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Tourist Guidebooks in English

55 Loveliest Places in Slovakia - sould out
Cena:15.90 EUR

Bratislava - Old Town - Visiting Slovakia
Cena:9.59 EUR

Bratislava - Pictorial Guide
Cena:6.01 EUR

Bratislava - Visiting Slovakia (outsold)
Cena:12.91 EUR

Bratislava (Pressburg) practical guide - sold out
Cena:5.81 EUR

Bratislava and Surroundings - Sold out
Cena:9.63 EUR

Easy Bratislava (2nd edition, 2006) - The Practical Guide to Settling and Living in Bratislava
Cena:25.19 EUR

Easy Bratislava (Sold out)
Cena:6.64 EUR

Jasov (English)
Cena:1.83 EUR

Liptov - Visiting Slovakia
Cena:8.60 EUR

National Parks (Natural Heritage of Slovakia)
Cena:11.65 EUR

Orava - Visiting Slovakia
Cena:8.60 EUR

Slovakia Pictorial Guide - sold out
Cena:7.30 EUR

Slovakia - Walking through centuries of cities and towns - vypredané
Cena:16.27 EUR

Slovakia - Tourist Guidebook
Cena:8.90 EUR

Slovakia in Brief - sold out
Cena:2.99 EUR

Slovakia Spas - Outsold
Cena:10.52 EUR

Slovakia Tourist Guide - sold out
Cena:9.26 EUR

Spis - Visiting Slovakia
Cena:8.60 EUR

Tatras - Visiting Slovakia - outsold
Cena:8.60 EUR

Tatras - Visiting Slovakia (the 2nd edition)
Cena:8.93 EUR

The Slovak-Austrian-Hungarian Danubeland (Regions without frontiers)
Cena:13.91 EUR

The Slovak-Polish Tatras (Regions Without Frontiers)
Cena:13.91 EUR

The Tatras and Surroundings
Cena:9.79 EUR

Trees (Natural Heritage of Slovakia)
Cena:11.58 EUR

Trencin - Pictorial Guide
Cena:6.01 EUR

Trencin and its Environs - Visiting Slovakia
Cena:8.93 EUR

Walks in Bratislava - An Illustrated Guide
Cena:9.79 EUR

Wanders in Košice - sold out
Cena:12.58 EUR