its beak. ( Black stork sounds .) They do not build nests near human settlements, but in forests. And so the webcams that capture the black stork are less common than those of their white relatives` nests. We found one webcam in Estonia on the ornithological site of Kotkaklubi.

Black stork`s nest webcam in Estonia.


"Ulovili sme" bocianov čiernych - raz fotoaparátom a druhý raz na webkamere.

Published: 2021-04-14
Updated: 2021-04-14

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