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DVD Moja misia I. (Documentaries about Slovak misssioners)

Moja misia I. - DVD Cover

DVD includes six films about Slovak missioners. In Slovak language.

Anjeli - DVD Cover

Angels (The South Africa)

Film about sister Frantiska Olexova who is working in the Children AIDS Center.

Medzi zemou a nebom - obal DVD

Between the Earth and Heavens (Bolivia)

Father Bernard Kulha is working in poor Bolivian village San Miguel.

Taky vsedny zivot - DVD Cover

So Banal Life (Romania)

Sister Maria Greskovicova is living among Slovaks in Romania.

Podnikatel s dušami - DVD Cover

Businessman with Souls (Slovakia)

Marian Kuffa helps homeless people, orphans, former prisoners...

Cena cloveka - DVD Cover

The Price of a Man (Italy)

Jozef Hurton is a priest and a rescue worker in the Italian Alps.

Misionar na Pangalane - DVD Cover

Missioner in Pangalano (Madagascar)

Stefan Bebjak helps people in villages around the Pangalano channel in Madagascar.

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DVD Moja misia II. (Documentaries about Slovak missioners)

DVD Moja misia I. (Documentaries about Slovak Missioners)
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