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Slovak Royal Towns - Bardejov, Kezmarok, Levoca, Stara Lubovna - Tourist Guidebook

Slovak Royal Towns (Tourist Guidebook) - Cover Page

Tourist guidebook guide you through the north-eastern part of Slovakia, the seat of four royal towns - Bardejov, Kezmarok, Levoca, Stara Lubovna, it describes the region of Horny Saris and Spis. Text is in five languages: Slovak, English, German, French and Polish. There are many color photographs. The guidebook includes a brochure with panoramics and orientation plans of the towns.

The guidebook is divided into four main chapters, each one is about one town. The contents of each chapter: 1. History and presence of the town, 2. Sights and attractions, 3. Trips to the surroundings of the town, 4. What to do in the leisure time, 5. Accommodation and the board, 6. Tourist services.

St. Egidius Basilica in Bardejov

Previews from the book


The town with more than 760 year history and sights recorded in the list of world cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO, famous because of its spa with medicinal mineral water. Center of cultural and social life of Upper Saris.

The symbol of care for town safety was the inscription carved over the entrance of the Town Hall "Happy town that thinks of war in the time of peace". In 1352 the king Ludovit I. granted the right to fortify the whole town with fotification walls and bastions and water ditch and four entrance gates.

The Renaissance Belfry in Kezmarok


Kezmarok is over 700 year old town and lies 630 meters above sea level at the foot of eastern part of the High Tatras.

Don' t miss the Castle Museum in the town The castle is a kind of so called town castles. It was built straight in the town area to protect Kezmarok from potential enemies. The situation got strange since the citizens of Kezmarok had to fight against the noble Thököly family to protect the rights of the free royal town and not to fall into serfdom. The war lasted almost 250 years.

Stefan Klubert Square in Levoca


The most precious monument of Levoca is St. Jacob Church and its highest Gothic altar in the world - the work of Master Paul of Levoca. The most beautiful and most precious work of art is the main Master Paul' s altar. Master Paul' s Square is one of the greatest medieval squares in Slovakia. It is surrounded by more than 60 town and patrician houses from the 14th - 15th centuries.

The first preserved written records on Levoca date back to the 13th century. The atmosphere of the times of far past is in this beautiful town. The time stopped here in stone and wood a few centuries ago.

Altar of  St. Nicolaus in the Church of St. Nicolaus in the Stara Lubovna Town

Stara Lubovna

The town of Stara Lubovna ranks among the oldest town of the Spis region. It spreads on both sides of the intervening river Poprad in a picturesque valley of the Lubovna uplands.

The church bell rings every hour tempting visitors to enter and explore the Roman Catholic church of St. Nicolaus. The church was built in 1280 and along with the Provincial House, the former seat of the governor of the 16 Spis towns, reconstructed in 1639, dominate the city square.

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